Transmigrating To The 80s To Become Stepmom To Five Bigwigs Chapter 387: Didn't Give Up Even After Divorce

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Chapter 387: Didn’t Give Up Even After Divorce

Xiao Wu’s relatives couldn’t miss his first concert, so Li Zhaodi, Mu Teng, Shao Qihai, and the rest all came. Needless to say, Old Master Ji had come early because he wanted to spend more time with Xiao Wu.

On the day of the concert, Xiao Wu, who was the youngest person in the country to hold a personal concert, put on the clothes Mu Jingzhe had personally made for him and went on stage.

Guest performers were also invited, but Xiao Wu was the fully deserving protagonist. Mu Jingzhe and the others also attended in formal attire. They’d even specifically invited professionals to help record the concert so that they could have it for future viewing.

The concert didn’t disappoint. It was truly a feast for the ears, making everyone present feel that it was very worth it. Mu Jingzhe and Shao Dong’s hands were red from clapping, and Shao Qihai was so proud that he almost lost control and cried. As for everyone else, they only cared about one thing: When was the second concert going to take place? Such a concert had to be experienced a second or third time.

Before the concert had started, Xiao Wu had been tense. Because he didn’t want to disappoint anyone, he acted mature and behaved like a little adult. However, when the concert ended, he relaxed and said that he didn’t have plans for a second concert for the time being and that he would inform everyone when the time came.

After saying that, he held Mu Jingzhe’s hand. He had transformed from an adult to a child. He and the professional, outstanding person on the stage just now were like two different people.

Xiao Wu’s first concert remained a topic of conversation for a long time. Those who had attended it felt that it was worth it, while those who hadn’t felt regretful and kept waiting for the second concert.

When ordinary people encountered this situation, they would definitely take this opportunity to follow up with a second and third round to steadily improve themselves.

However, Xiao Wu shook his head without hesitation. Mu Jingzhe was also a little puzzled by Xiao Wu’s choice, but she only thought that he was tired and didn’t force him.

“If you don’t want to continue, then rest for a while.”

“Mm, I want to rest well and keep Mommy company.”

After Xiao Wu’s concert, it was time for Little Bei to join the production team. This time, Mu Jingzhe didn’t work with the production team. In addition, Little Bei was worried that she would be tired, so she decided to let Shao Qihai follow her to the production team.

Little Bei was still young, so her family felt more at ease following her there. This was also because there was no professional management team yet. When Little Bei grew up in the future, she could form a professional management team that suited her needs, with Little Bei acting as the core. There would then be no need for adults to follow her around.

This was the first time Shao Qihai followed Little Bei to the production team. He was afraid that he wouldn’t do a good job, so he made a lot of preparations in advance and even went to the studio to look for Mu Jingzhe. Mu Jingzhe was afraid that him doing a bad job would affect Little Bei, so she taught him a lot.

That day, he came again. As Mu Jingzhe was cutting some cloth, she distractedly told him, “The most important thing is safety. There’s a riding scene this time. You have to pay more attention.”

This time, Little Bei had chosen a movie from the Republic of China era. She was considered the second female lead, but she currently didn’t necessarily have to choose to only act in films in which she was the female lead. After all, there were relatively few protagonists her age. Also, she didn’t have to maintain her position like in the modern era.

Little Bei only liked acting. She would take on roles that she liked based on the script and if they were suitable. If they were not, she would try when she grew up. She didn’t care about maintaining her status or any of that.

She was still young, so there were limited roles that she could take on. However, because she was young, she wasn’t restrained and could try any genre she was interested in.

Until now, she had never filmed a movie of the same theme, and the appearance of her roles was always different. This time, there was a horse-riding scene. Fortunately, she had learned how to do it previously. Although she wasn’t very proficient, she could make the horse run, which was enough for the filming purposes.

According to the filming plan, filming would be completed in about a month. Then, Little Bei would go back to school.

Little Bei was an actress, but she hadn’t set her real life aside. Mu Jingzhe had always felt that an actor had to have a real life, especially young actors and actresses.

Shao Qihai nodded after Mu Jingzhe reminded him. He even took notes seriously and memorized them.

His att.i.tude made Mu Jingzhe feel even more at ease. She glanced at him and put down the scissors. “Don’t be too nervous. If anything happens, just contact me. Little Bei knows this herself.” After all, she had filmed several movies before.

“Mm.” Shao Qihai nodded. “Are you done?”

“I’m finally done with work for the day.” Because Little Bei was going to film a movie in the Republic of China era and an actress had recently come to order clothes, Mu Jingzhe felt that she was the right person to wear a cheongsam. She was currently preparing it.

Mu Jingzhe herself liked cheongsams very much. Her design was a little innovative and couldn’t compare to the old masters’ work, but Sister Wei was very good at it. She planned to continue with Sister Wei tomorrow.

When he heard Mu Jingzhe say this, Shao Qihai’s eyes lit up. “I’ll take you back. I drove here.”

Although they had divorced, Shao Qihai hadn’t completely given up on Mu Jingzhe. It was rare for them to have a chance to interact, so he wanted to fight for it. “You can go back and cook. Or we can pick up the children and eat outside.”

Before Mu Jingzhe could speak, a bell rang outside and someone called her name. “It’s Ji Buw.a.n.g.”

Shao Qihai followed Mu Jingzhe downstairs and saw Ji Buw.a.n.g in a white s.h.i.+rt.

There was a bicycle parked behind him, and he wasn’t surprised to see Shao Qihai. He greeted him with familiarity. “You’re here again. Have you mastered it yet? Can you take good care of Little Bei? Do you need my help?”

“No need. I’ll come again tomorrow.” Shao Qihai didn’t care if Ji Buw.a.n.g was sincere or not and directly refused, clearly indicating that he hadn’t given up on Jingzhe.

Their divorce didn’t mean that everything was over. His marriage to Jingzhe hadn’t started well back then. Now that it had ended, Jingzhe would be even more relaxed around him. He had also changed his image and was no longer an irresponsible person, so there was still a chance. He hadn’t lost to Ji Buw.a.n.g!

After looking at the bicycle behind Ji Buw.a.n.g, he looked at Mu Jingzhe. “Jingzhe, you didn’t drive here. Take my car. Ji Buw.a.n.g only rode his bicycle over.”

“I used a bicycle to pick Jingzhe up on purpose. It’s so stuffy and suffocating sitting in a car in this weather. Besides, you can only travel on the main road. It’s different for bicycles. The sun is setting right now, and the weather is cooling down.”

Ji Buw.a.n.g retorted and patted the back seat. “Jingzhe, I even cus.h.i.+oned it for you. Come quickly. You said yourself yesterday that bicycles are comfortable.”

After saying that, Ji Buw.a.n.g even took a popsicle out and pulled it around his back to tempt Mu Jingzhe. “I bought this for you. Come quickly.”

Mu Jingzhe’s eyes lit up. A popsicle! Who could refuse a popsicle on such a hot day? She believed that no one could! And neither could she!

Mu Jingzhe jumped over without hesitation. “That’s great!”

Ji Buw.a.n.g smiled. “Come and sit down.” Then, he looked at Shao Qihai. “We’ll leave now.”

Shao Qihai: “!!!”

How could Jingzhe be attracted to a popsicle?

“Jingzhe, I’ll buy you a glutinous rice popsicle when we reach the intersection.”

“One shouldn’t eat too many popsicles in a day. Thank you.” Mu Jingzhe politely refused.


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