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Chapter 2292: The Devil King (10)

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Di Fuyi paused and drew closer to her again; he was so close that he could blow his breath on her cheek. “Look at you! You seem to have got back your memory, haven’t you?”

Gu Xijiu did not know anything about medicine when she had amnesia. However, she seemed to be very familiar when she checked his pulse, just like how she used to do when she was in heaven. Gu Xijiu took a deep breath and retreated to keep a distance from him. “Yes, Your Highness.”

Di Fuyi was stunned at first but let out a chuckle. “No wonder you are finally willing to meet me. You finally got your memory back and recalled who I am…”

Gu Xijiu kept silent with a pale face. She was not looking for him because she got her memory back. However, was it necessary for her to explain further?

Gu Xijiu subconsciously looked around and noticed that the pool almost filled the entire room. There were only a small table and a bench beside the pool, with fruits on the table. It seems that Di Fuyi was living a very comfortable life and received a lot of respect from the devils. He even met Princess Yuanyuan a while ago. He did not just pamper her but also spent a lot for her birthday celebration and gave her a n.o.ble status. Besides that, he helped her to get revenge even though she was just upset about something very insignificant. Perhaps, he had already let go.

Of course, Gu Xijiu did not expect that he could let things go so easily. She was somewhat saddened by the turn of events and almost broke into tears. She took a deep breath and asked the question she had been keeping in her heart for a year. “I can leave now, but can I know what happened one year ago?”

“One year ago?” Di Fuyi dilated his eyelids and casually replied, “One year ago, I almost got eaten by the wolves, but Yuanyuan saved my life.”

“She risked her life?” Gu Xijiu asked.

“Yes! She genuinely risked her life for me!” Those were the words he said, nothing else.

At that time, he almost died from the attacks of a few ferocious wolves. At the time, he did not even have the energy to counter-attack and thought that he would just die from being eaten by the beasts. However, Princess Yuanyuan saved his life at just the right time. He was in a coma for a month, and when we awoke, he realized that only Yuanyuan was taking care of him. She did so in the Devil Kingdom.

Perhaps, Yuanyuan knew that Yun Yanli was trying to kill him; hence, she decided to bring him to the Devil Kingdom after rescuing him. Unfortunately, she was a fairy, so she had to change her Devil Quenching Clothes continuously. In fact, she did not bring many, and she was running out of the material after using the three that she had. She begged for help from a friend in the Devil Kingdom, and she was given the opportunity to consider transforming her fairy body into a devil body so that she could stay in the Devil Kingdom.

Without hesitation, she decided to transform her body in order to take care of him. It was a torturing process as it was similar to burning a man in a fire. Yuanyuan almost lost her life during the transformation. Yuanyuan was severely injured when Di Fuyi woke up. Her appearance was disfigured, so she had to use the Youth Retaining Herb to maintain her normal appearance.

Meanwhile, the Devil Kingdom was in a state of chaos. Yuanyuan had to protect herself as well as Di Fuyi. It was certainly a tough life for her, but she was adamant about enduring. Despite all her hardships to keep him alive, she never asked for anything in return. She never even told him about the struggles she went through just to put food on the table for him.

It was only until Di Fuyi walked out from a firewood store and saw her surrendering herself s.e.xually to a devil physician for a packet of medicine that he realized how she had been helping them get by here. Given Di Fuyi’s nature as the master of the heavenly laws, he could not allow his friends to be treated this way. Back in the old days, he never let anyone go when Mu Feng and Mu Yu got bullied. What more for Yuan Yuan, who was his savior?

He knew that he had to rebuild himself here and began to conquer the Devil Kingdom and build his empire. After all, Di Fuyi was an incredibly smart person; hence, the task would be within his reach. He could even tell that Yun Yanli was after him when they first met in the Shura World.

After Di Fuyi got himself a strong status in the Devil Kingdom, he got Yun Yanli tailed by his spy and finally understood Yun Yanli’s plan after a series of investigations and a.n.a.lysis. Di Fuyi knew that he was targeted by Yun Yanli and he just could not wait to get him murdered.

Yun Yanli would definitely find him. In fact, Yun Yanli’s Kung Fu was much better here compared to the time when he was in heaven; he was as good as a Mighty Immortal. If they had fought earlier, Di Fuyi knew that he would not stand a chance! As a result, he could not leave the Devil Kingdom before he established himself.

Di Fuyi knew Yun Yanli quite well and had to use that knowledge to keep him safe. He knew about Yun Yanli’s tracking spell; therefore, Di Fuyi also practiced a special spell from the Devil Kingdom, which allowed him to change his aura. For example, the Puppet Technique.

He was extremely aggressive and managed to form his army to take over the power in the Devil Kingdom in just a year. This was a totally clean slate for him which is why he even tried to let go of Gu Xijiu. Although he did not look for her in the past year, he would try to sense her whereabouts when he was free. Coincidentally, he could sense Yun Yanli every single time he tried to connect with her.

Besides that, all the spies reported that there was a teenage girl around Yun Yanli every time they saw him. It seemed that both of them enjoyed each other’s company. Certainly, Di Fuyi did not think that Gu Xijiu would fall in love with Yun Yanli as he knew that Celestial Master Zuo was always her beloved. Hence, she only treated Yun Yanli as a friend.

Di Fuyi understood that he was being treated similar to how Gu Xijiu treated Yun Yanli. Perhaps, Yun Yanli enjoyed a better treatment as he did not trick her and claim that he was her fiance. Yun Yanli probably used the same strategy that he did when they were in heaven. He was always kind to her so Di Fuyi knew that he would not hurt her.

What surprised him was that she came to the Devil Kingdom for him! The way she appeared was too shocking for him as well. Gu Xijiu seemed to have searched for Di Fuyi for a long time. Unfortunately, before he had the time to feel touched by her action, he understood that Huang Tu was the one she was looking for and not him.

He thought that he could open her heart and kick the dead person out of it! Unfortunately, he failed. At that very moment, the water was still bubbling as both of them kept silent in the pool. Although they were physically close to each other, their hearts were far apart.

Gu Xijiu mumbled as she fixed her gaze on the water, “Do you like Princess Yuanyuan? Would you marry her in the future?”

Di Fuyi paused for a brief moment and then replied icily, “Why are you concerned about this?”

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