Undefeated God of War Chapter 111

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Chapter 111 – The fury of a young man

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: Robin, Leo and De Andre

The sounds from the people chasing behind him, the roaring sounds, Tang Tian ignored them. The slant on his mouth was as sharp as a blade tip, as he squinted his eyes, bringing along a deep chill like a wild beast.

You a.s.sholes, very soon, you all will know what the fury of a G.o.dlike young man tastes like!

Qian Hui was Tang Tian’s weak spot, which no one could ever go near to.

His speed was very fast, although the Soaring Boots of the Pony were not as strong as the Blue Peac.o.c.k, in the end it was still the same, a bronze ranked treasure. Tang Tian’s silver martial spirit was urged, and with the power of the Soaring Boots of the Pony, the power was fully unleashed.

Four little pony hooves, they had power like a spring, as plenty of power surged down through his legs. Tang Tian was like an arrow released from the bow, the wind in his ears howling.

Ming Zi Chun who was being held tightly by Tang Tian, his heart was panicking, he feigned calmness and said: “You can’t escape! Just give up!”

“Escape?” A laugh came from above his head, and then a sentence filled with a chilling killing intent said: “You think that I’m running?”

Ming Zi Chun was stunned, he was not running? Then he is….

“Relax, your entire group of rascals, I will not let a single one of them go.”

Focusing on his running, Tang Tian’s being quiet did not show a single hint of fear, in the whistling gale, he was exceptionally calm and clear.

Hearing what he said, Ming Zi Chun was stunned once again, he almost thought he himself heard wrongly, did this guy’s brains get fried or something? Was he unable to see the situation clearly? Does he not know that he has already offended all the powerful families of the Immortal Constellation? Does he not know that he does not even have the slightest chance of winning? Does he not know that even Shangguan Qian Hui would not dare to do such a thing….

The fearsome gales blowing on Ming Zi Chun caused him to not be able to open his eyes, but his mind was full of uncertainties and doubts. Tang Tian’s words brought a very strong sense of self confidence, as if this entire matter to him, was a simple matter.

For what reason?

For what reason did this guy have such self confidence?

Ming Zi Chun racked his brains, but he still could not think of the reason why, but since he had already been with contact with the clan’s family matters, his eyesight was more open compared to people of the same age group.

Tang Tian’s self confidence in his speech, was not a bluff, but…

Suddenly, the arm grabbing onto him released power, causing him to almost wail out, but his dignity was very strong, and he resisted the pain, and did not cry out at all.

The whistling strong winds to the ears stopped.

Tang Tian’s body stopped abruptly.

Ming Zi Chun blankly opened up his eyes, the surrounding terrain was wide, he stared blankly, but suddenly his eyes lit up, he was happy, this was actually an open s.p.a.ce!

A good terrain!

Since it was such a wide terrain, it was perfect a perfect advantage for his and the other people.

This idiot, actually stopped here.

From here, he already came to a conclusion that Tang Tian was a brave and non scheming person. This kind of idiot, to actually choose such a location and stop here.

Wait a minute…

What is this idiot…. Trying to do….

Ming Zi Chun watched Tang Tian take out a rope from nowhere, and nimbly tying him up.

a.s.shole, I won’t let you go!

Ming Zi Chun had never suffered such humiliation before, his eyes erupting with anger, but he knew no matter what he said, it was no use. He gloomily kept quiet, his face ashen.

After Tang Tian skillfully tied the last knot, he raised his head and look at the tall lamppost.

Ming Zi Chun’s heart suddenly gave rise to an ominous premonition.

But sadly, without waiting for him to react, only to feel himself being harnessed, he knew what Tang Tian was trying to do, and his face turned white.

“You cannot…”

He opened his mouth to try and stop Tang Tian, but he was blown backwards by the strong winds, until he could not say anything.

Tang Tian had no plans to listen to Ming Zi Chun’s words, he climbed up the lamppost, after that, he dropped Ming Zi Chun who was like a coconut, the rope end on the lamppost tightening up.

Ming Zi Chun was hanging in mid air, at that moment, he was utterly ashamed!

Never before… have I been like this.. Never before!

I will definitely dismember your body!

Ming Zi Chun’s mind and teeth clenched as he vowed, but from the corner of his eyes, he glimpsed at the other people from the public square just now, and all his vows were thrown aside, his face red until it looked like he could leak out blood anything, he hated that he could not find a hole to dig into.

All the people from the public square could not help but slow down, the sight they saw in front of them caused them to be stunned.

On the high lamppost, a youth’s silhouette stood arrogantly with the sun behind him, as though he was an image embedded into the sun.

A long roped tied onto the lamppost hung down, the ident.i.ty was definitely the revered Ming Clan’s eldest son, as of now tied like a meat bundle, hanging in the air.

Everyone was stunned.

This scene brought them a shock that they had never felt before!

Their mouths were opened wide, yet not making any sound, an unbelievable sight, but was unable to remove their gazes from the cruel and untamed silhouette. While the youth standing on the lamppost was like he had some sort of mysterious magical power.

The entire big field was so quiet that if a needle dropped, everyone would be able to hear it.

Yu Ze Qing was equally lost, he had theorised numerous possibilities, but none of them was what was currently shown in front of him. Because he did not dare believe that someone would be so stupid, to the point that they would challenge all the families.

He should be laughing right now, the result of this plan, was even more outstanding than any of the outcomes he had thought of.

