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Chapter 2132: Chapter 2025 infinite flowers


Compared to the name hibiscus, freewill preferred to call it infinite flowers.

“okay, ” freewill answered and touched the hibiscus flowers. “It’s very cold in my hometown in winter, and there aren’t many trees that can support flowers outdoors. There’s an infinite forest of flowers on the hillside of our town. Seeing infinite flowers is like seeing our hometown. “

The winter temperature in the town was relatively low, so it was difficult for the flowers and plants to survive. In winter, the people in the town would wrap up the straw to protect them from the cold. Since she was young, she had watched the endless forest of flowers grow up. The endless flowers symbolized the vigorous vitality and the place where she had grown up.

There were many kinds of flowers and plants in an city, but the endless flowers were insignificant. She had never seen them in an city, but she had never expected to see them in wood city.

Looking at the endless flowers and thinking of the green train that she had seen in the evening, a certain sealed place in her heart seemed to have been torn open. Something was gurgling out of it, making her feel somewhat inexplicable.

She pursed her lips, raised her head and smiled at Gu Yinshu, saying, “let’s go back. We still need to rest early. “

She obviously had something to say, but she held it back. Gu Yinshu didn’t ask further and nodded in agreement.

An Cheng No. 1 High School had a good result in the basketball game this time. After the game on Sunday afternoon, the team members packed up their things and went back to an Cheng. Everyone gathered at the hotel entrance and waited for the bus to send them to the high-speed railway station.

Sui Xin carried a backpack and a gla.s.s bottle in his arms. There was water in the bottle and two hibiscus branches with flower buds.

After two days of exchange, the team members had already gotten to know her. They knew that she was a gentle and easy-going person, and it was especially comfortable to get along with her.

“Isn’t this hibiscus? The city flower of Wood City. Why are you folding this? ” The center of the team, Liu Renxiu, was a little brother with wheat-colored skin. He was a chatterbox, and he could also chat with others.

“Yeah. ” With a smile, she looked at him and said, “I want to take it home and plant it. “

The infinite flower had an extremely strong vitality. A single branch could grow into a tree.

“amazing, ” Liu Renxiu praised. He looked at freewill and said, “you are really thoughtful. Did you pick it in the botanical garden? “

Freewill was about to answer when Gu Yinshu, who was standing next to her, suddenly said.

“I picked it on the high wall of the stadium with her in my arms. “

The smile on Liu Renxiu’s face froze. A few team members next to him looked over. They glanced at Gu Yinshu and then at Liu Renxiu. Liu renxiu looked at Gu Yinshu, coughed dryly, and then stopped talking.

Seeing that they suddenly stopped talking, Freewill said, “the wall is very high, so we added height. “

Liu Renxiu, who was next to him, laughed again. He looked at Gu Yinshu and said, “yes, I know, I know. “

It was already five o’clock in the afternoon when he returned to the Lov apartment with Gu Yinshu. Gu Yinshu had been playing basketball for the whole day, so he didn’t say much to him. When they reached the door of the house, Freewill said goodbye to Gu Yinshu and was ready to go home.

“Give me one, ” Gu Yinshu stood beside freewill and said while looking at the gla.s.s bottle and hibiscus branches in her hands.

“Do you want to plant it? ” She didn’t expect Gu Yinshu to be interested in hibiscus flowers. She smiled and took the flower branch that looked easy to raise and handed it to him. “It’s easy to live. “

The bottom of the flower branch was wet from the water in the gla.s.s bottle. When Gu Yinshu took it, his fingertips were also wet. He looked at the half-wet flower branch and slightly raised his dark eyes under his long eyelashes. Then, he met his casual gaze.

“Are you homesick? “

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