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Chapter 534: Uncle Is Not Himself Today

Su Qingsang sat in the car, still on edge. She recalled the terror she felt when she had almost been punched a short while ago.

“I am so grateful for your uncle’s help today.”

Su Qingsang knew that even if Zhang Yichen hadn’t shown up, the situation would still have been handled. It would have taken more time though, and it would have been difficult to remove the troublemakers. They couldn’t have done it so easily without Zhang Yichen’s help.

“I’ll invite him to dinner next time.”

It was uncertain when they would next see Zhang Yichen in Rong City after he returned to the army.

Huo Jinyao thought about the way Zhang Yichen looked and felt there was something a little off about him.

From what he knew of his uncle, he had never seemed to be a particularly quiet person. Why Zhang Yichen had become this reticent, almost sullen these days?

Was it because he was tired of his work?

“Okay. Why don’t you bring me the next time you have dinner with him? He’s helped me out a lot.”

Huo Jinyao didn’t object. His slight misgivings disappeared at Su Qingsang’s words. Maybe he was overthinking it.

Looking out at the evening city views, she thought about the topics that were still trending on Weibo. It upset her a little.

Noticing her fretting, Huo Jinyao gently patted her hand.

“Honey, I said three days. So it will be done in three days. You don’t need to worry.”

“How can I not be worried?” Su Qingsang looked at his chiseled face. “People like Lin Gang and Li Hong are unreasonable. What will you be able to do if they refused to admit they were lying?”

A few days ago, when Lin Gang made a report at the police station, both Zhou Shaonan and Mr. Chen had gone to witness it.

They heard Lin Gang saying that he would not let it go. He was going to appeal over and over again until Su Qingsang paid the price.

“Lin Gang said he was going to appeal. He’s like a dog with a bone when it comes to this.”

“He’s bitten off more than he can chew.”

A spasm of loathing fitted across Huo Jinyao’s face. Su Qingsang looking out the window didn’t notice it.

“So, what do you want to do to do with the likes Li Hong and Lin Gang who won’t listen to reason?”

“Honey, I think your worries have made you a little short-sighted.”

There was a traffic light in front of them. Huo Jinyao stopped the car and reached his hand to pinch Su Qingsang’s hand.

“Have you thought about one thing?”

“What?” Su Qingsang turned her head. Huo Jinyao looked at her softly.

“I acted recklessly this time when I asked for those posts to be deleted. Still, no matter how much attention you have received, the limelight is short-lived. When it is no longer a trending topic, people will stop paying attention. Right?”

“Also, Lin Gang said he was going to sue you and even appeal, but does he have any evidence?”

Su Qingsang’s brow was furrowed. She had rather forgotten that point. At the time, there had been no other people in the hospital room. No one would be able to testify for him. How could Lin Gang produce witnesses?

However, by the same token, no one could testify for her.

“He can claim that you cursed at the patient. You can rebut that he insulted you. It is purely a he-said-she-said thing. It depends on the way you phrase it. What do you think?”

Lin Gang had made the allegations based on nothing more than his word. The public believed him because they were deluded, and the plotters pulling strings had stirred all kinds of things up.

There must be some sensible people. When they all calmed down and got their heads back on straight, they would figure out the whole thing was a farce.

When the red lights turned into green, he put his foot on the gas. The next thing he said was barely a whisper.

“But, I don’t intend to let this slide for too long.”

Although the trending topics hadn’t yet mentioned his name, they contained posts alluding to the Tianyu Group.

Huo Jinyao was quick on the uptake. This afternoon, as the posts had appeared on Weibo, he sensed there was something more to them.

This incident wasn’t targeting Su Qingsang. It was aimed at him.

The posts on Weibo kept the topic simmering, but neither Su Qingsang nor Huo Jinyao paid any attention to it.

They went home. Su Qingsang took a shower and put on her pajamas.

Out of the bathroom, she saw Huo Jinyao speaking on the phone. She didn’t ask who he was calling.

Anyway, there was nothing she could do for now. All she could do was trust in him.

That night, as Huo Jinyao came out of the bathroom, Su Qingsang lay on their bed and said, “Since I don’t need to work tomorrow. I could go to Huo Mansion and visit grandpa.”

“Good.” Since Su Qingsang didn’t need to go into work, another thought came to Huo Jinyao. “You’ve got three days off. You can go back to Lin City and visit your mom. You can take the time to keep your grandfather company. When you are back, I will sort out things for you.”

