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Chapter 484: A Thousand Mile Chase for the Soul!

“It’s right in front! We’re close!”

At the right time, the voice of the remnant soul came from the Rose Sword. Victor immediately descended, and with a bang, he smashed into the ground, creating a deep pit that was nearly 70 meters deep!

Jumping out of the deep pit, Victor’s mind moved, and the extreme speed of the wind circulated rapidly. Victor’s body became more agile as if he could ride the wind!

At this moment, Victor’s speed had reached a state that was almost invisible to the naked eye. Only an afterimage could be seen flashing by!

The ancient strength cultivation was divided into three stages.

The first stage was to temper the body. This was like when one wanted to carve a piece of beautiful jade, the most perfect and suitable stone must be used. Moreover, the first stage was to turn one’s body into the most perfect stone in the world!

The second stage was to carve out the divine form and will on the stone, which was the so-called four stages!

Only after successfully breaking through the four stages and determining the general appearance could one proceed to the final stage, which was to polish the details.

As for how Victor should carry out the final stage, he still had no idea.

However, it would not be long before the sword spirit woke up, and Victor would naturally know what to do next.

“It’s around here!”

The remnant soul’s voice became more and more excited, and Victor could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

He finally caught up and did not let it escape…

“Old fart, can you hear my voice transmission?”

Victor injected his spiritual power into the voice transmission talisman, trying to get in touch with Gongye Yuyu. Unfortunately, the distance between them was too great, and the voice transmission talisman was not effective.

However, this was also within Victor’s expectations. Now that things had come to this, he could only bring the remnant soul back before the Xiao family discovered it.

“So, can you lock onto its position?”

Victor looked around. He was deep in a valley, and his vision was very narrow and restricted. Hence, he could only ask the remnant soul to lock onto its position.

“It’s very close… I can lock onto its position, but why does it feel a little strange?”

Victor could not help but frown when he heard the voice.

“What do you mean strange?”

As soon as he finished speaking, a roar suddenly sounded out, and the entire valley shook!

“What happened!”

Victor planted his legs on the ground and stabilized his body. At the same time, he activated his perception ability and immediately frowned.

“Nascent soul beast king?”

“The remnant soul is on him!”

“F*ck… Can’t it be more obedient?”

Victor sighed and turned around. A Dragon Bone White Ghost Lizard appeared in front of Victor.

“I knew it. If not for you, why would he have chased me all the way here?”

The Dragon Bone White Ghost Lizard spoke in human language as it stared at the Rose Sword in Victor’s hand.

“Since you already know it’s me, why are you still resisting? Could it be that you’ve forgotten about the humiliation we’ve suffered in the past?”

“I only have one question.”


“After the fusion, between the two of us, who will take the lead?”

“Naturally, it’ll be me.”

“Then there’s no room for discussion. Unless I take the lead, I’ll leave and repair my soul myself!”

Listening to their conversation, Victor could not help but smacked his lips.

“From the looks of it… the two of you don’t seem to be on good terms.”

“His personality is very strong. I’m afraid he’s the embodiment of the anger in my soul. It is indeed a little troublesome.”

“Then what do we do now?”

“Catch him, and I’ll naturally be able to fuse with him.”

“In that case…” The corners of Victor’s mouth curled up. He clapped his palm, and a thunderous sound erupted. “Wrestling with a nascent soul demon beast. Hehe, this is a first for me!”

As soon as he finished his words, Victor moved like the wind and disappeared in the blink of an eye!

In the next moment, Victor suddenly appeared in front of the Dragon Bone White Ghost Lizard. He clenched his fists and punched out!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of sonic booms spread out. The huge Dragon Bone White Ghost Lizard was like a giant sandbag in front of Victor. It had no room to fight back at all!

Although the Dragon Bone White Ghost Lizard was not inferior to Victor in terms of strength, its speed was too slow and was not comparable to Victor. It was also because of this that Victor was able to firmly suppress it. Otherwise, if it was a more agile nascent soul beast king… this battle would not be so easy!

Seeing the giant claw of the Dragonbone White Ghost Lizard falling, Victor did not choose to dodge. Instead, he mustered all his strength and clashed head-on with it!

The Dragon Bone White Ghost Lizard’s huge body did not seem to provide it with a strong enough defense. In just one exchange, Victor smashed one of the Dragon Bone White Ghost Lizard’s claws into meat paste!

As his body slowly descended, Victor sneered and said, “Nascent soul demon beast? That’s all.”

“Ha, strength cultivators are really rare. However, do you really think that I chose this Dragon Bone White Ghost Lizard because I was out of options?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Dragon Bone White Ghost Lizard’s injured claws rapidly recovered, and its body also shrank, transforming into human form.

“The body of a demon beast isn’t enough for me to use my trump card. Therefore, I only took a fancy to its ability to transform.

“Hmm, early-stage nascent soul realm. Although its cultivation is a bit lacking, it’s enough to deal with a core formation ant like you.”

This was not the remnant soul being too arrogant. After all, when it was alive, it was a terrifying expert above the soul formation stage. To it, a core formation cultivator was nothing more than an ant?

Although Victor had already broken through the extreme power of the mountain stage and his physical strength was not inferior to that of a nascent soul demonic beast, it was only limited to his physical strength. When he truly fought, there was still a huge gap in various different aspects.

“Be careful. I have mastered many powerful killer moves. At the very least, killing you in one move is not a problem!”

“F*ck… it’s that dangerous?!”

Hearing the voice transmission of the remnant soul, Victor could not help but shiver.

“I have lived for so many years. I have mastered more killer moves than you have ever seen. To deal with you, I can easily use a few hundred of my moves.”

“Got it. I’ll be careful.”

Victor replied in a deep voice, and then focused on the battle with the Dragon Bone White Ghost Lizard!

In other words, this was the first time Victor had faced a remnant soul head-on!

Although he was not sure if he would experience it again in the future, it was still a good experience no matter what!

Thinking of this, Victor no longer hid anything. He held the Rose Sword in front of his chest.

“I’ll give you one last chance. Give up resisting and merge with the remnant soul in the Rose Sword. Isn’t that your goal? If you used anger as your main force, you’ll inevitably cause many accidents!”

“So, anger isn’t worthy of being the main force, but bullying is fine?”


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