Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard Chapter 1029 If That Was To Happen, The Face Slap Would Hurt Even More

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Mo Ting did not say a word. It was a silent agreement to not get involved.

He knew that Tangning cared about his feelings more than anyone. So, the reason she said she wasn’t seeing Han Xiuche was not simply because she didn’t look highly upon him, but also because she didn’t want Mo Ting to feel uncomfortable; even though Han Xiuche was no match for him anyway.

Afterwards, Tangning told Long Jie, “Secretly invite Ma Weiwei’s​ manager out for some tea. I’m sure we can get some information from her. If Han Xiuche managed to steal Superstar Media with Ma Weiwei, he must have met up with her at some point.”

“But, Ma Weiwei’s manager might not necessarily cooperate with us!”

“I’ll tell you what to say to her,” Tangning said confidently.

To survive in the entertainment industry, talking required skills. This was something that Long Jie understood a long time ago.

“I understand.”

Between Han Xiuche and Ma Weiwei, the most likely place where things could go wrong was Ma Weiwei’s manager. That’s why Tangning asked Long Jie to contact her as soon as possible.

But, the public and the media were currently guessing if Tangning had returned to Beijing and whether Tangning had really planned everything like Han Xiuche said.

While all this was happening, Long Jie found contact details for Ma Weiwei’s manager through her connections and quietly contacted her.

How did it feel to be contacted by Long Jie?

Although Ma Weiwei’s manager looked dopey, she was well aware of the relations.h.i.+p between Long Jie, Tangning and Hai Rui. She didn’t know what Long Jie was doing, but as a mere manager, how could she go up against the big guys.

So, without Ma Weiwei knowing, she went to meet Long Jie on her own.

The two women met at a convenience store where Ma Weiwei often ordered lunch boxes and Long Jie arrived in a disguise that no one could see through.

Even when Ma Weiwei’s manager saw her, it took a while before she recognized her.

“Long Jie, the current situation is causing such a commotion, isn’t it unsuitable for us to meet?”

“There’s nothing unsuitable about it,” Long Jie laughed. “Let me get straight to the point, has Han Xiuche and Ma Weiwei met in the past?”

Ma Weiwei’s manager never expected that Long Jie would be so straightforward; she didn’t even warm up with any small talk. So, the manager remained quiet and did not say a word.

But, Long Jie was very observant…

“I’m sure you know that Ma Weiwei was never meant to last for long; it was only a matter of time before she was replaced.”

“By the way, Hai Rui hasn’t responded yet because Tangning insists on handling Ma Weiwei on her own. In fact, she has no intention of showing her any mercy. If you’re smart, you should know how to measure up the current situation. The entertainment industry is very realistic. I’m sure you know what’s best for you.”

Ma Weiwei’s manager understood what Long Jie was trying to say.

“I know it’s unfair to ask you to completely reveal everything. So, you don’t have to give me any solid evidence. Simply tell me where they met in the past and when they met, I will naturally find a flawless coincidence…” Long Jie tempted the manager. “I’m sure you know the truth.”

“Han Xiuche dragged you guys into this matter. I’m sure you want things to end slightly in your favour, right?”

“To be honest, I’m in a very difficult position,” the manager put away her dopey look and lit a cigarette. “In this day and age, if a manager is too smart around their artist, they are to being bullied. It’s very tiring.”

“In regards to Superstar Media, I’m happy to see what’s happened to it. After all, we are on different sides, so it’s not unreasonable for me to feel this way. But, your words also make sense.”

The manager was deeply frightened by Tangning.

“Without betraying Weiwei directly, I can give you a few hints. But, just this once,” the manager said. “Regardless of whether you find anything, I will only help you this one time!”

Long Jie looked at Ma Weiwei’s manager and nodded her head.

“Also, even if you find evidence, you can’t use it against Ma Weiwei, you need to guarantee me that!”

“As long as Ma Weiwei doesn’t go overboard again. Don’t forget, everything she’s done since her debut so far, is already enough for Hai Rui to blacklist her a hundred times. Yet, isn’t she still fine?” Long Jie asked.

The manager looked deep into Long Jie’s eyes, “We need to both forget that we ever met today.”

Long Jie wasn’t about to give the manager any real benefits, but the woman a.s.sumed that by doing this favor for Long Jie, she could ask for something in return.

This wasn’t someone else, this was Long Jie that owed her.

Even if Ma Weiwei got destroyed in the end, the manager believed she could still save herself. After all, helping Long Jie was like pardoning herself from the death sentence.

Afterwards, Long Jie took the information she got from Ma Weiwei’s manager and contacted someone that lived near the location where Han Xiuche and Ma Weiwei met, to see if they could have possibly captured any footage.

Private residences weren’t likely, but small retail businesses were different.

Even though it took her some time, Long Jie eventually found something.

Was Han Xiuche still denying that he had any relations.h.i.+p with Ma Weiwei?

It didn’t matter. There was bound to be evidence to slap him in the face.

And the second piece of evidence, was Long Jie herself.

When Han Xiuche first introduced S.A.J. to her, he already knew that they had a history of drug use, yet he used this information to blackmail her.

This was a fact that Han Xiuche could not get rid of. As long as he had done it, there was bound to be evidence. So, before Long Jie was to attack him, she stood her ground firmly.

But, the most lethal point for Han Xiuche, was the fact that he was mentally unstable.

Due to his lack of motherly love, he developed a skewed and psychopathic view of women.

Even though Tangning didn’t want to attack him with such despicable methods, she didn’t think he was humane enough to deserve respect.

Didn’t Han Xiuche want the media to know that she had returned?

Since it was the truth, Tangning was going to let him take the upper hand.

The most important thing about Tangning’s approach, was that she never denied nor tried to hide something that had actually happened. All her calculations were carefully crafted around the truth because it was the only way to withstand doubt.

If she didn’t do that, someone was bound to discover a secret lurking in the shadows. After all, the entertainment industry had so many eyes on it.

If that was to happen, the face slap would hurt even more.

While all that was happening, Mo Ting suddenly told Tangning, “While you had your phone off during the day, Jones contacted me. He’s planning to visit Beijing with his wife. As his loyal student, you should keep them company while they’re here. As his first stop after his retirement, don’t let Jones feel like he made the wrong decision.”

After hearing Mo Ting’s words, Tangning looked at him in seriousness, “President Mo, why do I have a feeling that you were the one that actually contacted Jones?”

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