Another reason that he wanted Su Qingsang to go to Lin City was to get her out of the way of potential clashes in Rong City.

Su Qingsang didn’t want to go. Looking at Huo Jinyao sitting by the bed, she pulled his hands between her own.

“I don’t want to go back to Lin City.”

“You don’t want to visit your mom?”

“If I want to visit mom, anytime will be fine. But right now, I want to be with you.”

Su Qingsang gazed at Huo Jinyao, her eyes softened. After everything that had happened, she’d figured something out.

Even if Huo Jinyao could resolve this crisis, for the time being, she wanted to be with him and keep him company.

She leaned back partially against the pillow, the dim yellow light of the bedside lamp s.h.i.+ning on her gentle face.

Her tiny hands clasped in his, Huo Jinyao held her hands up to his lips and kissed them gently.

He didn’t speak and neither did she.

They both looked at each other as if they could see the other’s soul in their eyes.

Huo Jinyao leaned over and planted a kiss on her lips but didn’t do anymore.

He got on the bed and lay down beside her, holding her into his arms.

Su Qingsang leaned against his chest, getting into a comfortable position as he held her in his arms.

Putting her hands around Huo Jinyao’s waist, Su Qingsang said in a small voice, “Huo Jinyao, I think that even though I may not completely understand your work or your company’s operations, and so I may not be as helpful as other women could be when it comes to business but…”

“I think what I can do is to be with you.”

No matter what happened, no matter what he had been through, and no matter what he was facing in the future…

She might not be as helpful, but she was willing to stand by him.

Huo Jinyao put his face into her neck, smelling the light scent that had clung to her body after her shower.


His words were a promise. Su Qingsang smiled and closed her eyes.

The next day, Huo Jinyao got up early and left. Su Qingsang didn’t sleep for long, either.

Even though she was in a tight spot, she believed everything would eventually be fine, as such things had worked out in the past.

She followed through on her thought to visit Old Master Huo taking the gifts she bought in Lin City to Huo Mansion.

Old Master Huo was delighted with her visit.

“Qingsang, you came. Don’t you need to work today?”

A less than tech-savvy senior citizen, Old Master Huo didn’t use Weibo and hadn’t heard of what had happened to Su Qingsang.

Su Qingsang didn’t intend to tell him. She brought the gifts prepared by Li Qianxue and Old Master Li. Huo Jinyao was elated.

“Your grandpa is so courteous. I’ll visit him in Lin City if I have the opportunity.”

“That’ll be great. My grandpa said to invite you to go.”

“Sure thing,” Old Master Huo gave a joyous laugh. “I am not that old. I’m still capable of traveling. I should visit more places and look around.”

“Grandpa, you are not old at all.”

“You said it to make me happy.”

“No, I mean it. Grandpa, you look very energetic.”

Old Master Huo laughed, a bright smile on his face. Su Qingsang had also brought two other gifts. One was for Huo Mingguang, and the other for Liu Tongjia.

Li Qianxue picked the gifts. They were not expensive but it was courteous of them.

It was a coincidence that both Huo Mingguang and Liu Tongjia were at home. Huo Mingguang was fairly busy these days and just had a business dinner the night before. He came back late at night and rose late today.

Liu Tongjia had an appointment to play some games, but as she was about to leave, her friend called in a rain check.

She didn’t look happy after having been stood up. When she went downstairs and spotted Su Qingsang, she frowned, her face turning grim.

Huo Mingguang didn’t react in any particular way. When Su Qingsang saw them, she got up immediately.

“Dad, aunt.”

The greetings were awkward. It was as if Liu Tongjia was Huo Jinyao’s step-mother.

Liu Tongjia used to be fine being addressed as such, but now she felt something off about being greeted that way.

“Dad, I returned to Lin City a few days ago. This is the present my mom and grandpa prepared for you.”

“Thank you.” Huo Mingguang took the gift from Su Qingsang but didn’t open it.

Su Qingsang handed the other gift box to Liu Tongjia. “Aunt, this is the gift my mom bought for you.”

Liu Tongjia glanced at the delicately decorated box and turned her face away, ignoring Su Qingsang.

Su Qingsang felt somewhat fl.u.s.tered as she pushed the gift box closer to Liu Tongjia.

Liu Tongjia didn’t respond. Huo Mingguang looked at her, his eyes disapproving.

