Trial Of Love Chapter 73 – Sealed With A Ring And A Kiss

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A few days have pa.s.sed by since the Legendary Princess’s Birthday.

News about her birthday caused such an uproar online as people wondered why they kept it all secret.

The whole family was all resting after a busy morning. They were in one of the lounge rooms of the house, as they enjoyed each other’s company.

[Legendary Princess true ident.i.ty.]

[Grand Celebration of the Princess’s Birthday.]

Elder Lady Knightley was reading the news online as she shared some of them with everyone. “Dear, everyone sure is eager to know about our princess. News about her are all over the net.”

Elder Lord Knightley, who was playing chess with Elder Chief Zhao frowned, after hearing what his wife just mentioned.”I would rather not have them know her at all if all they do is bullying her. She has ended up in the hospital twice and on her first day someone dares to lay their hands on her.”

“I understand brother-in-law, I wanted those people to pay as well, but what can we do when our princess is too kind-hearted and asked me not to do anything.” Elder Chief Zhao said.

The elders were all quarreling until they saw the mother and daughter walking in the room.

The girl was all dressed up in a simple white backless dress. The skinny straps supported a high rounded neckline as they crisscross and tie over an alluring back with scalloped trim. The lightweight, the woven bodice has princess seams that travel to a fitted waist, above the flaring skirt (with more scalloped detail!).

“Oh, my beautiful granddaughter why have you dressed up so beautifully.” Elder Lady Knightley got up from her seat as she approached the girl and gazed excitedly for her.

“My partner for the movie I’m working on Huang Ming sister’s wedding today. She has been nice in arranging different flowers for me and Bro Ming invited me as his partner.”

When the four devil-men heard that their precious princess was going on a date, they quickly turned cold and deadly. The overprotective father, uncle and grandfather mode activated. As if a dormant volcano suddenly erupted as they gathered around the girl.

“How will you get there?”

“What time will you be heading home?”

“Are you planning to stay out tonight?”

“Why hasn’t this boy come and get you himself?”

Elizabeth found it cute seeing all four of them anxious as they kept asking her ridiculous question. She felt like laughing, but tried her best not to offend them.

Lady Zhao pushed herself through as she grabbed the girl away from them and frowned at them. “Now everyone, she’ll be dropped off and picked up by Long and Chou no need to worry. She’ll be late, so enough with the questions and let her go.”

The girl left the four men with kisses on the cheeks ensure she’ll always be their one and only girl.

Mountain Spring Resort.

Whilst the family of the bride and groom greeted all the guests, one person was anxiously waiting for someone as he kept walking back and forth.

The man noticed his son who was making a fool of himself in front of the guest. “Silly boy, what are you doing?”

“Child, why are you so nervous about, it’s your sister’s wedding, not yours.” The mother frustratedly said to her son as she could no longer take what he was doing.

The boy ignored his parents and continued to pace back and forth checking if the person has arrived. Both parents were feeling angry every second at their son and didn’t know what to do.

All of a sudden, the young man stops moving as his eyes fixed on the girl walking in. She wore a simple white dress knee level, holding onto a white pouch and wear 4 inch white high heels. His happiness was written all over his face as he went over and approach her.

“Li Zi… you, you look so beautiful.” He nervously said, “Let me get that for you.”

As he took the gift she brought for the couple. He then added, “Come, let me introduce you to my parents.”

As they saw their son walking with a girl next to him, they finally understood why he was so anxious, the girl was just so stunning and charming despite being dressed so simply.

“Mother, Father this is the girl I mentioned to you before Li Zi.”

“Madam, Sir, a pleasure to meet you both.”

Both parents were speechless after being too close to the young lady. Her presence felt so n.o.ble and elegant yet intimidating at the same time.

As all the guest gathers, soon the wedding began.

Some of the guests were in tears, especially when the parents of the bride cried as they handed their daughter away.

After they both speak their vows to each other, they were soon husband and wife sealed with a ring and a kiss which brought excitement and tears to everyone.

The wedding reception was held outside the resort, it was decorated with loads of exotic flowers everywhere for the bride’s family owns a flower shop.

“Sister, Brother-in-law,” Huang Ming spoke excitedly as he brought the girl along, causing both of them to be amazed at the girl walking beside him. “This is my friend and junior Li Zi.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Fang congratulation.”

“Thank you.”

Both of them answered at the same time, as they witness such an innocent girl with such graceful and charming manner.

“Miss Li Zi may I say, I was totally impressed when you sang that song for Mrs. Chen.”

“Thank you, Mrs Fang.”

Huang Ming grabs Elizabeth’s attention and smiled, “Speaking of song, Li Zi can you help me?”

Elizabeth notices the meaningful smile Huang Ming was giving off, which could only mean he plans to surprise the couple. “Of course, as long as it’s in my capability.”

The two of them walked off after greeting the couple. Amongst the crowd, two people seem to have recognized the young girl.

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