Young Master Damien's Pet 432 Heal- Part 4

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“I need to check something,” Penny shouted before making her way out of the entrance. The woman had not even taken a coat to wear in this cold weather. 

Elliot said to Martin, “I will be with her,” he informed him just in case Alexander and Damien returned to see both of them absent in the mansion. 

For the vampire running wasn’t a big deal and he caught up with Penelope in no time, “Where are you going?” he asked.

“You know taking off suddenly like that will give anyone a slip. Human or not,” he said where she had stopped running and was now huffing for air with the sudden adrenaline rush she had felt a rise in her body. 

“I was working on something earlier. I want to test and see if it will work,” she answered him, “Thank you for accompanying me.”

“Don’t mention it. If I didn’t chaperone you well my fingers would be the next in line to fall out of my body,” Elliot joked, making her smile, “What is it that you have there?” he jerked his towards the gla.s.s she held which she was making sure not to spill it out. 

“Something that will heal.”

“It can’t be done in the mansion?”

“There are people in there,” she pointed out for him to go ‘ahh’.

The distance would have been lesser if they had used the carriage if Penny hadn’t bolted through the mansion’s gates. When they did reach the forest, she realized how cold the weather out here was. 

“Where do you want to test?” Elliot asked, seeing her look around, her eyes looking at the mansion and then in the other direction. She walked away from the forest and finally stopped as Elliot followed and stopped seeing her. He folded his hands looking at the girl sitting down near the tree. 

He saw her sprinkle the water on it. First one time and then pour the half of the water down to the roots of it not knowing how she was going to heal it. Walking to a tree on the other side, he leaned his back against the tree while watching over her. Penny started the incantation. Spells whispering in the wind and air, concentrating on the plant when she felt something vibrate on the palm of her hand. Taking her hand away from it, she took a couple of steps back to see the color of the bark turn darker and browner, the plant started to move its branches and she took a few more steps away. 

Elliot who had been quietly watching her furrowed his brows, hearing the plant rustle and move. Small leaves started to grow on the branches of the tree, the lush green color starting to paint on the tree. 

He said, “What did you do?” he had never seen anything like this before. 

“It is a healing spell,” she said watching the leaves continue to grow more that stood out from the rest of its fellow trees around it. 

Happy that the spell actually worked, Penny waited for Damien to return back to the mansion. And when he did, she made him sit on the bed. Sprinkling the water which she was still left with.

Damien blinked his eyes wide when the water went into his eyes, “What are you doing, mouse?” when he reached the room, Penny had pulled him and made him sit on the bed eagerly. His first thought was that his mouse was eager to jump on him but he hadn’t expected the sprinkling part.

“Sprinkling holy water on you,” she said with a serious face, sprinkling more water and he smiled. 

“I have sinned so much that holy water might not work on me,” he looked at her with a smug face.

“Shush,” she hushed him and he waited for her to do whatever she was trying to do. 

“Are you trying to exorcise me?” he asked her once she started to whisper words which were spells. Seeing her not respond to him, he stayed quiet waiting for it to end. Penny had placed both of her hands on his shoulders and once she was done she moved her hand away. 

Staring at him hard to see if she could see any change in him. Damien in return stared back not knowing what she was trying to achieve by sprinkling water all over him.

Penny waited for a minute. A minute pa.s.sing to two and then to three where she finally heard Damien ask her,

“Will you tell me what is going on?”

Her lips pressed together she asked him back, “Do you feel anything? Any changes?” her voice had turned one to be anxious. Anxiously waiting to hear him say something about it but Damien gave her a quizzical look.

“It is cold?”

Her shoulders dropped and she looked similar to the wilted flower which Martin was taking out from the garden. With the wound and the tree healing themselves to their original state, Penny had hoped that she could also heal Damien from his corruption. She had the ability to purify, all she had to do was to twist the words and mix her ability into it. That is what she had done before but there was no change in Damien. 

Taking her steps forward to stand in front of her she asked him, “Can you change the color of your eyes?” she stared into them to see them change from red to black and her heart sank looking at it.

Damien reached for Penny, pulling her to him and making her sit on his lap, “Were you trying to cure my corruption?” he offered her a gentle smile over her enthusiasm which now had deflated, “How sweet are you?” 

“I was hoping it would work,” she whispered.

Penny had seen the pain cross over and over his eyes that day when he had smelt the poison in the forest. The pain he was in as he struggled to keep himself sane. She wanted to help him but the corruption was still there.


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