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Chapter 1483: Chapter 1482 Glory World Hospital


Even so, half an hour had already pa.s.sed by the time he arrived at the hard seat. Furthermore, he was extremely tired along the way.

Because he had requested to come, even if old master SI was tired, he couldn’t say much. Furthermore, there were many people in the hard seat and the air wasn’t good. Old Master Si felt a little uncomfortable and even if he wanted to find a place to sit down and rest, there wasn’t one.

In the end, when the conductor saw that old master Si couldn’t take it anymore, he brought him to the place where the conductor sat for a while.

When he was done resting, old master Si stood up and said that he wanted to go back.

There were simply too many people sitting in the carriage. Compared to before, there were only a lot more people. Moreover, because it was an air-conditioned carriage, the air wasn’t circulating very well. The smell was simply unbearable to him.

He was only at the door and hadn’t entered yet. If he went in, he would definitely vomit in less than a minute.

When the conductor saw that old master SI wanted to go back, he didn’t say anything and brought them back the way they came. This trip took about an hour and a half.

Seeing that old master Si and the others had returned, Sheng Fenghua didn’t say anything and went forward to check his pulse. Only when she was sure that he was fine did she relax.

Seeing that Sheng Fenghua was nervous, old master SI laughed and said, “Fenghua, I’m fine, why are you nervous? I’m just going to take a look, I’m not doing anything else. ”

“Grandfather, you’re getting old, I don’t dare to be careless. ” Sheng Fenghua withdrew her hand and stood up to thank the conductor.

After bringing old master Si back safely and confirming that he was fine, the conductor left.

After this trip, although old master Si was fine, he was very tired. Therefore, he closed his eyes and fell asleep not long after he returned to the carriage.

Seeing that he had fallen asleep, Sheng Fenghua pulled housekeeper w.a.n.g to the side and asked about the situation.

After housekeeper w.a.n.g returned one by one, Sheng Fenghua let him go to rest.

When old master Si woke up, it was already night time. Because he slept for a long time, he missed the time to eat.

Sheng Fenghua and housekeeper w.a.n.g didn’t eat either. Instead, they waited for old master Si to wake up and eat together.

When the two saw that old master Si had woken up, they informed the dining car to send the food over. When old master SI saw the different dishes from before, he suddenly had an appet.i.te.

After eating, he realized that the taste was authentic. It didn’t look like it was made on the train. Instead, it looked like it was made in a big hotel.

“where did this food come from? ” After old master Si ate a few mouthfuls, he looked up at Sheng Fenghua.

“Master, Young Madam called the restaurant outside to order this. ”

“What? ” Old Master Si was stunned and asked, “we’re on the train now. Can the restaurant deliver food to the train? ”

“Master, you’re right. This is what the restaurant delivered to the train. ”

“How did they deliver it? ” Old Master Si was a little curious. This was the first time he had heard that food could be delivered to the train.

“master, it’s like this. Young Madam first checked where the train was and when it stopped, then called the nearby hotel to deliver it. ”

“Of course, we have to thank the conductor. If it weren’t for her help, this meal wouldn’t have been delivered. ”

“However, this meal has been delivered for quite some time. Young Madam was afraid that it would get cold, so she specially asked the train driver to help heat it up. ”

“Fenghua, you’re really something. ” Master SI praised Sheng Fenghua, then lowered his head and continued to eat.

Seeing that master SI was enjoying the meal and eating well, Sheng Fenghua was finally relieved.

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