Warrior's Promise Chapter 207 – All Slain

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Chapter 207: All Slain

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After Su Mo’s yell, a giant vortex rose into the air.

The center of the vortex was chillingly dark.

Su Mo activated his Martial Soul, and a shapeless devouring power swept through his surroundings.

Almost half of the incoming attacks instantly fell apart.

The fragments of genuine Qi flowed toward Su Mo in streams.

The attacks that fell apart were mostly made by the junior disciples of the Lis.

They were weak and their attacks were futile against the Devouring Martial Spirit’s devouring power.

While the attacks of Li Tan, Wu Yuansheng, and the elders did not fall apart, they were also weakened tremendously and lost a great deal of genuine Qi.

“Wind Roaring in the Sky!”

Su Mo used a move to swiftly destroy the remaining attacks.

Everyone was instantly shocked by his Martial Soul.

“My goodness! It’s an Earth Cla.s.s Martial Soul!”

“How can this be?”

Many members of the Lis exclaimed. Before their shock wore off, they once again became frightened and shouted.

“What’s happening? I am losing the genuine Qi in my body so quickly!”

“Me too! My Qi blood is declining rapidly!”

“What in the world is going on?”

Everyone descended into chaos and terror.

Li Tan and Wu Yuansheng were also terrified as the same thing was happening to them.

Their Qi blood and genuine Qi were in turmoil and draining uncontrollably out of their bodies.

However, Wu Yuansheng was an expert at the Peak Lv 9 Spiritual Martial Realm. He had incredible control over his genuine Qi and blood Qi and was not as affected.

Even with this advantage, he would be completely void of genuine Qi and Qi blood within 10 minutes.

Li Tan’s blood was spurting out of the gash on his chest under the devouring power of Su Mo’s Devouring Martial Spirit.

Once Su Mo released his Devouring Martial Spirit, it was much more powerful than when he activated it in his body.

“There’s something weird about his Martial Soul!”

Wu Yuansheng exclaimed.


Su Mo urged his Martial Soul forward and instantly rushed out with Spirit-slayer Sword in his hand. He swung his sword dozens of times and sent out sharp rays of sword Qi.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Endless screams arose, and blood shot up everywhere.

Some of the younger Li disciples and even some elders at Lv 7 or Lv 8 Spiritual Martial Realm were all mere targets for Su Mo’s sword. Their blood gushed out with every attack.

Most of them were dead after the sword Qi’s attacks!


Su Mo shouted. With his sword radiance, he turned into a shadow and shot towards Li Tan.

He was as quick as lightning and powerful like a hurricane. His sword radiance drew a terrifying slit in the air.

This attack was so unbelievably fast that it even surpa.s.sed the speed of lightning.

“Swirling Winds and Clouds!”

In that moment, even the air exploded, but Su Mo’s sword moved so quickly that the explosion happened after it pa.s.sed through the air.

Li Tan’s expression changed. With no time to repress his blood Qi and genuine Qi, he hurriedly sent a palm print toward the incoming sword radiance.


A loud explosion sounded. Li Tan’s attack was weakened by 30% due to the Devouring Martial Spirit, so it was useless against Su Mo’s sword.

Su Mo burst through the explosion, and his bright sword radiance slashed across Li Tan’s chest.

However, Li Tan was a master at the Peak Lv 9 Spiritual Martial Realm after all. Although his genuine Qi was lacking, he was still able to twist his torso to the side in time to protect his vital organs.


The sword radiance sliced off almost half of Li Tan’s shoulder.

The blood in his body gushed out and flowed toward Su Mo in a stream.

Li Tan’s face instantly drained of color, and his pale body swayed unsteadily.

Wu Yuansheng, who was about to attack Su Mo, was overtaken by fear when he saw what had happened to Li Tan.


Wu Yuansheng turned around and fled out of the hall without hesitation.

Su Mo’s strength had far exceeded his imagination. Even Li Tan, who was at the Peak Lv 9 Spiritual Martial Realm, was no match for him.

