Who Touched My Tail! Chapter 141

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10.8 – There’s no relationship between us

translator: xiin editors: alamerysl & BlueBug 9EBewK

Xue Ling first went into the bathroom, washed his face and rinsed out his mouth, changed his clothes, and tried to comb through his curls that were still stubbornly messy as always.

By the time he came out again, Wen Ruoyi had already taken the congee off the stove and the steamed buns out of the steamer. They were placed onto the plate one by one, and were white, fat, and very cute.

“Where did you get my key from?”

“Last time, when I went to get medicine for you, I prepared a spare just in case.” Wen Ruoyi brought out the sauces he had prepared and sat down after everything was ready. “Although your house is very clean, it’s obvious from the empty refrigerator and the basic kitchen utensils that you’re not taking good care of yourself. The medicine you have at home is out of date and you haven’t even changed it.” CxbgQ7

“That doesn’t mean that you can just make a copy of my key and walk into my house as you like.” As soon as Xue Ling finished speaking, a steamed bun was placed against his lips.

“Have a taste? I don’t know what you like, so I made it the usual way.”

Xue Ling wondered in his heart if he really cooked at home… but he didn’t ask it out loud and merely gave Wen Ruoyi a glance before lowering his head to bite into the steamed bun. “Mm…”

The steamed bun was not very big, and could be finished in two or three bites. After he bit through the skin, the aroma of cooked meat burst out and entered his nose. The specially blended pork was wrapped inside the skin and gave off a distinctive fragrance after it was steamed. When a bit of the steamed bun soup entered his mouth through the bun, Xue Ling almost wanted to cry. XxMbDs

This taste was very familiar. In every world, as long as it was food that Su Xuanyan made, it would always carry his touch, and it was always the same. All of a sudden, he was able to eat his food again in this world – Xue Ling inexplicably choked up.

Ah, he really wanted to place his head into the man’s embrace and rub against him…

He carried such thoughts, and looked at Wen Ruoyi with eyes that were flooded with moisture.

Wen Ruoyi was still uncertain about his temper, and suddenly saw him with tears in his eyes. He got up in a rush and came over to ask, “What’s wrong? Is it so delicious that you want to cry?” VnSs Z

Xue Ling did not know whether to laugh or cry, so he skirted the reason and said, “I want to cry because it tastes bad!”

Wen Ruoyi saw him laughing again and felt a little more at ease. Just now, his heart had really gone into a panic. He really couldn’t bear to see the person in front of him giving him such a look, and reached a hand to rub his head. “Just eat more if you like it. I made a lot, and if you can’t finish it today, we can put it in the fridge.”

Xue Ling knocked away his hand and was about to speak when the doorbell rang.

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