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Volume 2, Chapter 37: Conversation, Hobby

TL: flarewk

Although I’m unclear onto what it was for exactly, but that finger sucking act of Lian Bing’s should be specially enacted just for Jiang Xue to see.

I suddenly remembered about the matter which happened last Friday afternoon………..those two people also seemed to know each other since a long time ago, plus looking at that tense atmosphere between them, there seemed to have some kind of conflict before?

It’s really enough already. If there’s any grudges, can the both of you please settle it between yourselves in private? Why must you drag me into it as well?

Looking at my pitiful finger, there’s evidently a bite mark being left on it which couldn’t be dissipated off even after a long period of time. If I hadn’t looked at it carefully, I would have even thought that I’ve put on a ring.

My finger right now still hadn’t regained its sensation, and the writing feeling was rather discomforting. Just now, for a brief moment I really thought that my finger had been bitten off already………..was this person a dog!

Slandering her utmostly within my inner self, I decided to temporarily slightly distance myself from her for the best, preventing myself from being suddenly bitten a few more times again………

And so, after the second period of lesson ended, I didn’t proceed to the pavilion behind the science departmental building during the break time, but went to the toilet with Ying Liang together instead, and thereafter leaned by the windows of the corridor and started to converse.

“Even though you have a sickeningly beautiful girlfriend, you instead came to chat with a loser like me, huh……….Jun Cheng, it can’t be that you’re actually having some s.e.xual orientation problems, right?”

“Don’t joke already, only those stupid couples would be plasting themselves together the entire day. It’s the so-called distance inducing beauty, and between a couple, leaving more or less some personal s.p.a.ce would be better.”

Of course these were all excuses, and in reality it’s because me and Ji Lian Bing were a pair of fake couple, we didn’t even have any understanding that’s present between couples at all. If other people were to discover strange things about it it’l be disastrous then.

When we’re together, those topics that were being conversed were 80 percent of her using perverted jokes to make fun of me, with the remaining 20 percent being extremely boring academic discussions, most of which were why she would be so liking onto corpses and so on; these knowledge that I completely don’t even want to know at all.

If there’s somebody who intentionally listened onto our conversations, they’ll definitely notice some strange things about it, because that’s completely not those kinds of conversations between a couple at all. Especially Gao Ying Nai, having this sort of advanced eavesdropper around, it’s even more crucial to be careful of our usual chats and actions.

If it was to be really exposed, it wouldn’t be affecting Lian Bing that much, as she instead would regain back her ‘G.o.ddess’ status, but I on the other hand would be doomed already……….I who wouldn’t be protected by gazes then will be in a perilous situation.

At least, before that shade of redness from Lian Bing’s pinkish red status had completely vanished, I’ll need to properly act as a role of a boyfriend.

I a little helplessly shrugged my shoulders and said.

“We’re only just a pair of normal couple~”

“A couple that did a sucking finger play under the gaze of the audiences isn’t normal at all.”

“Eh? You saw it?”

“Mm………..I didn’t mean to intentionally peek, but it’s only that I subconsciously noticed it.”

“How do I put it, from a long time ago, I would be always at an extremely coincidental timing noticing onto stuff that were abnormal……… I hope that you won’t be mindful about it; I really didn’t have the intention to peek.”

Oh? So that voyeur of Ying Liang was actually a pa.s.sive skill, huh?

I knew it, although Ying Liang was l.u.s.trained slightly, he still wouldn’t be doing that sort of repulsive things like voyeuring, so it’s because he didn’t proactively want to see it.

While he was saying, Ying Liang who was originally looking outside of the windows suddenly seemed to have noticed onto something terrible as his face suddenly twinged for a moment, before turning around and placing our shoulders together, enacting an appearance of a friendly brotherhood.

He suddenly doing these kind of actions definitely would have a reason, and I wanted to turn around to look outside of the windows, but he forcibly pulled onto my shoulders which made me unable to turn around, and I puzzledly asked him.

“What’s the matter? Have you seen something again?”

“Don’t mind about it………’s nothing interesting too. Enough about that already, and speaking of which, Jun Cheng, you started to put on spectacles already, is it because of shortsightedness?”

“Nope, this is only clear lens spectacles, it’s only for covering a few stuff that I didn’t want to see.”

“Mm……….quite right indeed, sometimes spectacles can indeed filter away many things that you don’t want to see. Plus, if the lenses were big enough, it could cover onto one’s face too.”

Ying Liang used a tone of sympathetically similar understanding as he agreed onto what I’ve said.

Looks like up to now on those things that he had seen, it had caused quite some amount of troubles onto him.

Plus, just earlier he also seemed to have noticed onto something as well. Now my curiosity was being enticed already.

“But then again, this spectacles of yours is rather trendy too, the fashionable meter alone is A+ already.”

“Is it? I still thought that it all looked the same too……….”

I plucked off my spectacles and glanced at it, but felt it to be a rather normal black framed spectacles, and there’s nothing special about it.

