World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 208

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Chapter 208

The horses of the Western Cloud Empire were indeed very fast. The men riding them had superb skills too. They controlled the horses as if the horses were their own legs. However, this time they had encountered the Raiders who were much stronger than they could handle. In addition, there were Hippogryph Riders chasing after them too. Could they outrun both of those units? Xiao Yu wouldn’t dare to send raiders and hippogryps riders after them if the enemy was too much. He was worried about facing casualties. These summoned warriors were like his children and he couldn’t tolerate when they died.

The Raiders caught up with the bandits in time frame of few breathes. The orcs roared as they used the heavy swords to kill the horses and their riders. The enemy bandits were brave too. They pulled out their machetes to counterattack. The heavy swords used by the Raiders were very long and heavy. The machetes of the Western Cloud cavalry men couldn’t withstand the impact. These machetes were built from special materials and were extremely tough and sharp. But the raiders didn’t fear those machetes as they relied on the weight of their swords and their own strength to kill them. In the blink of an eye, several Western Cloud cavalry men were killed.

The elves riding the hippogryphs were shooting arrows at the same time. The cavalry men from the Western Cloud Empire general wore leather clothes to make sure that their weight doesn’t reduce the speed of their horses. As a result, this leather armor couldn’t protect them from the arrows of the elves.

The elves were perfect in shooting down the cavalry men. Every arrow took down one cavalry man. The cavalry men picked up their bows and arrows to shoot down the Hippogryphs but they couldn’t achieve anything. It was always hard to shoot from bottom to up. Moreover, the Hippogryphs didn’t stay like idle targets. Only the heavy crossbows were a threat to them. But light cavalry men didn’t carry heavy crossbows with them because they weighted more than dozen of pounds.

Subaru regretted when he saw the increase in Xiao Yu’s strength within the last six months. He had thought that he would be able to deal with Xiao Yu because of the advantage in the quant.i.ty of the troops. He had investigated Xiao Yu’s strength in advance and believed that Xiao Yu didn’t have many raiders. However, Subaru didn’t expect that these Raiders would be so strong. Moreover, his forces didn’t have chance to fight back because of the hippogryph riders who were supporting raiders.

There wasn’t any air units in this era. Occasionally, some beasts that could fly would be trained as pets but there would be so few of them that it couldn’t be considered as a fighting force. This special units of Xiao Yu had become the nemesis of the cavalry men from the Western Cloud Empire.

The running speed of the cavalry men from the Western Cloud Empire slowed down because of the intergerence from the Hippogryph riders. At the same time, the cavalry men of Xiao Yu rushed in as they used their heavy swords to brutally kill the bandits.

Light cavalry against heavy cavalry was like infantry fighting against tanks. Moreover, the heavy cavalry units of Xiao Yu had sprint skill which made their attacks almost invincible. The elite units of the Western Cloud Empire couldn’t resist those attacks. As a result, it seemed like a one-sided battle where Subaru’s side was loosing a lot.

“Scatter! Scatter!” Subaru saw that he couldn’t recklessly continue to flee just like this. The special units of Xiao Yu would finish his forces in short time. Now, the only option was to scatter to escape and attack back on the first opportunity.

The cavalry men from the Western Cloud Empire dispersed out and ran away in several direction. Xiao Yu ordered the Hippogryph Riders to separate into dozens of teams and track the cavalry men. But he was set on killing the head of the snake. Subaru was the most important figure within this bandit group.

Xiao Yu wanted to seize Subaru at all costs. After all, he had to kill Subaru to solve out the problem. He couldn’t ignore Subaru’s existence and enter the Western Cloud empire. To be able to know the circ.u.mstances that made the Western Cloud Empire to make a move to Lion territory meant that he had to personally infiltrate their ranks.

puff~ Puff~

The Raiders continued to kill the cavalry men from the Western Cloud Empire. Some of the cavalry men from the Western Cloud Empire weren’t willing to be chased so they turned to charge against the Raiders. However, they were killed without a chance. The wolves were already 2 meters tall. They would jump out and bite down the heads of those cavalry men. It was a mistake to think that the only weapon of the Raiders were their heavy swords. The wolves were weapons too.

Tyrande was constantly shooting arrows at Subaru. In addition, the firing speed of Tyrande was close to the speed of a machine gun. Subaru was using his sword to block those arrows as he ride the horse. Naturally, the speed of the horse reduced because of this. Xiao Yu was behind him at all times too.

“Boss! Leader! Don’t run! We haven’t seen each other for so long.. Let’s talk about good old times.” Xiao Yu laughed as he shouted.

“Xiao Yu! Don’t be so proud! Do you think that you can get me this way?” Subaru couldn’t wait to see the moment when he would kill Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Boss! Aren’t you underestimating me? Don’t you understand that it was me who single-handedly broke up your camp? In fact, I gotta tell you that I admire you a lot. You have good qualities.. By the way, who made us to stay on two opposite sides? I don’t know… It’s like you are a mountain tiger while I’m a rain dragon! There can be only one king in the northwest… Don’t run boss. Let me kill you!”

Xiao Yu made a heroic leap after he said his last word. At the same time he raised the Arcanite Reaper and smashed the weapon towards Subaru.

Subaru was surprised to see Xiao Yu to act so bold and attack him. He raised the magic sword to block the attack. The magic sword used by Subaru had affinity to earth system and was very powerful in defense.

But this sword was like a wooden stick in comparison to the Arcanite Reaper.

The ARcanite Reaper chopped down as Xiao Yu used the Omnislash skill. Subaru’s horse was split into two halves. However, Subaru was able to save himself at the last second. Nevertheless, it was a proof that the ARcanite Reaper was an epic weapon and held too much power.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

Xiao Yu used the Enhanced Omnislash afterwards. He continued with the attacks. Even though Subaru’s strength was a level higher than Xiao Yu’s but at the moment he was pressured down.

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