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Chapter 69

In reality, perhaps even Xu Yuan herself might not be able to understand what she was thinking, but Ji Feng could see that it wasn’t because of Ji Feng’s sharp eyes, but because Xu Yuan was a fan.

In fact, Ji Feng knew that if he was just an ordinary person or if he did something good and was barely considered a successful person in society, Xu Yuan probably wouldn’t have so many thoughts.

But the problem was that even though he didn’t have a high birth, he had a good family background right now, and could even be said to be from a wealthy family.

Under such a situation, it would be weird if Xu Yuan had no thoughts at all.

It was a perfect match.

This concept had existed in China since ancient times, and it was the same in the current era. Moreover, money oriented money wors.h.i.+ped the secular world, causing people to have a much better impression of this concept. In fact, in many places, it was even richer than the ancient era.

Plus, Xu Yuan’s family background wasn’t that good. Even if her family wasn’t down and out, she was still the daughter of an underworld boss. From a worldly point of view, it would be hard for her to be with Ji Feng.

At least, from an outsider’s point of view, Xu Yuan was a person of high status. Moreover, her ident.i.ty might bring a bad influence to Ji Feng.

Although Xu Yuan wasn’t that young miss from a mafia family anymore, she felt like she had been fighting outside for years, fighting among the bosses. Even though she wasn’t really taken advantage of, she still had a sense of danger. To put it harshly, she was a bit dirty …

It was also because of this that Xu Yuan had so many thoughts and thought about giving a clean me to Ji Feng.

… …. Thinking about this, Ji Feng couldn’t help but sigh. If Xu Yuan wanted to change her mind, then she needed time. When she could think it through, then she would let go of all her worries and relax.

Ji Feng could naturally wait for her, and he would also do his best to accompany her until she no longer felt any pressure.

Beside the stream, Xu Yuan had already gotten all the fish into the bucket and picked up the stick again. She was ready to fork out the fish.

However, from time to time, she would turn her head to look in their direction. Her beautiful face still had a blush, and when paired with the flowing water of the creek, the scene looked exceptionally beautiful.

Beautiful people, beautiful streams …

Ji Feng stood by the side of the carriage, watching with interest.

“Ding … …” Suddenly, Ji Feng’s phone rang. He came back to his senses and casually took out his phone. He answered the call without even looking at it and asked, “h.e.l.lo, who is this?”

When he answered the phone, Ji Feng’s gaze was still on Xu Yuan. He saw her use the wooden stick and stab into the water, causing the water to splash out. There were no results, instead, she seemed to be in a difficult situation because she avoided the water, causing Ji Feng to smile.

At this moment, Bai Zhu’s voice came over the phone, “Young Master Ji, about 200 meters to your right is a j.a.panese SUV. Did you see it?”

Ji Feng was slightly stunned as he replied, “I saw it. Is there a problem?”

Of course, Ji Feng saw the off-road car. It was precisely because of this car that Ji Feng carried Xu Yuan back to the car … Ji Feng originally only thought of this car as an ordinary car for sightseeing, but now the white pearl had specially called him on this matter. Ji Feng realized that this matter was not as simple as it seemed.

However, Ji Feng did not turn his head to look at that car, nor did he notice the people beside the car. Before he understood what was going on, he would naturally not disturb them.

“Young Master Ji, we don’t know what’s wrong with the other party yet, but when they opened the trunk, I saw through the binoculars that there was a long spear inside.” White Pearl said.

“A spear?” Ji Feng frowned, “Are you sure?”

“I should be able to confirm it.” Bai Zhu said, “Although I can’t see it clearly due to the light coming from the car, I can only tell from its appearance that it’s a long spear. It’s in the trunk of the SUV with the two water chestnuts!”

“Anything else?” Ji Feng asked in a low voice.

“Not yet.” Bai Zhu said, “However, I can’t guarantee that these people have ill intentions. So Young Master Ji, I suggest that you leave immediately with Boss Xu and let me handle the rest.”

“… “I understand.” Ji Feng slightly nodded his head and said in a low voice, “I can’t leave for the time being. Call w.a.n.g Xin right now and let her check his license plate and see what kind of background they have.”

At this time, Ji Feng absolutely could not leave.

Because he was still catching fish. If he left right now, it would probably arouse Xu Yuan’s suspicion. If those few people really came with evil intentions, they would definitely think that they had been exposed when they saw Xu Yuanyuan and him suddenly leave.

At that time, they would definitely make their move.

And if these people were not here for them, but because White Pearl made a mistake in her judgement, then it wasn’t appropriate to leave in a hurry now. Xu Yuan was playing happily over there.