This pair of spectacles was being selected together with the Moe Bing’s state of Ji Lian Bing during street browsing.

At that time in the spectacles shop, Moe Bing and the shop owner talked for a long time, and even made me try out many different spectacle frames, lastly saying ‘As expected, this pair is the most suitable for Cheng Jun indeed~’ these kind of delightful words and deciding onto it. Even the money was from her helping me to pay for it.

Um, it’s not that I didn’t want to pay, but I didn’t have enough at all………..because this pair of spectacles frames was extremely expensive, eyy? Even though it’s just only a pair of spectacles frames, why would it be so expensive? I thought that the lenses of a pair of spectacles should be way more expensive than the frames, right? Since I was only making clear lens spectacles, I still thought that I would be able to settle it under 200 bucks……….who knew……….

(TL: 200 yuan = just under 30 usd)

In any case, right now the most valuable stuff on my entirety would be this pair of spectacles already.

“It’s not being selected by you, right? Different spectacles would display different effects for every person, and this pair of spectacles is that kind that suited you rather well. Don’t tell me that it’s your girlfriend who helped you to select it?”

“Mm……… is her who helped me to choose it.”

“Oh, that’s so goood~ I also really want to have a girlfriend to help me choose spectacles tooo~”

“You can also go change too, hieeh……… seemed that from the first year of high school onwards, I’ve always seen you wearing the same pair of spectacles.”

It’s always this pair of extremely thick circlish shaped lenses, it’s just like n.o.bita N**i’s spectacles.

“No, spectacles are a part of me, you can’t just change it upon a whim! Also, round spectacles are divine faiths!”

“I don’t really understand what’s there to be excited about. Ah, I didn’t have any intentions onto belittling you, it’s just……….”

“I know, you don’t need to explain, as I almost roughly know about your personality already. It’s just that you’re direct with your words, and I know that you didn’t have any intentions onto speaking ill of others.”

“Being able to understand me like that, it really helped out alot………”

“It’s nothing, being direct with words is also a positive trait, as you’re able to easily win over other people’s trust too.”

He patted my shoulders and raised a thumb towards me, implying out that he’s able to understand.

To be frank, I’m extremely touched……….

“But, last time I always thought that you’re a rather unsociable person, always staying alone by yourself, and also not talking to others too.”

“I didn’t have any autism at all……… middle school I do have a few friends, although I wasn’t in contact with females that much only.”

If it was to be said that those people that usually greeted me were to be considered friends, then during middle school I still had some friends.

“Only that, I don’t know why after going to high school, I couldn’t get a friend to even talk to already………..”

It’s like as if the students in the cla.s.s all didn’t want to actively approach me?

Afterwards, I also didn’t proactively strike conversations with them, and so on and so forth, it became like this already.

“Mm………..this shouldn’t be your fault, as our cla.s.s’s students are indeed rather different from other……….”

“Is it………”

Perhaps I could understand his meaning, since those group of people from the cla.s.s, speaking from various sorts of interpretations, they were way more abnormal compared to me.

If those bunch of people’ t.i.tles were to be real, then no matter what, I couldn’t think up of how they would be able to normally get along with normal people.

“Yeah, it’s because Ji Lian Bing is in our cla.s.s, that you would have a chance to attain her. If it’s other, don’t even mention about going out with her, even just approaching her will be rather difficult already.”

“It seemed to be that logic too………..”

No matter where she went, Lian Bing who would always become the main focused spotlight wouldn’t be that much of a center-of-attention only within cla.s.s.

“Oh yeah, speaking of which, you still needed to thank me too.”

“Mm? What do you mean?”

“During the high school second year of the seating arrangements, it was I who suggested to let Ji Lian Bing sit behind you~! In the end, it was expectedly a case of ‘Whoever’s closer to the target will be more easily striking the bullseye’, allowing you to obtain a chance to achieving that mountainous flower. How’s that? I’m a true brother indeed, right?”

So it’s you this brattttttttttttttttttt!!

“You don’t need to use such scorching gaze to look at me, I’ll be shyy~”

Right now I can hardly control myself onto throwing you out from the second storey!! Still being shy, look at what you’ve done!!

“But if Xiao’ Hua knew about this matter, she may even want to kill me……….ahahahaha………..please never ever tell her about it~!”

“You’re referring to Lan Hua?”

“Yep, and you should have also noticed it already as well……….she actually……….”

“Mm……….I know. Rest a.s.sured, I won’t blabber it out.”

I very righteously nodded my head to indicate a brotherhood understanding, while my heart went to think instead, onto whether I should pick a certain timing to tell her about this incident?

“Haha, then that’s good……….to be honest, I still thought that you simply haven’t notice it at all.”

“Actually, I indeed hadn’t noticed it yet from the start, but because of some coincidental occurrences…………I understood it afterwards.”

If I didn’t had this sort of ability that would allow me to see onto other people’s status and inner heart’s emotions, I then really wouldn’t know that Lan Hua was actually a h.o.m.os.e.xual lesbian.

