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Blood-Anchor blinked his eyes, seemingly in disbelief of what he had witnessed. Bellowing furiously, he lugged the chain of his gigantic anchor again; attempting to ram forth his weapon once again!

Yet since Sheyan had attained a basic understanding of Blood-Anchor’s flaw, why would he offer him that chance? With a whistling scream, Sheyan had already stampeded into his face like a barbaric bull. Slas.h.i.+ng down ferociously with his saber, sorrowful blue rays poured down like a waterfall; threatening to slash his foe’s spirit and vision into two with one stroke!

Nevertheless, Blood-Anchor was distinctly clear his long attacking intervals could be easily exploited as a weakness. At the instant Sheyan’s saber swung forth, two of Blood-Anchor’s trusted pirate confidants had abruptly s.n.a.t.c.hed forward. Breathing deeply as they tore forward, the bulky bodies of those two pirate confidants swelled by a third of its current state.

As they watched Sheyan’s descending sorrowful slash, the two confidants snarled furiously; their tattered clothes ripping from the dramatic swelling of their muscles. Concurrently, they waved their jetblack double-edged hatchet upwards to block Sheyan’s incoming saber!

Sparks scattered as metal fragments intercrossed! Boiling blood splattering in all directions!!!

An explosive strike!

Though Sheyan’s weapon wasn’t of an excellent grade, it was nevertheless recognized as a powerful weapon of the realm. Besides, it had been enhanced to a +7 stage.

In contrast, the two pirates wielded ordinary weapons!

This innate supremacy manifested instantaneously.

Of the two pirate confidants, one released a blood-curdling scream as he slumped to the ground within a second, with his blood and innards gus.h.i.+ng out wildly. Not only did Sheyan’s slash split apart his double-edged hatchet, it even chopped him squarely in the middle!!!

Though the other pirate managed to preserve his double-edged hatchet, he was presently staring blankly and lifelessly on the spot while maintaining his hatchet to block Sheyan. When someone nudged him, he directly slumped down dispiritedly into a pool of mud.

To them, Sheyan’s entire 49 points of strength was the maximum heights they could strive for. Hence, when a ridiculously exorbitant force impacted against his double-edged hatchet, tremors of energy came pouring through; shattering his shoulder blades before terrorizing his body with unwavering might, as it shook him to death on the spot!

Of course, a primary reason for their instant death, was due to them having experienced consecutive gruelling battles beforehand. Thus, the HP of both pirates were far from full. If they were at their optimal state, it would be impossible for Sheyan to achieve such results!

Still, Sheyan’s present agility had reached 40 points*, and his movement speed was pretty decent. Though his slash was blocked, he immediately executed a forward roll as he charged relentless pursuit of Blood-Anchor. Then, he hastily slashed forth with his saber once again!

(TN: 20 pure agility + Barbarous armour (2) + Gene-mix (4) + Monstrous Fighting Spirit (2) + Ambition (2) + Matrix necklace (6) + random ring from ch8 of this vol (2) = 38 points. I tried searching for the final 2 points, but apparently I must’ve missed it out my bad. Oh well)

The might of his slash was lethal, sending a dark-bluish brilliance swiping in tight pursuit of the fleeing Blood-Anchor. Boom! It cleanly sliced the besiding cabin into two, as splinters soared dozens of metre high within the shattered divide; splas.h.i.+ng sporadically into the sea. Even a pirate standing nearby the edge was thoroughly drenched from the splashes.

However, that pirate refused to release a single curse, for fear that the softest of sound would incur the wrath of that terrifying deadly saber!

Blood-Anchor had long abandoned his weapon while he sprinting frantically. Panting with large breaths, his eyes brimmed with horror and despair. In reality, the most brutal of characters would in turn, be the individuals who cherished their lives the most! Due to witnessing frequent broadcasts of death, the horror of dying had been profoundly engraved within them.

After Sheyan withstood his devastating anchor head on without peris.h.i.+ng, Blood-Anchor immediately sensed that things were going awry. Within a split second of Sheyan rus.h.i.+ng in to hack against his face, this brutal pirate immediately fathomed a stupendously frightening threat descending onto him. Thus, he turned to flee.

Desiring to establish his prestige here, Sheyan’s pursuit was much faster. With a vertical slice of his saber, blood s.h.i.+mmered out from Blood-Anchor’s back; mincing out a long wound on his back. Blood-Anchor immediately released a miserable shriek, as he pulled out a dagger from his waist and stabbed over.

Using his long saber to fend off the incoming dagger, sparks scattered as Sheyan’s retaliation had in turn, forced Blood-Anchor staggering 2-3 steps back. This time, Sheyan was fully certain that the strength of Blood-Anchor was indeed beyond his.

Yet peculiarly, when he probed Blood-Anchor’s data, it clearly displayed his strength was merely 33 points. Therefore, Sheyan could resolutely determine; the only explanation, was the enhancement of an exceptionally formidable equipment!

Although Blood-Anchor’s strength surpa.s.sed his opponent, his agility and defence were poorly lacking. Without his special ability, ‘Crewhead’s Barrier’, inflating his health by thousands of points, he would essentially be in the realms of an ordinary pirate. Such an abnormality was like Cheng Yaojin*, relying on merely a limited repertoire of skills; but once unravelled, he could only flee in panic.

