Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 1268: Forgot The Lesson

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Chapter 1268: Forgot The Lesson

Ming Lan and Lu Lian were about to go downstairs, and Lu Lian’s cellphone rang. Lu Lian pa.s.sed the cellphone to Ming Lan without even answering it, “It’s for you.”

“Boaboa?” Ming Lan asked.

“Who could it be? Not like Mr. Wen will call me now,” Lu Lian teased. 

Ming Lan got the cellphone from Lu Lian and warned, “You better focus on my brother.”

Lu Lain chuckled, “Already so possessive huh?”

“Tsk, instead I am worried for my brother. I can’t trust his woman who has a high potential of messing with him,” Ming Lan received the call and put it on speaker instead so Lu Lian could hear her too.

Even before Ming Lan and Lu Lian could say a word, Boabao talked in a hurry, “Lian, why did you receive the call so late? Were you in bed with Brother Rusheng?” 

“I wish, but for now talk to Lanlan. Guests will be here soon,” Lu Lain replied. 

“Ah, fine. Lanlan, you there?”


“I wish I was there to see your embarra.s.sed face. I am missing out on so many things,” Lu Bao replied.

“So all you want to see me embarra.s.sed,” Ming Lan sighed, “What kind of friends I have with me.”

“Nothing feels better than seeing your beloved friend all embarra.s.sed and especially you who I thought will never give me a chance to see you like this. I always imagined you wandering in the wilderness till you get older like my grandma. All the best for coming back to the human world. Do your best and knock out Mr. Wen with your wild beauty,” Lu Bao stopped as she laughed a little.

Ming Lan frowned, “I thought after having a baby, you will stop talking bulls.h.i.+t but you will never change.”

“Hehe, I will always be like this. Now I am satisfied seeing you so annoyed. Go don’t be late,” Lu Bao instructed.

Ming Lan hung up the call and looked at Lu Lian who instructed her to leave.

Ming Lan and Lu Lian went downstairs where all the family members were present while waiting for the guests. 

“Today my granddaughter is looking exceptionally pretty. Don’t you think so, Rusheng?”

Ming Rusheng nodded and said as his sight pa.s.sed by Lu Lian who was standing next to Ming, “She always looks pretty.”

Elder Ming could see through his grandson and said, “I was talking about your sister, but well, can’t deny your claim either.”

Ming Rusheng cleared his throat and looked the other way while Elder Ming smiled pleasantly, “Feelings have nothing to do with the memories.”

Ming Rusheng could only keep quiet.

Soon the few luxury cars entered Ming Mansion and the servant informed them. Everyone went outside to welcome the guests. Wens stepped out of the cars as they first greeted elder Ming. Wen Zac greeted elder Ming after his sight secretly pa.s.sed the woman standing by her mother’s side to greet Wen family. 

Ming Lan was wearing an elegant light orange color dress, long till her knees, and wore a short winter coat over it. It took him only a moment of peek to know how she looked and the moment he moved his sight away from her, he frowned inwardly, ‘Can’t she wear more warm clothes in this cold. What was the need of coming out in such thin clothes?’

Ming Rusheng noticed it and asked in a low voice, “What upsets you now? If you wish to back down, it’s not too late yet.”

Wen Zac narrowed his eyes at his friend, “Once I decide something, I never back down. I’ll be your brother-in-law soon so you better behave.”

Ming Rusheng smiled lightly and said, “Don’t worry about my sister. She can survive in even colder weather.”

Wen Zac sighed, “You better look at your woman. I am sure you would want her to wear more clothes in such a cold.”

Ming Rusheng looked at Lu Lian and frowned while Wen Zac said, “Now you understood my point?”

“I’ll take care of it?” Ming Rusheng replied as he glared at Lu Lian who was busy talking with others.

Meanwhile, Ming Lan who was standing behind other family members, saw Wen Zac stepping out of the car and held her breath and didn’t dare look at him. She remembered how shamelessly and stubbornly she asked him to marry her and she was not sure what opinion he had of her.

“Already shy?” Lu Lian commented teasingly that only Ming Lan could hear. 

Ming Lan frowned, “Shy? Here I am feeling like burying myself somewhere.”

“Don’t worry, I am sure he is amazed at how daring you are to propose to him,” Lu Lian a.s.sured.

“Don’t remind me or I’ll just leave from here,” Ming Lan warned.

They all went inside as the elders were ahead while younger ones were behind. Ming Rusheng stepped back and held Lu Lian’s hand to stop her, which made Wen Zac and Ming Lan walk together.

The other two noticed it and preferred to ignore Ming Rusheng and Lu Lian who were left behind. 

Lu Lian looked at Ming Rusheng questioningly to know why he had stopped her.

Once the others went inside, Ming Rusheng finally turned to look at her and asked, “Did you forget the lesson from the last time?”

“What lesson?” she asked, trying to pull her hand out of his hold. 

“Why aren’t you wearing more warm clothes?” Ming Rusheng questioned. 

Lu Lian understood, “I am warm enough. Not like we would be out for long.”

“Next time if I see you out in the cold like this, I will make sure to give you a proper lesson this time,” Ming Rusheng warned, as his sight was colder than usual. 

Lu Lian stared at him for a while before saying, “Why do I feel like you finally remembered you love me?”

Hearing it, Ming Rusheng immediately released her hand, “Don’t be delusional. I just want you to blame my family if you fall sick.”


Ming Rusheng didn’t reply and left to go inside while Ming Lan smiled. She could see he still loves her but didn’t wish to accept it due to the loss of memories.

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