Su Mo’s Martial Soul was also too weird. Its ability to control other people’s genuine Qi and Qi blood greatly affected his strength.

He had already lost a third of his strength before even fighting.

Therefore, he chose to run.

“Do you think you can get away? You’ll die too!”

Su Mo shouted, and his seven Spiritual Spirals surged with genuine Qi. The Spirit-slayer Sword radiated a bright light and turned into a swift bolt of lightning, and sword Qi shot a hundred meters forward.

“Final Hit of Heavenly Wind!”

The sword Qi that was dozens of meters long shot toward Wu Yuansheng like a piercing blade of wind in an instant.


Wu Yuansheng was shocked. He had never seen such a fast and vicious sword in his entire life.

He could feel a sharp aura that pierced his skin before the sword radiance even reached him.

It was as if countless swords were shooting toward him!

It was sword will!


Wu Yuansheng roared and quickly used his genuine Qi to send countless claw shadows toward the sword ray.

In the next moment, the sword Qi clashed with the claw shadows.


The surge of claw shadows were torn open by the sword Qi like a piece of cloth and fell to the side.

The sword Qi maintained its speed and slashed Wu Yuansheng’s waist.


The sword Qi pierced through Wu Yuansheng’s body and shot out from behind him.

Wu Yuansheng had been cut into two pieces by one move.

Afterwards, Su Mo turned around to glance over the entire hall, which only had a few remaining people left.

Li Tan was as thin as a twig, but he was still alive and standing, gritting his teeth.

A few other Li elders and disciples were alive as well, but they were as bony as Li Tan.

Wu Panxue was alive too, but she was no longer beautiful.

There was no flesh left in her, and she was an angular and terrifying set of bones.

Upon seeing this, Su Mo withdrew his Martial Spirit and stopped his attack.

“Li Feng, come back!”

Su Mo shouted.

After a while, Li Jiang walked back into the hall with Li Feng on his back.

They gasped when they saw the streams of blood flowing throughout the hall.

Although they knew that Su Mo was powerful, they were still shocked.

Su Mo had defeated everyone in such a short amount of time!

“Li Feng, I hope you don’t mind that I was a little heavy-handed!” Su Mo said to Li Feng.

The Lis were Li Feng’s family, so Su Mo did not know if Li Feng personally knew any of them.

Li Feng shook his head. How could he complain about all that Su Mo had done for him?

“Do you want me to kill them all?” Su Mo asked.

Li Feng sighed, gritted his teeth, and said, “Kill them all!”

He did not initially want to annihilate the Lis, but at this point, killing them all was the only option.

The surviving people heard this and grew pale.

However, they had lost so much of their genuine Qi and blood Qi that they could not even support themselves, let alone resist.

“Li Feng! Su Mo! I will haunt you from the grave!”

Li Tan yelled feebly, using the last of his strength.

Wu Panxue looked terrified and yelled at Li Feng, “Brother Feng, don’t kill me! I’m your fiancee!”

There was a pleading look on her face. She hoped that Li Feng would spare her in consideration of their relations.h.i.+p.

Li Feng said mockingly, “The only connection between us is the marriage between our families!”

This was exactly what Wu Panxue had said to Li Feng before.

Now, Li Feng was using her words against her.

Wu Panxue’s eyes revealed a hint of despair.

After a while, she roared crazily, “Li Feng, if you kill me, my cousin will return from Gale Island and kill you!”

“Your cousin? Your cousin’s been dead for a long time!”

Li Feng sneered.

“Who’s her cousin?” Su Mo asked curiously.

“He’s Wu Kui!” said Li Feng.

Su Mo suddenly understood. He had killed Wu Kui in the Qingyuan Trial Test.

Su Mo nodded. He looked at the remaining people and said coldly, “You all can go to h.e.l.l!”

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

As a dozen streams of sword Qi shot out, there was no blood splatter, but only flying limbs.

This was because they barely had any blood left.

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