Liu Tongjia reached out her hand and took the box. The cook Ms. Zhou was there serving them fruits and tea.

“Ms. Zhou, please take this.”

Liu Tongjia took the box and handed the gift to Ms. Zhou right in front of Su Qingsang.

Ms. Zhou paused, knowing it was the gift that Ms. Su had given to Lady Liu.

It hadn’t occurred to Su Qingsang that Liu Tongjia would be so rude. She was not overly shocked, but she was unhappy to see the gift she prepared for Liu Tongjia being given to someone else right in front of her.

Old Master Huo furrowed his brow. He looked at his daughter-in-law with discontent.

“Tongjia.” Huo Mingguang, seeing the dissatisfaction in his father’s eyes, touched Liu Tongjia’s arm.

Liu Tongjia raised her eyebrow. She looked unperturbed. “What? I can’t do as I wish? Since she gave it to me, and it belongs to me. Do I not have the right to dispose of my things as I see fit?”

Her reasoning couldn’t be faulted and n.o.body objected. Su Qingsang wasn’t hurt by her words but she felt slightly uncomfortable.

The people who were present were all her seniors. She chose to look down at her fingers, saying nothing.

Old Master Huo’s forehead knitted into a perplexed frown. Huo Mingguang also showed his disagreement on his face.

Liu Tongjia insisted on giving the gift box to Ms. Zhou. “Ms. Zhou has been working for our family for many years. She is excellent at cooking and very hardworking. Am I crossing a line to give a present to her?”

Liu Tongjia’s question went unanswered. Giving Ms. Zhou a gift was not an issue, but she could have given the gift privately.


Old Master Huo’s face was drawn, his unhappiness visible to all.

Liu Tongjia rose as Huo Mingguang was about to say something more. She pressed the box into Ms. Zhou’s hands.

“What’s wrong? Have I said something wrong? When did I lose the right to dispose of the gifts given by junior? Am I not in charge of running this household?”

n.o.body spoke. Even Old Master Huo kept silent now.

Ever since his wife’s pa.s.sing, in the intervening years, Liu Tongjia had done well in handling their home affairs. Old Master Huo had to give her that.

The Huo Family was well ordered under her management and she was a supportive wife to Huo Mingguang.

The reason Huo Mingguang was able to devote all his time and energy to his business and the expansion of Tianyu Group into the behemoth it currently was had been largely due to Liu Tongjia.

Old Master Huo held his tongue. He looked at Su Qingsang guiltily.

Ms. Zhou stood there with the box in her hands. She didn’t what to do with it.

Seeing her dilemma, Su Qingsang smiled and said, “Ms. Zhou, it’s okay. It’s a present for you, so please take it.”

Ms. Zhou smiled awkwardly. Unwilling to get involved in the conflict between them, she bowed and left.

Liu Tongjia sat across Su Qingsang, looking at her with cold eyes.

“It looks like I will soon have no position in this family. I need to get other people’s approval even when gifting someone something. It’s so…”

She didn’t finish her sentence, but her meaning was clear.

“Tongjia,” Huo Mingguang pulled Liu Tongjia’s sleeve, signaling her to stop.

Liu Tongjia looked upset but kept her mouth shut.

In the aftermath of the outburst, the atmosphere in the living room grew strained.

Old Master Huo looked at Su Qingsang feeling remorse. Qingsang was a good girl, but she had married Huo Jinyao who was disliked by Liu Tongjia.

“Right. Qingsang, Jade has very been noisy these days,” Old Master Huo said, changing the subject.

Su Qingsang stood up. “Really? I’ll go check it.”

“Let me come with you.”

Old Master Huo was unwilling to stay here with Liu Tongjia. Over the past few years, he understood the reasons behind Liu Tongjia’s actions. However, it was one thing to understand it and another to accept it.

On the other side of the door the parrot was squawking. It truly was making a racket.

Seeing Su Qingsang and Old Master Huo stepping out of the doorway, the parrot stopped squawking and looked away.

Old Master Huo looked at the bird. At times it was so noisy, and other times it acted so indifferently.

“It is really funny that the bird behaves like this.”

Old Master Huo was relieved when he saw that Su Qingsang seemed unaffected by what had happened earlier.

“Qingsang, Jinyao’s mom was not always like this, not in the old days.”

In the old days? It was the first time Su Qingsang had heard a Huo family member talking about the past.

She looked at Old Master Huo, a little bit nervous.

“Grandpa? So, you mean in the past?”

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