When did Ji Feng start to flee because of the appearance of an enemy?

This was not his personality!

White Pearl naturally understood Ji Feng’s habits. Since Ji Feng had already decided, she would immediately do as he said. After hanging up the phone, she immediately called w.a.n.g Xin and asked her to check his license plate number.

This was a habit that he had developed for a long time. When encountering danger, he first had to avoid exposing himself as much as possible, and the cruel training in the training s.p.a.ce made it so that Ji Feng would never forget these rules.

“Young Master, come over here quickly! What are you daydreaming about!” However, Xu Yuan waved at Ji Feng with a smile.

“Yuanyuan, stop catching the fish, come over here!” Ji Feng said with a smile.

“Wait a minute, wait for me to bring this harpoon up…” Xu Yuan’s gaze fell onto the surface of the water. She probably saw another fish and wanted to harvest it.

Ji Feng was not in a hurry and just walked over with a smile. He saw Xu Yuan’s beautiful eyes staring at a fish and her mouth seemed to be talking to herself. It was unknown what she was saying.

Ji Feng laughed, “If you keep muttering, the fish will be scared away by you.”

“Don’t talk… “Aiya, it’s all your fault. The fish really ran away in fright!” Xu Chong stomped her foot in anger, throwing the wooden stick on the ground, “What are you doing following me? I can’t even take my aim, and you scared me away …” This won’t do, you have to capture another one to compensate me! “

F * * k!

What kind of logic was this?

“You didn’t catch the fish yourself, why are you blaming it on me …” Ji Feng laughed, “Alright, we’ve already caught enough fish. If we catch more, we won’t be able to finish it all. Let’s go and roast the fis.h.!.+”

“Roasted fish?!”

Xu Yuan’s beautiful eyes immediately lit up. “Sure, the charcoal we bought in the store was for grilled fish?”

Ji Feng laughed, “Otherwise, what else would I be doing?”

Xu Yuan was immediately interested. “Alright, alright, let’s quickly go roast the fish …”

As she spoke, Xu Yuan gave the bucket to Ji Feng and quickly walked over.

Ji Feng shook his head and smiled, then leisurely followed Xu Yuan and walked towards the car. The things like charcoal that they bought in the store were all there.

“Buzz buzz ~ ~!” Suddenly, Ji Feng’s cell phone vibrated. Without saying anything, he took out the phone from his pocket and picked up the call.

“Young Master Ji, w.a.n.g Xin just sent a message. According to the license plate I gave her, her results weren’t too good.” Bai Zhu’s words were extremely fast, but extremely clear, “This license plate belongs to a black Audi, these two SUVs definitely belong to the SUVs, their origins are not correct …”

Ji Feng immediately frowned. Was there really a problem with this car?

When he thought of the spear White Pearl had seen in the trunk of the car, Ji Feng couldn’t help but frown. It seemed like there really was something wrong with these people.

Driving a sedan wasn’t a rare thing in China. A while ago, the news had reported that a certain county magistrate would even drive a sedan when he was out on private matters.

The problem, however, was that he had a gun in the trunk while he was driving the van, and it was suspicious that he had come to the reservoir in such a cold weather.

Looking at those people, none of them were women. Could it be that those men were so interested in catching fish to roast fish?

“White Pearl, you stay alert, I’ll test them!” Then, he pretended like nothing happened as he pulled Xu Yuan’s hand and smiled: “Yuanyuan, I suddenly remembered, we still had a little time to prepare, let’s leave the fish here first. Let’s drive to the store in front of us and buy some more … …”

Xu Yuan didn’t doubt him at all and nodded: “Okay then, let’s go quickly.”

The moment Xu Yuan opened the car door, Ji Feng was incomparably alert. Although he didn’t turn his head, his eyes were focused on those few people in the distance. However, at this moment, he noticed that those people were all looking over here at the same time.

Ji Feng snorted to himself but he didn’t show it on his face. He waited until Xu Yuan got on the car before he went around to the other side, opened the door and sat down.

“Buzz buzz ~ ~!”

Ji Feng started the car, but at the same time, the roar of an engine came from afar. Looking through the rear view mirror, Ji Feng saw two people sitting in the car. Obviously, the other person had started the car as well.

Ji Feng frowned and said, “Yuanyuan, put on your seat belt and sit still.”

Xu Yuan wrinkled her nose, “So strict … You have to wear your seat belt on this road. “

Ji Feng shook his head and smiled. He didn’t explain, but he knew that if the two jeeps really did come with ill intentions, then the road he was going to drive later would no longer be the same …

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