Trial Of Love Chapter 21 – Battle Between The Two Princess

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[Mr. and Mrs. Chen celebrate and share the good news]

[Mr. and Mrs. Chen celebrate with the cast of The Empress Is Reborn]

[Heart warming present in front of Mrs. Chen.]

[Who is this mystery girl?]

[The Empress Is Reborn expected to hit big time!!!]

Back in Global Star.

Feng Xiaotong and everyone were all celebrating, it has not yet been half a day yet since the video of Li Zi serenading Mrs. Chen was posted but it was already over a million views.

Feng Xiaotong’s office was loud with endless of calls.

Back in the set…

Everyone was getting ready for the next take.

Elizabeth just arrived since they gave her the morning break because she’ll only be shooting with the second male lead this afternoon.

With the help of w.a.n.g Ji, Liying, and some male staff, they brought in the snacks she has prepared for them. As well, as a small present for Mr. and Mrs. Chen. She quickly looked for William Chen as she entered the set and greeted everyone. She told everyone to go have some snacks she has prepared.

William Chen was talking to the director, next to them was a handsome young male.

“Director, Senior Chen.”

“Li Zi you’re here already.”

“By the way, Li Zi, this is Huang Ming, he is the second male lead.”

“Senior Huang nice to meet you.”

“No need to be formal Li Zi, just call me Bro Ming.”

“By the way, Senior Chen this is a present for your baby since the director gave me a morning break I prepared this, and some snacks for Mrs. Chen I’m sure her sweets carving are high now.”

William Chen laughed as it surprised him that the girl notices his wife’s sweet craving. “Thank you.”

“Director Ge, Bro Ming, there are snacks I brought as well for everyone.”

The four of them did not chit chat any longer and gather with everyone for some break to enjoy the snack she prepared.

“My gosh, Li Zi is there anything you can’t do?”

“These sandwiches are just so tasty.”

“The cupcake and cookies are to die for.”

The girl did not answer any of their comments at all and just smile.

At the same time, loud screams were coming from outside.


“Princess Yiyi you’re so beautiful.”

“Yiyi, be my girl.”

As the girl entered with her full team, the staff were not so ecstatic to see her, and just greeted her like a normal star. It upset Long Yiyi to see how the staff was greeting her, but she needs to stay calm since she was lucky enough to still be part of the movie. She approached the director and main cast.

“Director, Senior, Bro Ming…”

The director turned around and greeted her, “Ah, Yiyi you’re here, come join us.”

It frustrated her when the Senior actors and Huang Ming just ignored her like she was no one.

Then the staff started screaming as they all witness the girl dressed in another robe but in a darker color.

Long Yiyi turned around to see who this Li Zi was, as she came face to face with the person she has grown hatred to. Her face turned pale as she witnesses something unbelievable, even though she hates the person she couldn’t help it but admit how attractive she was.

But what shocked her the most was when the man that approached her and gave her the lemon juice.

“Bro w.a.n.g.”

She then storms off towards them…


“Senior Long, it’s not polite to point our fingers at others.”

“How dare you…” She screamed.

“Senior Long, it’s vulgar to scream at someone too.”

“How is this possible?”

“Thanks to Senior Long, I had the pleasure to enjoy a cup of coffee and lunch with Bro w.a.n.g and this happened…”

“You b*tch!”

“Senior Long really has a bad mouth,” Elizabeth walked away since she still needed to prepare, “Senior Long do excuse me, Bro w.a.n.g I’m gonna go get ready.”

“Okay, Li Zi.”

“You think because you found a replacement doesn’t mean she’ll beat me,” Long Yiyi glared furiously at w.a.n.g Ji.

“May dear Yiyi, you better watch out soon you’ll see how horrible you are…”

“Horrible, I am at my best and at the top of my game.”

“Then a word of advice, if you’re on top, well… Li Zi game is Heavenly and cannot be reached by a mortal like you.”

“How dare you.”

“Yiyi, enough…” Manager Tong yelled, “Let’s go you need to get ready as well.”

“Manager Tong,”

“Manager w.a.n.g,”

As the two managers looked at each other, it was like a tiger and a snack battling each other. It was fierce and the outcome of the battle was just about to begin. For the battle between the two princesses is just about to begin as well…

Elizabeth drunk the lemon juice and walked towards everyone.

