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When Patriarch Pillheart began meditating amid the incense, Ouming Yin had also begun conditioning his mind. He used a completely different method from Patriarch Pillheart. His was a special breathing technique to inhale and exhale the Heaven Earth essence.

People could see that the surrounding Heaven Earth essence automatically condensed into points of light, with him in the center of it all. The points of light gathered towards him.

After these points of light phased into Ouming Yin’s body, they naturally vanished. Slowly, Ouming Yin entered an ethereal state which followed the concept of “No Law, No Shape, No Void, No Me.”

“This is a Qi uplifting mystic technique that Ouming Yin inherited from his ancestors! The two alchemist sages are revealing their true abilities!”

The other alchemists were envious of Ouming Yin and the Pillheart Sect’s deep roots and mystic techniques. They did not possess such Qi uplifting mystic techniques and could only meditate the standard way. Although the effects were weaker, they had to make do with it.

Many alchemists had already begun studying the divine alchemist’s array. They held no illusion that they could crack the array but were only there to learn and broaden their horizons. The numerous array patterns all contained abstruse and profound alchemical knowledge. Understanding even a few of the array patterns was an opportunity in itself for them.

The Herb Nurturing Array was like a towering mountain, the peak of which they could not see. However, they had enough time to scale it just a little.

A few hours later, the meditating Ouming Yin suddenly retracted his aura. At the same time, Patriarch Pillheart opened his eyes. The Soul Oozing Incense was burnt clean!

They ended their Qi uplifting techniques simultaneously.

“Hehe, Curmudgeon Solitary, you opened your eyes the moment I retracted my aura. Why? Are you feeling anxious? Didn’t you take several days to uplift your Qi in the past? Why did you stop after only a few hours? Are you worried about losing that Purple Numinous Herbal Soil and the divine alchemist heritage? If that’s the case, wouldn’t the Soul Oozing Incense have been burnt for nothing?”

Ouming Yin looked at Patriarch Pillheart in a derisive manner.

But in response, Patriarch Pillheart only gave a sneer. Without a sound, he beckoned with his hand, producing a mark. That mark flew into the ground and, following that, an array rune lit up on that piece of ground.

The array rune was about ten feet long, and the rune on the surface coruscated as though it had come alive.

This is…

People looked at Patriarch Pillheart in astonishment. The alchemists who were ruminating over the array came to a stop without realizing it.

The array rune in front of them grew to an intense brightness, as if a tiny sun was being born!

This left them dumbfounded. Patriarch Pillheart had been meditating all this while and did not even spend any time studying the array rune. But now, the moment after he ended his meditation, his casual production of a mark was enough to trigger an array rune.

Seeing the resplendent array rune, everyone knew that it meant that Patriarch Pillheart had already understood the logic behind that particular array rune!

“How is he so fast?”

Everyone was astounded. Ouming Yin’s expression instantly darkened. In truth, accomplis.h.i.+ng that didn’t necessarily mean much. He too could study an array rune and trigger it, but it would take time. Yet, Patriarch Pillheart had managed to do so almost instantly!

“You must have seen this array rune before,” said Ouming Yin in a deepened voice.

“Never seen it before.” Patriarch Pillheart sneered. “However, many things in this world stem from the same logic. Furthermore, I have seen a portion of the divine alchemist’s manuals, so I can naturally draw parallels and inferences. It was enough to instantly figure out the profundity behind it,” Patriarch Pillheart said proudly.

His words left people bemoaning their inadequacies before him.

The lot of them had studied for hours but had failed to make a c.h.i.n.k in the profound array. Patriarch Pillheart had managed to see through one of the runes instantly. The difference was too ma.s.sive.

“If this continues, won’t Patriarch Solitary be able to crack this Herb Nurturing Array soon?”

When an alchemist made that comment, even he found it unbelievable.

“It can’t be that fast… Patriarch Solitary already said he would take a century or two. However, there is no doubt that Patriarch Solitary is the person with the highest hopes of cracking this Herb Nurturing Array.”

Many people were convinced of that conclusion. At that moment, the Pillheart Sect disciples were extremely proud. Their patriarch was far more impressive than anyone else.

“This is how brilliant our patriarch is. I have long heard that our patriarch is peerless in alchemy. No one can match him and it’s truly my good luck that I managed to see him in action today.”

“I think even the divine alchemist was not much better than our patriarch. There might come a day when our patriarch will become the next divine alchemist.”

A few Pillheart Sect juniors discussed excitedly as if the person who cracked the array rune at a glance was them.

“What about that shortsighted Yi Yun?”

A Pillheart Sect disciple with tiny eyes suddenly recalled Yi Yun. Everyone looked up and scanned the area, and saw that Yi Yun was already deep in the desolate lands. They were baffled as to what he was up to.

“What an ambitious attempt without any sense of his pitiable limitations. His overestimation of his abilities is truly laughable,” the tiny-eyed disciple sneered.

However, just as he finished saying that, his voice came to a pause. Following that, he looked in astonishment at Yi Yun’s feet.

It was unknown when it had happened. But wherever Yi Yun walked, golden threads would appear.

