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Chapter 1793 – Single Battle (3)

When they saw this scene, all of the surrounding marquis were shocked to the extreme. The expressions of Yun Xun, Liu Haoge, and more than a dozen other Inferior Heavenly Kings also changed drastically.

Jiang Bo was an Inferior Heavenly King, and Tang Huan’s clone was also an Inferior Heavenly King. However, with just a single clash, Jiang Bo was forced back by Tang Huan’s clone, and was even heavily injured.

The power of a doppelganger was already this strong? Could it be that the doppelganger’s strength was on par with the doppelganger’s true body?

At this moment, the shock in everyone’s heart could not be described with words.

If Tang Huan had already stepped into the lower Sky King realm a few years ago, and displayed such a terrifying strength now, the crowd would still be able to barely accept it. However, Tang Huan had just become an lower Sky King not long ago, and had even levelled up right under their noses, how much more powerful could she have become if he had cultivated for a few more years?

However, luckily Tang Huan’s clone was about to disappear.

Although that clone had heavily injured Jiang Bo with a single punch, the attacks of the other thirteen Inferior Heavenly Kings had completely enveloped him. It was impossible for him to dodge at all.

“Boom!” “Boom ~ ~ ~”

Almost in a blink of an eye, a dense burst of explosions resounded through the inner sect s.p.a.ce.

Thirteen powerful and violent attacks, like thirteen collapsed majestic peaks, struck onto Tang Huan’s Immortal body at almost the exact same time with lightning speed. In an instant, all sorts of powerful energies had completely annihilated Pang Shuo’s body that was covered with a rainbow colored barrier.

“Let’s see if you’re still alive!”

“This clone is finished!”

Everyone, Tang Huan’s original body has disappeared, be careful!


Yun Hen, Liu Haoge, and the others revealed smiles as if they had been relieved of a heavy burden, waiting to see the beautiful scene of the golden giant getting turned into ashes. However, they also noticed that Tang Huan’s original body had already disappeared from the mountain peak’s edge.

The formidable strength displayed by this clone made it so that no one dared to be careless, lest they follow Jiang Bo’s footsteps.

To them, the strength of Tang Huan’s clone was indeed one of the most important factors in Jiang Bo’s injury, but he herself must have been too careless. If not, with his cultivation as an Inferior Sky King, she would not have been so heavily injured even if she had been defeated in one strike.

“That’s not right!”

However, after an instant, Yun Hen, Liu Haoge, and Gao Yuan were stunned. The smile froze on their faces, and their eyes were filled with disbelief.

On Pang Shuo’s body, that layer of rainbow colored barrier had indeed been shattered. The vast and majestic Strength Qi that was like a vast ocean had also completely covered Tang Huan’s doppelgänger with unstoppable speed.

However, no one could understand what happened next.

The thousand-meter-tall body was like a small boat within a ma.s.sive wave, constantly swaying as if it could collapse at any time. Huge scars began to appear in front of everyone’s eyes, densely packed and densely packed. Strangely, the wounds healed almost as soon as they appeared. After a while, the body of Tang Huan’s clone looked like … Unharmed.

“This… How is that possible? “

Yun Hen and Liu Haoge were speechless. They simply couldn’t believe their own eyes.

Thousands of meters away, Jiang Bo who had just recovered his breath was also dumbstruck. His eyes stared straight ahead, ready to jump out from his eye sockets. As for the other marquis, they were even more shocked speechless. At this moment, the world had sunk into a deathly silence.

“Good!” Good! Brother, good job! “

In front of the immortal cave peak, Jiu Ling was the first to recover from her shock. She clapped her hands and cheered loudly. Her bright eyes curved like crescent moons and her melodious voice reverberated in the air, waking all of the surrounding cultivators.

Hua Die, Xiao Nian Die and the rest immediately revealed a surprised smile, even though they guessed that Tang Huan would definitely have some powerful trump card, her performance of heavily injuring an Inferior Heavenly King with her clone, and even resisting the attacks of thirteen Inferior Heavenly Kings, still shocked them.

“What an Immortal clone!”

Leng Qingqiu cast a sidelong glance at Jiu Ling and the rest, who were all overjoyed. She could not help but exhale lightly as unconcealable surprise surfaced in her ice-cold eyes.

“I thought his clone only had a false Immortal body, but now it seems that it’s a true Immortal body!”

“I really didn’t expect that within the thirty-six days we had spent here, there would actually be someone who could condense a true immortal body. No wonder he was willing to abandon the Genuine Qi of the Supreme B in the Immortal Cave and holed himself up on that mountain peak all this time …”


Before she could finish the last few melodies, Lin Siwei let out a low cry.

It was as if Tang Huan’s real body had appeared behind the dark faced Inferior Heavenly King without any forewarning. The sword intent surged through the sky and a gigantic snow white sword beam swept towards him.

Tang Huan’s attack was too sudden, and she was extremely close to him as well. The black-faced Heavenly King snapped out of her shock, but she did not have enough time to retaliate, and could only channel all of her Sky Origin Stage power, as well as the power of heaven and earth from her back, in an attempt to defend against the terrifying sword beam that Tang Huan had swung out.

The result was obvious. He had failed!


Amidst the mournful screams, the black faced Heavenly King’s face instantly turned as white as paper, and his body was flung forward uncontrollably.

“Zhuo Feng!”

“Brother Zhuo!”


Noticing this sudden turn of events, Yun Hen, Liu Haoge and more than a dozen other Inferior Heavenly Kings were alarmed. Tang Huan, who had just emerged from the foot of the golden giant, had actually appeared silently behind an Inferior Sky King.

“Tang Huan, die!”

“Don’t let him escape!”

The closest white clothed young man and black robed middle aged man reacted first. With an angry roar, they slashed their way through the air and pressed down towards Tang Huan. At almost the same time, the energy of heaven and earth violently fluctuated, and the surrounding thousand meters of empty s.p.a.ce around Tang Huan seemed to have congealed.

“Boom —”

In the blink of an eye, the strong and fierce attack had poured into the s.p.a.ce where Tang Huan was standing. However, not only did the white clothed youth and the black robed middle aged man not look happy at all, they seemed to have seen a ghost of astonishment. They clearly saw that the moment the attack arrived, Tang Huan had disappeared once again.

“Everyone, be careful of Tang Huan!” Both of them shouted at the same time.

“Be careful!”

Almost at the same time, in the distance, a few low level Heavenly Kings were shouting, but their warning was directed towards Zhuo Feng. When he was flung into the air, he actually rushed towards the golden giant. When he finally stabilized his body, he was only a few hundred meters away from Tang Huan’s avatar.

Under the attention of the crowd, the avatar that had just resisted more than ten attacks suddenly laughed sinisterly and raised Pang Shuo’s fist! Smash!

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