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Chapter 2026 – Elder of the Pill Pavilion

Northwest of XuanDu.

“Slash …”

The sound of tearing silk suddenly burst forth from the air above a huge lake. It was extremely sharp, as if it could tear apart the endless sky.

Following this sound, a long narrow and dark crack suddenly appeared tens of meters above the lake.


In the blink of an eye, a streak of red light shot through the black fissure like lightning and stopped above the lake. Surprisingly, it was a small boat that wasn’t even two meters long, sparkling and translucent.

With a hum, ripples appeared on the surface of the boat.

In the next instant, a figure flashed out from the small boat. It was a young man wearing a white robe. He had a slender body, a handsome face, and was as divine as jade. His demeanor was graceful.

In the blink of an eye, a faint smile appeared on the white-clothed man’s face. “I’ve spent nine years and it’s finally Mystical Capital. I’m afraid that Hanyun has been waiting anxiously for this moment.” As he spoke, he extended his hand, and the small boat turned into a fiery red stream of light, entering the white clothed man’s Dantian.

Soon after, another red jade appeared in the white-clothed man’s hand. It was about the size of an egg and looked like a small cl.u.s.ter of solidified flames. A strand of fiery-red aura entered the jade. After a moment, the jade seemed to come alive and turned back into a ball of flame.

The flame was like a stream of water that flowed up the man in white’s arm. In an instant, it covered his entire body, and then the flame started to quickly fuse into the air. In just a blink of an eye, the dark red flame and the man in white, who was covered in flames, disappeared at the same time.

“Top ten in the Martial Ranking took eight?”

Within the Sacred Dao City, inside the Xun Ji Pill Pavilion, Mo Hanyun couldn’t help but cry out in surprise. His delicate face was filled with an unconcealable astonishment. With her ident.i.ty and status, she could easily enter the Celestial Mirror Dimension and take a close look at the Myriad Domain Dao Arts. However, she did not go.

However, even though she was staying in the Pill Pavilion, she had already instructed the other party to report the results to her as soon as the Dao Incantation came to an end.

Even though she had vaguely sensed that Tang Huan was not the only Heavenly King, she had not expected that there were actually three Heavenly Kings who were partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion. After the Crimson Wyrm Sky was unified by the Heavenly Dao Academy, it had only been a few decades, but her strength had already undergone such a great change.

Crimson light was merely a part of the Heaven Realm for the next 36 days. Originally, no matter how strong it was, it had nothing to do with her, the Mo Family Disciples from the Nine Heavens Pill House. However, when she thought about how Tang Huan was the Princ.i.p.al of the Heavenly Dao Academy, the roots of her teeth started to itch.

“Where is the Artifact Storage?” After a long moment, Mo Wuyun couldn’t help but ask.

“The top three of the Artifact Storage are all disciples of the Heavenly Dao Academy.”

Pan Yue couldn’t help but sigh.

Even after the end of the Ten Thousand Domain Dao Arts, Pan Le still had a look of disbelief in his eyes. This time around, the “Myriad Domain Dao Arts” had basically become a special show for the Heavenly Dao Academy disciples. The originally unimpressive Crimson Radiance Sect was now shining brightly in the Heavenly Dao Academy.

Right now within the Celestial Mirror s.p.a.ce, the “Pearl of Great Beginning” should be released.

Without a doubt, the Heavenly Dao Academy was the sect that obtained the most “Primal Beginning Immortal Beads”, and Crimson Sky Sect was also the sect that obtained the most number of slots in the Immortal Domain. This time around, Crimson Wyrm Sky and the Heavenly Dao Holy Courtyard had become the biggest winners, and the main reason for this was Tang Huan.

“How hateful!”

Hearing this, Mo Hanyun could not help but be shocked. In an instant, he was so angry that his long, shapely eyebrows slanted upwards and he gnashed his teeth. A delicate, white, tender, and small fist violently smashed onto the ground beside him.

“Yayaya, who made our little girl, Yun, so angry like this?”

A somewhat mocking voice suddenly sounded out, and at practically the same time, the air at the entrance of the palace fluctuated violently, and following after, a ball of captivating red flames appeared.

“Uncle Fifteen!”

Mo Hanyun was stunned and instantly let out a cry as she sprung up from the ground. Her face was filled with surprise and joy.

At this time, the ball of fire at the palace’s door had already disappeared, and a tall and straight figure revealed itself. It was a young and elegant man in white who was looking at Mo Wuyun with a smile.

“Uncle Fifteen, you’ve finally arrived.”

With a slight movement of her body, Mo Hanyun appeared at the entrance of the palace hall. Her face was full of smiles, like the proud bloom of a flower, and she appeared even more charming and charming.

“Greetings, Elder.”

All these years, he had heard Mo Wuyun say more than once that there would be an elder called “Mo Yunfeng” who would come from the ninth heaven to take over the position of the thirty-six days he had spent in the Cultivation Hall.

The white-clothed man that Mo Wuyun called “Uncle Fifteen” should be that Elder Mo Yunfeng.

Waving his hand at Pan Yue, Mo Yunfeng’s gaze once again landed on Mo Wuyun and teasingly said, “Little girl, you’re the only one who’s always been angry at others. Why did you do the opposite this time? In this next thirty-six days, could it be that there is still someone that even a peak stage Heavenly King like you can’t handle? “

“Uncle Fifteen, you don’t know how despicable that b.a.s.t.a.r.d is …”


… ….

The Myriad Domain Immortal City. The Crimson Radiance Sect’s encampment.

“Not bad, not bad, everyone is doing very well.”

Looking at the excited young men and women in front of him, Tang Huan couldn’t help but smile. They had already come to pay their respects to Tang Huan as the Princ.i.p.al of the Heavenly Dao Academy, representing the disciples of the Heavenly Dao Academy.

Moreover, their performance was indeed worthy of praise, and Tang Huan was also extremely satisfied.

Previously, during the “Myriad Domain Dao Arts”, Tang Huan had represented Crimson Light Heavenly Emperor Dragon Heavenly Palace in the compet.i.tion, and in the artifact workshop, she had dominated the entire area. This time, however, the “Myriad Domain Dao Arts” represented the Crimson Sky Kingdom, and there were even more points where it blossomed, causing countless cultivators to be envious and amazed.

“However, just because the result of this battle is outstanding doesn’t mean that it will be the same in a hundred years.”

“In the next hundred years, the remaining thirty-five sects in the Heaven Realm will definitely learn from this lesson. So, you all must be on guard against arrogance and rashness, and mustn’t lose control and neglect your cultivation because of this. “I’ll remember it all.”

“I’ll remember it!” The complacent cultivators all had cold expressions on their faces.

“Very good, all of you can go back now.” Tang Huan nodded slightly.

“Yes sir!”

The crowd of Heavenly Dao Academy disciples bowed and left.

Not long after they left, Jiu Ling ran in. Her expression was quite strange. “Big Brother, that Mo Wuyun invited you to go to the Xun Ji Pill House for a chat.”



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