(TN:*Cheng Yaojin is a chinese general that is a.s.sociated with the phrase Cheng Yaojin and his three axe strokes, which refers to one who relies on the same old tricks)

Spectating this twist of events, the pirates led by Blood-Anchor became totally dispirited. They had personally witnessed their own idol fleeing from Sheyan like a wretched dog. Such a demoralizing scene was practically enough to strip them of combat motivation.

Such an intense battle only persisted briefly, before Blood-Anchor was covered in wounds. In this instant, Sheyan dodged a retaliating stab from Blood-Anchor, before waving his long saber across. Blood splattered, as Blood-Anchor’s left hand spiralled away after being decapitated by the slas.h.!.+ It spiralled a lonely arc despondently in mid air, before it plunged into the sea; resulting in only a tiny splash.

Blood gushed out profusely. Blood-Anchor clutched his severed wrist as he released a blood-curdling scream. Hu! In a flash, Sheyan raised his long saber and hacked down! Electrifying flashes jolted through the air, as it blinded the eyes of onlookers.

Without mercy, that saber bore down into the leather vest of Blood-Anchor, tearing deep into his body before it sliced him into two! The saber’s momentum didn’t wane, but slashed with a brilliance that spanned 3 metres; as though it could rip apart the vision of any onlookers!

One could observe that Blood-Anchor’s mutilated body had been sliced into two, currently collapsed to the ground. A feeling of gripping dread welled up in the hearts of spectators, as they observed the eerie jared bones and reddened flesh.

Aware of Blood-Anchor’s death, the remaining pirates instantly sank into foreboding silence. Utterly devoid of fighting spirit, they yielded in successions. Meanwhile, Blood-Anchor had dropped a rather perplexing key loot, which was merely a dark-blue grade key, and shockingly unloaded a bunch of garbage when opened.

Sheyan muttered irresolutely to himself, before trudging towards the sliced corpse of Blood-Anchor. Then he commenced a detailed inspection, and following his examination, he finally discovered a faintly detectable black glow flickering on Blood-Anchor’s corpse. As for that glow, it belonged to Blood-Anchor’s gloves. After stripping off those gloves, he received the notification.

[ Ogre gloves (1 set) ]

[ Origins: Unknown ]

[ Equipment characteristics: Unique storyline equipment (Only storyline characters can equip this, unable to be brought out of this world) ]

[ Equipment rarity: Black ]

[ Material: Ogre leather tanned with thick soap, possesses astonis.h.i.+ngly monstrous strength ]

[ Addons: nil ]

[ Effect: Provides a strength x2 special effect for wielder. The data of this effect enhancement would not be displayed in most situations. ]

[ Equipment position: Hands. (Can be used with a weapon) ]

[ Description: This glove is crafted with the sole skin of a female ogre, rarely receive abrasions and supplies extraordinary strength. ]

[ Warning: Under normal circ.u.mstances, few ordinary individuals can withstand the tremendous might of this pair of gloves. Therefore, wielders would experience a weakening in a certain aspect. Also, once a user exhibits a strength that exceeds the limits of its bodily endurance, severe recoils will frequently occur. ]

[ Description: If you feel this unique storyline equipment is not powerful enough, you can sell it to the realm in exchange for utility or potential points; choosing 1 out of the 2 options. ]

In view of this object, the trio finally understood why Reef was struck flying by that shuddering gigantic anchor. So it was indeed the mischief of this unique storyline equipment! One had to credit the conferred privileges of the ‘Pirate Captain’ t.i.tle for discovering this powerful unique storyline equipment. Therefore at present, anyone else including storyline characters, they were all incapable of perceiving this object.

Channeling his First Lieutenant authority, Sheyan forked out 1000 utility points to inquire about the selling valuation of this ‘Ogre Gloves’, In the end, the notification he received was – [ Due to current realm military rank being too low, you can only receive 2000 utility points or 2 potential points for this equipment; although its true valuation vastly exceeds that figure. ]

2,000 utility points or 2 potential points. In that instant, Sheyan felt that selling it was like a joke. This unique storyline equipment truly possessed remarkable might. Therefore, handling it recklessly to unloyal individuals would usher in hidden misfortunes in the future.

Meanwhile, the majority of those Chevalle pirates had chosen to yield, while a scarce few remained obstinate and were heavily encircled. Amongst which, was shockingly that Captain Jeter of Blood-Anchor’s pirate s.h.i.+p. Wrapped around by five of his trusted confidants in a circle, they roared with dignity; declaring that Captain Chevalle would surely seek revenge for them.

Sadly, Sheyan ruthlessly dispatched out the surrendered british marines to surround them…..if those marines still retained a repression in their hearts, they would undoubtedly be filled with a sense of righteousness when slaying these pirates; to them, it would be like cops capturing thieves once again.

However, before Jeter and his trusted confidants faced their imminent execution, Sheyan gently stood up and pointed towards the nearby Canbi.

“Canbi, you do it. Ye shall lead our men to blow Jeter down and bring his head to me.”

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