The golden threads spread out like a spider web for hundreds of feet.

“What is… that?”

The tiny-eyed disciple was surprised. With him blurting out the question, many people looked in Yi Yun’s direction.

They only saw the golden threads twinkling randomly. Although the twinkling glows were not very obvious, they were increasing in number.

Gradually, the golden threads gathered together.

The dimness in the glow continued like ambers that had yet completely finished burning, suffusing the last bits of light.

“What’s so surprising about that? Patriarch cracked an array rune at a glance. This punk has been studying it for a long time. Making something happen after so long isn’t anything impressive.”

The tiny-eyed disciple kept up with his bl.u.s.ter but he was extremely astounded deep down. A G.o.dly person like the patriarch needed no explanation, of course he would make something happen. There was more than ten thousand people around and none of them had managed to cause a stir despite all this time. Yet, Yi Yun, someone who had yet to cultivate for two hundred years, was able to make the ground produce golden threads.

He didn’t even understand the golden threads so how could he not be jealous?

“Wait, that is…”

Someone suddenly discovered something unbelievable. He pointed towards the constantly ama.s.sing golden threads. They were already in the form of a golden blob of light and growing taller. One end had already separated from the ground.

Following that, a scene that dropped their jaws happened. The blob of light expanded in mid-air and flattened, forming a golden door of light!

The door was about ten feet tall. Its surface was s.h.i.+mmering like mercury. It was unknown where it led to.

And this door appeared right in front of Yi Yun.

Yi Yun looked at the door of light and gently exhaled. He turned to look at the Nine Li Magus Maiden behind him. “Let’s go in.”


The Nine Li Magus Maiden looked at the door in shock too. She knew that Yi Yun had found the entrance to the array!

All these years, so many alchemists, even alchemist sages, had come to study the Herb Nurturing Array. Their strategy was to study the array outside in.

But Yi Yun, he was going to start taking action from within!

Nine Li Magus Maiden showed no hesitation. She glanced at Yi Yun as her eyes s.h.i.+mmered with a strange glint. She nodded and said, “Alright!”

Following that, Nine Li Magus Maiden followed Yi Yun and walked into the door!

Aged Blackrock was also extremely shocked. He never expected the young Yi Yun to accomplish such a feat. It was actually possible that he could complete the array one day!

He was worried for the Nine Li Magus Maiden’s safety, so he followed behind them.

At the next moment, the door vanished.

With the disappearance of the golden door, the desolate lands returned to their silent state as though none of the previous events had happened.

The ten thousand alchemists present, including Patriarch Pillheart and Ouming Yin, watched helplessly as the scene unfolded before them.

In that moment, Patriarch Pillheart’s old face was as black as a wok’s bottom.

“Patriarch, what did Yi Yun do…” The tiny-eyed disciple had yet to realize what had happened.

His question was like pouring salt on Patriarch Pillheart’s wounds.

The disciple was truly rubbing his nose into it. He stared at the Pillheart Sect disciple. Yi Yun had found the array’s entrance by himself but his Pillheart Sect’s junior did not even understand what Yi Yun had done. This comparison made Patriarch Pillheart suddenly feel like the painstaking efforts he put into the Pillheart Sect were for nothing. He had nurtured a bunch of tras.h.!.+

Patriarch Pillheart did not respond. But the abhorrent look in his eyes was enough to make the tiny-eyed disciple tremble. He realized he had said something wrong, something that incurred the patriarch’s disgust.

The tiny-eyed disciple felt as though he had been punched in the head. A junior disciple like him was loathed by the patriarch?

“Yi Yun has entered the Herb Nurturing Array’s interior!”

A Pillheart Sect elder could not tolerate seeing the junior in such a state, so he sent a Yuan Qi voice transmission to alert him.

But this alert scared the disciple out of his wits. “He entered the array’s interior and will study the array from the inside?”

It was obvious what the difference between studying something from the inside and from the outside was.

The ten-thousand-strong alchemists present also understood what Yi Yun had done.

Everyone looked at each other, all at a loss for words. Previously, they thought Yi Yun was studying the array runes. But in fact, Yi Yun was only finding the array’s entrance.

The spot he stood at from the beginning had already exceeded them. This was built on the foundation of ability. Even if they wanted to study it from the inside, they could not find the entrance.

“Can we enter too?”

Many people looked at Patriarch Pillheart.

Yi Yun’s actions might have astounded them but Patriarch Pillheart had managed to figure out an array rune instantly. He was even able to trigger it. That had also far exceeded their expectations.

Perhaps Patriarch Pillheart would be able to find the entrance to the array too!

The Pillheart Sect disciples were extremely confident in their patriarch. They imagined that when their patriarch found the entrance, they could enter together. They were bound to gain more insights in the Herb Nurturing Array’s interior!

Patriarch Pillheart walked deep into the desolate lands with a sunken expression. He wanted to search for the array’s entrance.

Ouming Yin followed as well. His expression was equally ugly. Thinking back to the scene of him using the Qi uplifting technique, he realized he had done so for nothing. Compared to Yi Yun, his actions only made him look like a r.e.t.a.r.d.

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