Speaking till this point, I unresistingly glanced at the similarly conversing Lian Bing and Lan Hua through the back door……….

Lian bing who was facing towards me suddenly stared at me, and did a smiling expression.

I squinted my eyes and raised my eyebrows, pouting my lips.

Afterwards she then winked her eye toward me, and even sent a flying kiss over.


“Uehh~ she’s really so sweet, it really made people rather jealous, Jun Cheng.”

“Jealous, huh……….”

I think Ying Liang probably wouldn’t understand, for that ‘smile’ wasn’t sweet at all.

Last time, I still thought that a smile was only supposed to represent goodwill and kindness. But after being acquainted with Lian Bing, I then realized that the very same expression of which the emotions it conveyed could actually be very starkly different.

Just like that smile earlier, the meaning that’s encompa.s.sed inside it was probably ‘You probably didn’t say anything unnecessary, right? Cheng Jun……….’, a smile that carried threatening intentions within it.

My mouth pouting was to reply to her ‘I got it, you’re such a busybody.’, and afterwards the meaning of her winking was ‘Good that you understood, good boy~’, and the flying kiss was probably being used as a guise, or probably only just to tease me.

“There’s basically nothing to be jealous of, it should be said that it’s troubling me to death already……….”

After saying out that sentence, I even secretly added a line within my heart ‘Plus it’s also so perilously dangerous……….’.

“If other boys knew that you actually had this sort of thinking, they would probably gather in to invite you to the forestry area and get rid of you there.”

“Then I’m begging you not to say it out, okay……….”

What choice do I have, I indeed had no idea on how to develop any interest onto her………..

No matter how cute, or how beautiful, or how wealthy, or how curvaceous.

If your girlfriend in reality was a homicidal maniac that wanted to kill you off, would you still be able to happily accept her?

Don’t speak about what ‘Even if I had to die, I would be contented onto having that kind of girlfriend’ kind of words………’s not even reliable at all.

You can call me cowardly, or even a wimp, in any case I’m just afraid of dying.

Once you’re dead, there wouldn’t be anything left already, needless to say about enjoying whatnot as well.

Hence, at any point of time I must place my life at the number 1 spot, all any other things would have to stand sideways!

But……….if it’s Moe Bing……….on the contrary I would be willing to accept……….

“Still not satisfied with this sort of girlfriend? Then what kind of girls do you exactly like?”

Ying Liang suddenly raised out that question, which froze me at my original spot.

What kind of girls that I like?

This question………..I seemingly hadn’t really thought of it before.

-ch 37 end-

(3371 words to tl)

was this person a dog = it doesn’t imply scolding her as a dog, it’s more of cla.s.sifying her under a scientific cla.s.sifications of mammals called ‘dogs’

sucking finger play = Basically, in CN, perverted acts are called as such, then tagged a ‘play’ behind it, making it seeming more worse, which is the intended purpose of it. E.g, mouth to mouth play, body bending play

l.u.s.trained (闷骚) = l.u.s.trained is a word I created, from coining l.u.s.t + restraining ; which perfectly describe the chinese slang “闷骚”, which means a person who hides and suppresses his wild l.u.s.ts inside him, while on the exterior, having a saintly aloof appearance.

Moe = a combination jp term of “cute” “adorable” “innocent/naive”

hieeh 呗 = disinterested sfx

n.o.bita N**i (野O大雄) = MC from doraemon series.

Whoever’s closer to the target will be more easily striking the bullseye = original cn term is 近水楼台先得月, explaining it would be a ha.s.sle, just know that the meaning of it was similar to the english transliterated term.

Aite, aite, what it meant was, whoever was closer to the water pavilion, would be first onto reaching the moon. Made no sense to you? Think of it as who ever is higher up in the sky would have an easier time onto reaching the moon. Um, it will really be a pain onto why this term originated…. so….. -lazified-

mountainous flower = the ‘flower’ in here refers to a ‘school flower’, a term for the most beautiful girl in a school. Like a flower among a plain patch of Mountainous is being used to describe how far she was from your reach, because she’s too good already.

Uehh (哦嚯) = now this is a sfx I didn’t understand completely. 哦嚯 means o huo, but it doesn’t make any sense in english at all. I interpreted as a, “Ueh….” kind of slightly nauseated sfx though. Lmk if I’m incorrect here…. -3- 

Even if I had to die, I would be contented onto having that kind of girlfriend (牡丹花下死,做鬼也风流) = Well, the english translation is the meaning being carried over. The original saying translation is, word for word respectively:

牡丹花下死 = dying in the embrace of a woman under a flowery tree

做鬼也风流 = even if i was a ghost, I would be rather s.e.xually contented.

It’s related to a backstory of a woman and a poetry guy, and you guessed it right, it happened under a flowery tree, specifically known as the chinese tree peony.  >:3

Xiao’ = a front suffix that’s used to indicate your closeness to a subject


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