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YMPCD – Chapter 37: Getting together and digging a pit

  Ji Zheng went to the restaurant with Tian Qi.

  Zheng Shaofeng is also, this time there is no gambling, but a group of scholars drink and chat. Scholars drink and eat Dusswenwen, although Zheng Shaofeng is not very used to it, but also afraid of people laughing, and less can not be arty and elegant, others know that he is so embarra.s.sed, do not dare to laugh at him.

  However, Zheng Shaofeng always felt that he was not gregarious. When he saw Ji Zheng and Tian Qi came, he felt that he was very kind and wanted to pull them to sit around. The two dancers sitting beside him were bombarded by him and did not dare to complain. Tian Qi saw Zheng Shaofeng and took her shoulders, frowning and shaking, Zheng Shaofeng smiled and did not care, Ji Zheng could not see the eyes, sitting next to them, separated Zheng Shaofeng and Tian Qi.

  The readers are somewhat elevated. The seat of the party is based on the name of the article instead of the family status. Zheng Shaofeng does not say it. The most famous thing about Ji Zheng is his face, because he rarely partic.i.p.ates in the poetry gathering of the literati. There are even names. As for Tian Qi, no one knows more in the room.

  However, the appearances of the three people are very good, far above the average level, and they are in a straight eye.

  Tian Qi glanced at the crowd. Most of the faces were strange, only one person knew, and the man was glaring at her at the moment.

  This person is Sun Fan. Tian Qi saw Sun Fan licking him, so he smiled at him, and it made him even more angry.

  In addition to Sun Fan, Tang Ruo-ling’s son Tang Tianyuan attended the party, and the seats were ahead of them. This person is one year older than Tianqi. He is a famous talent. Because his mother died of illness, he missed the towns.h.i.+p test and the test for filial piety. Even so, peers are far from enough.

  Tian Qi was not interested in the talent. She bowed her head and drank her tea and found Zheng Shaofeng pulling her sleeves across the discipline. Tian Qi had to turn his head to look at him.

    Zheng Shaofeng asked Tian Qi, “What about my Linger?” He took a black-and-white layer of six-sided arbor, and he was very fl.u.s.tered. His hand was shaking a Jinchuan fan, unlike a scholar. It is like a drama overlord.

  Tian Qi was hard to see the effect of shaking a dog’s tail flower with a good end. She covered her mouth and smiled and replied, “I want to tell you about it. If you can’t test people, I want to see Linger in this life, I want to pluck it to eat, white hair can also be a hat, winter to keep out the cold.”

  It’s just too horrible! Zheng Shaofeng was anxious, pulling the arm of Ji Zheng, “You take care of your baby!”

  This sentence says that the levy of the internal organs, such as the sacred water of Guanyin Bodhisattva, is very incomparable. He then touched the head of Tianqi and smiled softly. “Don’t make trouble.”

  Tian Qi: “…” I always feel strange. Although men and women do not kiss, but a man and a “man” get along, is this considered to be out of bounds? She didn’t know much. w.a.n.g Ye said that he was not a broken sleeve… Tian Qi did not dare to overreact to make people see the clues. He had to cough and said, “What do you mean? Why do I say that he is his family?”

  Zheng Shaofeng was about to talk. Ji Zheng took a gla.s.s of wine and blocked his mouth. He said, “Exactly, you have to stop talking any more, otherwise I can’t help you.”

  Zheng Shaofeng quickly nodded his head and drank the wine, his expression was even more embarra.s.sing.

  The three small groups laughed underneath, and the first few people have launched a hobbyist activity: right.

  For a pair of children, even a child, but the scene is a pair, the test is anxious, it is not easy, fast and good. Tian Qi was too lazy to pay attention to Zheng Shaofeng and listened carefully to their movements. I heard that I had to be interested in the right pair and wanted to see the people’s skills.

    The host of the party, Ye, is a doctor of the Guozijian. He first made a pair. “This is what I got yesterday. I said that I can speak out with my students. But it is not good. Let’s talk about it today.” I heard it… “Before the pavilion, how about?”

  When others are thinking about it, Tang Tianyuan has already brightened his eyes and said, “How is Mr. Ye,”?

  ”Good, good, good.” Dr. Ye even said three good words, and everyone in the room also praised it. Tang Tianyuan’s name was really well-deserved.

  Tian Qi also nodded. Some pairs seemed to be easy. In fact, it was the hardest to neat.

  So the next time this is connected to Tang Tianyuan. Tang Tianyuan didn’t like to fight for things. He looked out the window and saw a satin shop opposite the restaurant. At this moment, the silk-satin buddy was holding the cloth in the house one by one, so he said, “One Azure satin.”

  Tian Qi is pouring tea into the Ji Zheng bowl. When he hears these words, his brain flashes and he blurts out and debuts. “Liu Wei Di Huang Wan.”

  In one sentence, the eyes of everyone in the room were drawn to her. It’s unremarkable to listen to the upper line, but if you put down a pair, you will feel that there is no word that is not working properly. It’s subtle but not slim, it’s the greatness of the big custom.

  Tang Tianyuan sighed and bowed. “Brothers and high school, ask the brothers and Taiwanese names to be famous?”

  Tian Qi saw that he was polite, so he was also very polite. “Don’t dare, Gu Suren, Tian Wenhao.”

    When Zheng Shaofeng heard the name, the roots itch and whispered to the levy. “It’s too shameless.”

  Ji Zheng ignored him, only smiled at Tian Qi.

  Tang Tianyuan and Dr. Ye were also polite with Tian Qi, boasting that she was talented.

  Tian Qi replied, “To tell the truth, I have not read any books. I only saw people taking this medicine a few days ago and I thought about it for a while.”

