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Shen Xiang also carefully examined the energy contained in these herbs. It is not difficult, but when he refines, it is a bit difficult to add nine Amplification Spells.

“Master, what Dao Creation Spell are you learning now?” Shen Xiang has already given Xiao Xianglin the 9th level nine-step mantra inside Divine Mirror of Six Paths. After Xiao Xianglin learns, he can guide him. a lot of.

“Fusion Spell…you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, why don’t you give it to me soon?” Xiao Xianglin complained that Shen Xiang had such a complete collection of Dao Creation Spell that he had been hiding for so long.

Of course, Xiao Xianglin is still very happy at this time, because she knows very well that it is not easy to get such a complete Dao Creation Spell. For Fusion Spell, although Dragon Elephant Sect’s Dean is very good, he just doesn’t. Willing to give.

“When I learned the Fun Spell, I might have to be more powerful than my sister. I dare not look down on me after watching them.” Xiao Xianglin said with a smile.

Shen Xiang started alchemy. This time he used Fusion Spell. Although it is only a fourth-order Fusion Spell, it is much easier to fuse the two medicine crystals. It can be said that there is not much pressure.

“Does this Fusion Spell only allow two things to merge?” Shen Xiang asked Xiao Xianglin.

“You can also have three at the same time, but the third mantra is higher! For example, three things, two of which are first-order mantras, the third one is second-order, if there is a fourth, then You have to go to third order.” Xiao Xianglin said: “If you want to integrate more things, you have to master the higher level Fusion Spell.”

“actually is like this!” Shen Xiang used a derivatization method to give large crystals of two small crystals, and then two small engraved third-order Fusion Spells, the large crystals engraved into the fourth-order Fusion Spell, followed by Start to integrate yourself.

Shen Xiang just added a little strength to the fusion, so that the integration is more thorough, which is not too expensive for him.

Next, Shen Xiang continued to use the derivative method, each time only derived two small crystal cl.u.s.ters, and then merged with the big one. After doing this several times, the effect of Fusion Spell has weakened, not like the beginning. It’s so easy to integrate.

“Fusion Spell needs a higher level.” Shen Xiang said that after the fourth-order Fusion Spell had no effect, Shen Xiang would no longer use the derivative method, but start to condense Dan.

When he was condensed, he was engraved into the 9th-order Amplification Spell, which increased the energy of the pile itself.

Shen Xiang has a girl Pill Spirit, so he will first eat it for the girl Pill Spirit. After the girl Pill Spirit evolves, she can condense the holy Dan, and he does not have to refine himself.

After Jiang Sili ate it, it is expected that only 30 capsules will evolve. Shen Xiang thinks this is not difficult. He uses 2nd level Time Domain and can refine it in one day.

After one day, Shen Xiang successfully refines 30 capsules, eats it for Jiang Sili, and then toss another day. The three girls Pill Spirit all evolved successfully, and started to condense to practice Shengdan.

“I think Li Li and their teenage girls Pill Spirit should also learn Dao Creation Spell,” said Xiao Xianglin.

“What kind of mantra do they want to learn?” Shen Xiang asked, and with Xiao Xianglin’s guidance, they should be able to learn very fast.

“Time Spell!” Xiao Xianglin said: “Time Spell at 7th level!”

“There is Time Spell in it!” Shen Xiang didn’t expect it, because Time Power is very mysterious. Although he mastered Time Domain very early, he couldn’t improve it. This is mainly because Law of Time is too difficult to ponder. It is much harder than s.p.a.ce.

“Yes, I didn’t guess wrong. The 7th level mantra is Time Spell.” Xiao Xianglin said: “Before Gu Tong showed one, but I was still small at the time, so I can only remember it vaguely.”

“What is the 8th level and the 9th level mantra?” asked Shen Xiang.

“I don’t know, I only know it after I learned it.” Xiao Xianglin said: “These Dao Creation Spells are very rare, especially the 8th level at the 9th level, I have never heard of it.”

Xiao Xianglin already knows that these Dao Creation Spells are obtained through an ancient bronze gong, using what is used to destroy the bronze. For Xiaotong bronze, Xiao Xianglin knows less.

“Rea.s.sured, I will learn soon.” Xiao Xianglin said with a smile : “You Master, I am the genius of learning Dao Creation Spell!”

Thinking that I could learn all these Dao Creation Spell, Xiao Xianglin was excited in her heart, and she felt that she had earned the Shen Xiang Discicle.

Shen Xiang In order to get a little more on Sheng Dan, he and three girls Pill Spirit entered the 2nd level Time Domain, which allowed him to get more time.

Four days before the day of the test with the prodigy, Shen Xiang successfully entered the peak of World Defying Sacred Realm, and he did not expect it to be so easy.

Then, the three girls Pill Spirit want to help Su Maiyao and Bai Youyou to breakthrough. They are Shen Xiang’s trump card. When Shen Xiang is very helpless, they have to rely on them, so she has to ensure that her strength is strong enough. .

“Fengyuan Damei, you really helped a lot this time, this is a small gift I sent you.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, gave a meal to Sheng Dan He Fengyuan.

He Fengyuan wants to restore strength now, so any Dan has a role for her. After she ate it, her heart was shocked. Shen Xiang gave this piece of Shengdan, which is much higher than the quality she bought before. Times.

“You are indeed an alchemy wizard.” He Fengyuan has to admit that even her old man is hard to match Shen Xiang, and it is difficult to refine this super high quality Dan.

“We will work together in the future and it will be good for you and me,” said Shen Xiang.

“Then you have to hurry to restore my strength.” He Fengyuan said: “If I am strong enough, it will help you too. You must be clear that this ingenious land is very big, not just the top ten Sect and Imperial Dragon Palace, you will face more dangers in the future.”

“I am afraid that you will retaliate against me. After all, I killed your son.” Shen Xiang snorted: “It still ruins your great future! I have to guard you!”

“I want to control the empire, but in order to get a lot of resources for me to cultivate, let me be strong! Now you can make me strong, I naturally will not hate!” He Fengyuan said: “I have never had a son, what? Prince was grabbed by me, and my G.o.d Emperor husband himself was very clear.”

“It doesn’t matter if you say more, you and I want to cooperate. You’d better sign a Blood Contract with me.” Shen Xiang said with a smile : “As long as I am dead, you have to die Blood Contract!”

He Fengyuan frowns and thinks that she has a lot of yearning for the land of innocence. She is now cultivation base is abolished. If she wants to recover quickly, she can only rely on Shen Xiang’s ma.s.sive piles, even if she relies on her father’s father. It is also far less than Shen Xiang.

“it is good!”

He Fengyuan promised, and then signed a Blood Contract with Shen Xiang. Her soul is closely related to Shen Xiang’s soul. As long as Shen Xiang dies, her soul will also die.

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