Wife is Fierce, Don't Mess With Her! Chapter 446 – You're Not Better Than I Am

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Chapter 446: You’re Not Better Than I Am

Yu s.h.i.+wei, too, saw Gu Qingjiu.

Although she and Gu Qingjiu only crossed paths briefly in this lifetime, it was obvious she remembered Gu Qingjiu perfectly well.

Her face, that was wearing a seductive and happy smile before this, turned cold at the sight of Gu Qingjiu.

“You’re here as well?”

She looked towards Gu Qingjiu, unable to suppress the coldness in her eyes.

The man Yu s.h.i.+wei was looking towards earlier—that same man who was sitting on the single-seater sofa beside Gu Qingjiu’s sofa—glanced at Gu Qingjiu and Yu s.h.i.+wei in surprise.

Following that, he raised his chin at Yu s.h.i.+wei and said in an oppressive tone, “s.h.i.+wei, you two know each other?”

He sounded like he was giving an order. It was as though he was used to being high up in the air and issuing orders to others.

That was an arrogance that only one who was born into wealth and power could possess.

It made others feel an immense sense of pressure, but it wasn’t his arrogance that made others detest him.

Because they wouldn’t even feel like they were fit to detest him.

Yu s.h.i.+wei instantly revealed a delicate and gentle smile. “Somewhat.”

While she wasn’t too willing to admit to it, she didn’t dare to flatly deny it either.

Gu Qingjiu looked at Yu s.h.i.+wei, feeling anger surge within her again. She tried her best to restrain her emotions to maintain her calm.

Yu s.h.i.+wei walked towards Ye Huinan’s side submissively without even looking at Gu Qingjiu. “She’s the one with the surname Gu whom I told you about.”

Surname Gu?

She hadn’t expected that one day she would hear from Yu s.h.i.+wei’s mouth, these words that Yu s.h.i.+wei had no choice but to say out.

It was also clear to her that Yu s.h.i.+wei was submissive towards this man.

Waves formed in the depths of Gu Qingjiu’s heart. In her previous lifetime, wasn’t Yu s.h.i.+wei in the capital at this time?

Then, who was this man?

Moreover, he was clearly of a higher status than Yu s.h.i.+wei. Else with Yu s.h.i.+wei’s arrogance, she couldn’t behave in such a subservient manner.

A man who could make Yu s.h.i.+wei submit to him?


Although she was surprised to run into Yu s.h.i.+wei, Gu Qingjiu who had never encountered such a situation in her previous lifetime stroked her chin and glanced at Yu s.h.i.+wei. “Yeah, we somewhat know each other. Miss Yu, you haven’t entered the alliance marriage yet?”

She sounded like she was gloating over her misfortune.

And there was also a subtle contempt, making Yu s.h.i.+wei freeze.

She had already gently leaned into Ye Huinan’s arms when she detected the implied meaning in Gu Qingjiu’s words and the contempt she was showing.

But who the h.e.l.l did she think she was?

Ye Huinan was a man that countless women dreamed of being with. For her, Yu s.h.i.+wei, to be able to make Ye Huinan take an interest in her, she was already superior to many people.

How could she be despised by someone who was abandoned since young and grew up in a lower-cla.s.s society?

At this thought, Yu s.h.i.+wei raised her hand and said with a coquettish smile, “To think you have the time to meddle in my affairs. What are you thinking of buying in this place? Any random item here will cost a year of your adoptive parents’ wages. Can you afford anything in here?”

These words would have stabbed at Gu Qingjiu’s heart in the past.

But now, Gu Qingjiu was completely unaffected. She had heard plenty of such stuff in her previous lifetime.

She had become immune to it.

“Other than this same old stuff, can you say something new?”

Gu Qingjiu shook her head in a seemingly helpless manner. “If you manage to come up with something new, I might be able to think more highly of you.”

With the Yu family facing bankruptcy, you still have spare money to buy this and that. Isn’t it obvious where the money came from? I’m not as capable as you. You’re not better than I am. Where do you reckon you stand?

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