  Zheng Shaofeng heard this, s.l.u.tty-smiling, deliberately slammed into Ji Zheng, “Hey, how do you still eat Liu Wei Di Huang Wan? If you have a bad kidney, you will be a little bit, young.” Liu Wei Di Huang Pills are the medicine for tonifying the kidneys.

  Ji Zheng wanted to deny it at the moment, but he didn’t want to defend it. His face was reddish. “Hugh to talk nonsense.”

  This pair of the seven out of the field, Tian Qi only pulled one, but did not want to be robbed by Sun Fan. Not only that, but Sun Fan had to learn from Tian Qi alone and opened up the posture.

  Since the last streaking event, Sun Fan always wants to pull back a game, this time a rare opportunity. He knows that Tian Qi is just an eunuch. He will not have much ink in his stomach. This time he listened to Tian Qi and said that he didn’t know how good he was. So he made up his mind that he was opportunistic and wanted to be difficult for him. Let him out of ugliness and see if he dares to call himself “the writer”.

  Tian Qi sneered, she happened to be in a bad weather, and she always had to find someone to abuse it.

    So the two of you came to me and went to the sword. Ji Zheng began to pinch the sweat for Tian Qi. Later, the more he listened, the more he was shocked. Tian Qi was just an eunuch. It is good to think of the name “Dai Sanshan”. How can there be such a literary talent?

  The couplet is getting harder and harder, and everyone is screaming. Tian Qi finally sighs and reveals the twilight. He said, “There are some people who don’t know. I really haven’t read many books. In a pair of books, I don’t want Sun Gongzi to say it in a word. It’s just a combination of talent and one. It’s just a matter of picking up people’s wisdom, and finally feeling boring, using others’ pens. Name, more sensational, it is better to stop here, no more than worth it. If Sun Gongzi is not happy, I will admit defeat, how do you feel?”

  These words are like a knife, and the face of Sun Fan is purple and red like pig liver.

  ”You…!” Sun Fan was almost vomiting blood, “full of nonsense!”

  Although Tian Qi is indeed full of nonsense, other people in the room except Sun Fan have some faith. You think, Sun Fan, he is a book of the Ministry of Rites, and the cabinet is secondary, which one will dare to find his reputation? Even if there is such courage, there is really no need for it. If you say it again, you must admit that you are stealing first…

  Thinking of this, everyone looked at Sun Fan’s eyes more than a trace of meaning. Unexpectedly, Sun Congrui, a famous name, has raised the son of such a famous reputation, hehe…

  Sun Fan was ashamed to be self-confident, and he did not know what to say. He knew that he had jumped into the big pit again. He shook his fingers and pointed to Tian Qi. “You, you… you are waiting for me.”

  Tian Qi smiled. “I told me to wait again. The last time you took off and ran out of the drunken building, I told me to wait. I have been waiting for so many days.”

  Some words pulled out the old things, and everyone’s eyes were even more contemptuous. Yes, this kid is still streaking, really shameful. What kind of mold did Sun Daren have, and gave birth to these sons.

    The circle of literati is actually a very gossip circle. They are also high, and they are promoting this matter. Sun Fan’s reputation is definitely stinky.

  Tian Qi was satisfied with his return. Before leaving, I did not forget to threaten Zheng Shaofeng’s good reading test with the life of the thrush bird. Ji Zheng sent her to Xuanwumen, and then said goodbye.

  When he said goodbye, he tickles and pinches the face of Tian Qi. Then he feels not addicted. He simply puts two hands on his face and gently pulls his face. After pulling it, he sees that Tian Qi’s cheeks are pinched red. He helped me again, and finally reluctantly let go of Tian Tianyi’s gaze.

  ”What do you mean by this.” Tian Qi squinted, puzzled.

  ”I am so good at this, I hope you don’t mind.”

  ”Okay, don’t mind.” Although Tian Qi is a bit strange, but it is not hurting to be pinched twice. She thinks that w.a.n.g Ye is not a thin and light woman. A normal man will not be a thin eunuch, and if it is really thin, it should not be just a simple face.

  Tian Qiyi Road walked all the way thinking about retreating. She wanted to leave the palace as soon as possible, but she did not dare to be too hasty. She was afraid that one would not be careful to crash into the eyes of the emperor and directly extinguish the smoke. According to Sheng Anhuai’s explanation, the eunuch’s eunuch wants to leave the palace, which is harder than others, because he knows about the emperor and is afraid of leaking it after leaving the palace. Tian Qi did not know this before, if I knew… well, I know that there is no way. Before she came to the Imperial Court, she was personally ordered by the emperor.

  Anyway, you must think of a perfect strategy.

  From Xuanwumen to Qianqing Palace, it is necessary to pa.s.s through the Imperial Garden. Tian Qi walked in the Imperial Garden and heard several eunuchs from the palace. She listened carefully and was shocked.

    What is the abortion? !

  And is it damaging to the public?

  Tian Qi did not dare to go back to the Qing Palace. She wanted to run back from Xuanwumen, but found that she had already handed over the brand. She was anxious not to know how to be good, but she saw several eunuchs from the Qing Palace to take her.

  The eunuchs had just stood, and another eunuch had come over, and they had to grab people. This is the Cining Palace.

  Although the emperor was more powerful than the Queen Mother, the Queen Mother was the emperor’s mother, so the two eunuchs did not give each other and argued. They can’t compete, but they don’t do it. They simply turned around and asked Tian Qi, who would like to go.

  Tian Qi: “…”

  She instinctively felt that the emperor would not marry her, and naturally followed back to the Qing Palace.

 – Chapter 37: Getting together and digging a pit

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