“Li Zi you also enjoy drinking lemon juice,” Zheng Mi asked after seeing w.a.n.g Ji handling her the bottle

“Yes, Senior Zheng, since I really eat a lot. Drinking lemon juice will help me burn down my calories.”

Huang Ming could not believe it and laugh after hearing her response. “Miss Li Zi, you are so beautiful and a girl like you I’m sure you do not eat a lot to maintain that body.”

Willaim Chen and Director Ge laugh because of Huang Ming’s ignorance.

William Chen patted him on the shoulder as he gave him a sorry kind of look, “Little one, I’m sure if we go in an all you can eat buffy. She can beat you…”

The director did not add any more comments and instead grab the girl’s attention. “Li Zi, by the way, this is Long Yiyi. She will play the rival Princess Yefie.”

“Senior Long, a pleasure working with you.”

Long Yiyi was already furious in how everyone was treating her, this was supposed to be her role and how everyone is treating her should have been hers as well. “Junior Li Zi, to you as well.”

“Alright everyone, get into place…”

It was almost getting late, and they were about to shot the last scene.

“Alright you three, you know what to do.”

This scene was one of the highlights of the movie since both princesses will confess to the young general.

“Get ready, Action!”

Everyone was eagerly watching to see who would make the best confession. Even the director and Senior actors were waiting breathlessly. Some of the staff even made beats on whom they felt would make the best confession.

It was already nightfall and the young general was just given an order to go to the front line. As he storms out of the imperial throne room. Princess Yefie came running behind him.

“General Mu”

The young general turned around and paused as he saw the princess running towards him.

“Princess Yefie, why are you out this late?”

“General Mu, where are you going?”

“The Emperor has ordered me to go to the front line.”

The princess’s face turned pale as she heard the new. Her expression showed sadness and depress “General Mu, I love you.” She then grabbed him by the neck and kissed him on his lips.

General Mu was known to be cold-hearted so he must not show any means of affection as if the confession did not affect him. “Princess, it late you better return to your chamber.”

General Mu turned his back away on the princess leaving her behind. As he was about to reach the exit of the palace. Princess Sun was walking up the stairs gracefully towards him.

“Princess Sun, what are you doing here? It’s late and you’re all alone.”

“I’m not alone, you are here with me right now,” Princess Sun smiled causing General Mu to fl.u.s.tered.

General Mu was supposed to not act surprised, however; the princess charming facial expression captivated him, he could not hide his feeling, but he tried hard to hide his reaction.

The princess was supposed to lay a kiss on the general as well, however, instead; she grabs hold of the general’s hand and gave him a rea.s.suring looking. Her eyes were pure and full of emotion, what happened next made the general react. Instead of kissing the general on the lips, Princess Sun kisses the General’s palm as she pressed it on her cheeks and gazed at the general’s eyes. “I’ll be waiting for you.”


Huang Ming was still frozen on the spot until the girl called his attention and help him snap back to his sense. “Bro Ming, are you alright?”

“Huh? What happened?”

“Well…what happened is you mess up!” Director Ge said as he hit him with the script. Then he started pointing at him with it. “You’re a cold-hearted General, You don’t show love and affection why the heck did you say “Alright!'”

“Seriously, Director Ge I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

“Show him what I’m talking about.”

The a.s.sistant director rewinds the part the director was mentioning. As Huang Ming saw how he was reacted, he started to blush in embarra.s.sment “Director I’m sorry… My mind just went blank after…” As he turned around and his eyes meet the girl he started blushing again.

“You brat, stop daydreaming,” He said as he pinches his ears as he notices the boy blushing again when he looked at the girl. “Both Yiyi and Li Zi, well done that was good.”

“Director I’m sorry I didn’t follow the script.” Elizabeth apologized and lowered her head at the director.

“No need, no need, that was better than I expected, the confession was amazing it made the brat lost focus. Just keep up the good work.”

Long Yiyi felt like puking blood at the scene, she clenches her fist in frustration as she witnesses everything that’s supposed to be her clearly out of her reach now.

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