But for some unknown reason, he could not laugh, his mouth could not come out with any sound, and so much that his gaze had lost focus. The young man’s figure on the lamppost was not even majestic or strong, but emitted some sort of terrifying aura that caused people’s souls to be afraid.

Yu Ze Qing did not know how to explain that power.

Just like how he kept on telling himself, the young man’s figure on the lamppost, was too arrogant…

Yes, arrogant!

But that brat, was overly arrogant to the point that no one dared to laugh at!

“Tang Tian! You’re dead!”

“The Ming Clan will not let you go!”

Ming Zi Chun’s guards shouted in anger, causing everyone to be awakened from their dream, the entire field erupted with anger, where everyone started scolding. Even Yun Yi Yao, who had self-restraint, was beyond angry, looking at Ming Zi Chun who was dangling high up in the air, his entire being felt pained.

Since when, could highly respected individuals like them receive this kind of humiliation!

Yun Yi Yao and the rest looked at each other, all of them recognizing the hatred and anger in their eyes, this was a true common enemy.

“Kill him!” Huo Yan Guan was the first to shout angrily.

“Go!” Yun Yi Yao did not hesitate and ordered.

Everyone starting rushing forward like a waterfall towards the lamppost.

Tang Tian in the backlight, his face was hidden in the darkness, where no one could clearly see the expression on his face, the corners of his mouth were raised in an arc, so cold and chilly.

Seeing the sudden pouring of people towards him, he opened wide his arms, his feet stepped forward once, like a huge bird, he dropped down towards the group of people.

His eyes were burning like a blazing inferno, the wind screaming in his ears like blades, but his heart was extremely serene.

Seemingly to envision seeing a curtain of the night from the starry sky, on the hilltops and rocks, a young girl’s light laughter, a young man’s ignorant and foolish look, their young and tender little fingers hooking to make a promise, a childish and naive promise.

Perhaps time has pa.s.sed, maybe we ourselves have already grown up, but the promise we made when we were young, always stayed by my ears.

This young man here still remembers….

His mouth expressed a warm smile, warm and gentle yet firm and unshakable.

He would not permit anyone to touch anything and any matter that had to do with him and Qian Hui!

n.o.body! Nothing!

This young man here is very brave and not afraid of anything.

This young man, has grown stronger compared to last time.

Like a big bird figure dropping down like a shooting star, crashing towards them.

The group was all startled, but Yun Yi Yao who was amongst the crowd shouted: “Use your concealed weapons!”

Awoken by the shout, they all took out their weapons, shooting towards Tang Tian, who was crashing downwards at a very high speed. In a moment, the concealed weapons were like rain, their tips hissing through the air.

A clear shout suddenly shouted out in the air above them.


Everyone only felt a blue shadow within their field of vision that suddenly flashed, and disappeared.

“Eh, where is he?” Someone who was surprised, shouted.

In the next moment, a loud wail shouted out from within the crowd, a blue figure, like a tiger in a sheep pack, everywhere it went, there would be wails.

The cl.u.s.tered group of people, started to panic, while Tang Tian was as nimble as a blue fish.

Six times the intuition!

It was like Tang Tian was back in the Chamber of the Eighteen Bronze Figures, extremely familiar with everything, with six times the intuition, unleashed to his fullest potential. Fifth level of True Power, enabled him to lift weights easily. Close quarters royal rumble was Tang Tian’s expertise of fighting, his diverse martial techniques allowed him to, under any situation, be able to use the most suitable martial technique.

What everyone did not expect was that, his True Power was actually mixed with two different types of energy.

With one look, the opponent seemed like he was not going to find a way out at all, but was just getting cl.u.s.tered and stuck.

The Blue Peac.o.c.k armor let Tang Tian’s fighting style become even more fierce and powerful, his figure becoming even more demonic.

He knew beforehand to immediately cause people to be in a complete mess, and become even more chaotic. In this chaotic battleground, concealed weapons were useless.

The strength of the group of people, as compared to the eighteen bronze figures, was very weak, although their numbers were greater, to Tang Tian it was actually not strenuous at all. His gaze was fixed onto those young masters.

Young lad Tang was not some big-minded person, he held grudges the most.

All the hootings from the young masters had angered him earlier on.

He had already set his mind, not to let anyone off.

His figure suddenly flashed and appeared in front of a beautifully robed young master. An extremely fast motion of three moves, and the two guards beside the young master could only feel a cold gaze, they were overwhelmed with shock and turned pale, as they frantically tried to resist.

Tang Tian’s palms were like blades that suddenly became like a soft rope, hitting the opponent’s palm, borrowing the force, and propelling himself forward faster.

He borrowed the force and received the benefit!

LIke a swing, Tang Tian jumped out and landed, and tiptoed very quietly.

Close to the guards, he tiptoed silently to the back of the young master and released his power.

The young master screamed as if he were being hit by a rhinoceros, and splattering forward like a sandbag.

The guards were all shocked, but without being to make any reaction, they lost the shadow of the opponent.

Tang Tian’s body just stabled, when a loud shout appeared from behind him.

“Go and die!”

Huo Yan Guan raised his fist, the power of his red flame fist increasing sharply, like a python opening up its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth! The atmosphere ruptured and exploded out, with a sharp increase in temperature, loudly banging out.

Rank five Fire Python Fist killing technique – [Murderous Fire Python Swallow]!

Feeling his back being engulfed by the heatwave, Tang Tian’s eyes flashed a chill.

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