Wudang: Legends Of Qi Earth 139 Orcon Forest Iii : Dealing With Snakes

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Xiao Mei took the lead with Alex close behind as they began to find their way through the rocky outcropping, the spines of whatever ancient beast was laid to rest here, it stretched above their heads with the least tall being about two meters and the tallest reach almost six meters. With spines this size, Alex could not begin to fathom just how ma.s.sive a creature this must have been, not to mention how powerful and just how dangerous was the person or thing or creature that caused it’s death. It spoke volumes of just how much power was still out there to be found in the cosmos, earth seemed really small in comparison to all of it.

But the size of the creature aside, Alex couldn’t help but have this sort of ominous yet antic.i.p.atory feeling, there was something dangerous here, Alex couldn’t help the feeling like he was being stalked by some sort of predator, but when he thought about they were in a forest filled with predators, so the feeling was probably normal, or so he thought until an extremely fast was of green saliva sit towards his face, leaving him with barely enough time to react and defend himself.

*Thud! Hisssss*

A snowflake one meter in diameter had appeared in front of Alex’s head, intercepting the green acidic spit, just as a ma.s.sive snake with arms and a narrowed neck than usual rushed out from within the edges of the bone spine outcropping. It was moving really low and really fast, gliding across the ground as if it was slick with water on marble floor rather the rough uneven forest ground. However the weird snake barely got anywhere before a black law smashed into it’s back severing it in two as a ma.s.sive use proceeded to smash it’s head to b.l.o.o.d.y bits.

“I can’t believe you guys didn’t invite me to this party, you’re all so mean!” if their lives weren’t on the line, either one of them would have had a proper answer for Khan, but for now everyone just wanted to get the h.e.l.l out of here.

They moved forward with a little more haste to their steps, but they had scarcely taken ten steps when another snake rushed forwards, this time from the left as opposed to the first that came from the right. It’s body was multicolored with a bright colored head that had just an ominous vibe as the extremely long fangs that liked out of it’s mouth, and this snake was not alone. A blast of ice rushed forwards, freezing the approaching snakes and creating a meter tall and seven meter wide wall to keep them at bay. Xiao Mei rushed forwards, dragging her brother and Anya along with Louis and the disciples from the beggars sect close behind.

Being at the true element realm meant she had control over the elements of her cultivation root, but there was just too much Qi expenditure to use it like that rather than channeling such and ability through skills and techniques that could properly micromanage the expenditure of Qi, however there was no time, just a scratch from any of those creatures and everyone would be dead, this was not a time to hold back.

“Everyone use your movement skill, I can hear them coming in droves from both sides, we need to get out of here fast before we continue taking a more careful approach.” Everyone nodded at what she had just said as her form became wrapped in mist and she glided forward swiftly and quickly like a ghost.

Anya was right behind her, two chakrams held in her hands with blazing red edges. Her body rushed forwards, leaving behind embers, as her movement seemed to burn the very air itself. Louis as usual began to glow, though it was a little bit subdued, he was still a flash of light moving through the forest.

The members of the beggar’s sect moved quickly, leaving just one person behind….and that was Alex. It was not as if he didn’t want to run along with them, but he was being a.s.saulted by a feeling he couldn’t explain, Khan was still with him, but even he could see and also feel that there was more to this ma.s.sive formation of spines than what was currently known, and whatever secrets it held, it as calling out to Alex.

Trusting their gut feeling, Alex ducked down just as Khan swiped through the air, slicing one of the snakes in half, just as Alex stretched out a hand to grab one out of the air, barely wrapping his fingers around it’s neck. He quickly turned and smashed the head of the snake into on it the rock hard bone spines, smashing it’s head to bits.

However the moment the head was smashed, flecks of bone dust came off the spines, touching the smashed in head and body of the snake and then began to rapidly burn and decay it at the same time. Alex was shocked, it was as if the bone was like a fiery poisonous Ash, that burned in much the same manner acid did. And it was in that moment Alex hear Nezha’s voice.

(Looks like you’ve found a compatible beast or animal spirit for the fire mask, one with an extremely powerful Bone Ash poison. You need find the core of it’s ability, basically the palace where it’s there spirit and power still resides, I know you can feel it. Get to the central part of the spine, or locate it’s skull, once you get there the fire mask will take care of the rest, and hurry up! You have company.)

Alex called out his spear that he had decided to Affectionately call (Nameless). The silver spear seemed to sing as it whistled through the air, it’s edge gaining a fiery glow as it cut through three snakes a the same time, cauterizing their sounds and preventing them from having their blood spraying over Alex’s body. Khan turned into a rapid gust of wind that went around Alex, putting an end to the other snakes he couldn’t reach, before the both took off heading for the skull of the ancient beast, relying on nothing but Alex’s gut feeling and perception.

Alex’s form seemed carry the Shadow of an eagle as he used the bone spines as springboards, jumping from one spine to another, and moving so fast he was akin to a bird. Khan was wrapped around his body in the form of a gust of wind, and as they jumped off different bone spines, they always left behind a cloud of bone Ash in the air, creating their own poison and catalyst as whichever snake went chasing after them, died miserably soon after. They moved without a hitch and was just two meters away from their destination when Alex felt something slam into him.

Khan rotated furiously around Alex, creating a barrier of sorts as he was thrown back and smashed through on of the bone spines and into the dense forest foliage, smack dab into a nest of snakes with tiny arms that was not at all necessary for their serpentine body.

Alex had tried enough by this point by keeping himself together, because through it all, there was nothing he was more terrified off than snakes, and right now he’s been thrown right in the middle of a bunch of them, it was safe to say that his next course of action was very understandable.

Alex slammed (Nameless) on the ground, causing a pillar of fire to rise up as the fire mask slowly took it’s place on Alex’s face. The nest he was thrown in to should be about fifteen to twenty meters in diameter and was filled to the brim with lot’s of baby freaky snakes, in just a second all that was left was a blacked piece of earth and the smell of hundreds if not thousands of snakes burnt tons crisp. The figure that she smiled into him was a ma.s.sive snake, the size of it’s head alone was Alex’s entire body, and it’s length, from what Alex could see seemed to be somewhat up to fifty meters, it dwarfed Alex, but still kept it’s distance due to the flames.

“You threw me into a nest of snakes….I’m going to f.u.c.king kill you!”

Alex was never one to lose his temper in a fight, but right now he was scared (after all there was big see snake in front of him), irritated and revolted from being thrown into the nest, and all of this seemed to channel into one ma.s.sive pool of boiling rage. The giant snake with a glossy grey skin, two horns on it’s head growing on top of it’s nose, and fangs that jutted out of it’s mouth, looked down on Alex and said.

“Well human! I would like to see you try!” Alex raised an eyebrow at that, before smiling, a sinister look on his face that was just born as of recent.

“So you can talk, and think, and feel….very good. This would make slicing you up to bits all the much more sweeter and satisfying, and I a.s.sure you, every moment and second from now will be filled with Agony for you.” Alex said to him as Khan rematerialized besides him.

“If it’s you and that pup of yours I doubt you would be able to cause me any damage, Hehehehehe, you’re going to die kid, the both of you alone is not enough to bring me down.”

“Who says they’re alone!” Anya’s voice sounded out as she landed besides Alex, with fury in her face, Louis was not too far behind her. They both looked at Alex before Louis opened his mouth to say.

“So we’re killing a snake today…..remind me to skin it after we’re done, I need a new belt.”

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