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Chapter 201 – Tutorial 40th Floor(1) (part 2)

Translator: JiuJiuBa

Proofreader: G.o.dlyCash

KiriKiri screamed with a sound that was not understandable.

Then a powerful gust of wind blew and pushed the smoke away.

Before the wind blew the smoke of poison away, my nose that inhaled the smoke for a short period had become numb.

My face and hands that had touched the smoke become sore.

It’s effect was so powerful even in this field, what would happen outside the field?

It has not only been poisoned.

I believe that if I didn’t have poison immunity, I would’ve die as soon as my nose inhaled the smoke.

It’s interesting.

In Wuxia novels, fire produced by internal power was used to burn the poison out. That’s why I decided to use flame magic.

However, the poison showed a stronger effect when it evaporated by the flame.

It may lose its effect in the long run, but in the short term, the poisoning has become more effective and potent.

What if I combined the poison with fire?

The greatest disadvantage of poison is that it can only infect my opponents when it touches their body.

If I could handle and control the smoke of poison’s direction, then I don’t have to worry about that disadvantage.

I had done some experiments on myself, but I haven’t experimented anything about that.

It is regretful for not exactly understanding its boiling point and freezing point and the changes of its effect during a chemical reaction. Why have I not recognized it until now?

I kept thinking, but the rattling noise made by KiriKiri from the side interrupted me.

Glaring at me, KiriKiri seemed to be so enraged that her lips were curled up five steps away her mouth.

She looked much angrier than that time I robbed her of the Churros she was eating with no reason.

So I put the thoughts about poison aside and quickly apologized to her.

“KiriKiri, I’m sorry.”

The apology reminded me of my mistakes.

She was sad because I experimented with the poison immediately after she advised me not to.

And she would be heartbroken because the smoke diffused on this field, where she likes and cherishes.

I am reflecting.



I apologized, but KiriKiri turned her head around.

Eventually, KiriKiri got over it after I promised not to abuse the poison skill recklessly before I could safely handle it, as she advised.

It was the advice that I had heard many times and Kirikiri had never emphasized her advice like this before, so I decided to obey it quietly.

In any case, following Kirikiri’s advice couldn’t hurt.

The situations where things did not proceed well were because I went against her advice or she omitted to advise.

“But could I handle the poison energy skill well?”

If it’s impossible, it means I can’t rely on this skill forever.

KiriKiri shook her head and said no.

“If you can use magic to detoxify it, it should be possible with a holy incantation.”

KiriKiri still looked unhappy while answering my question.

It was easy to know her mood. When her face had no expression or her voice was extremely low, she is in a bad mood.

But KiriKiri, who pretended to be mad the moment, looked strange when I looked at her face.

It had been a long time since I first met KiriKiri after I cleared the first stage.

As a person who knows her personality well, I had a question.

Is she still mad at me?

Or is she pretending to be mad in order to show her firm position?

I wonder which one was true.

“I’m angry!”

Kirikiri flew into a rage and shouted out, as if she to prove her innocence.

I nodded at her.

Yes, yes, I know you’re angry.

“I said I was angry! Seriously!”

I stared at this woman’s face. In response she rolled her eyes around to avoid my sights and finally turned her head aside.

For KiriKiri, who did her best to pretend to be mad, I opened the shop window once again.

I bought a set of macaroons to gave to her.

“Hey, here’s the apology gift for angry KiriKiri.”

I seldom buy macaroon because it is not worth its price.

KiriKiri likes it because it looks cute and has beautiful colors.

Here’s the evidence. Although KiriKiri was still turning her head to the side with her eyes moving around, her gaze had already been fell on the macaroon set.

He still pouted her lips, but her mouth moved up and down. It seemed she couldn’t help but smile.

Looking at how happy she was, it was very Kiri Kiri-like.

“Is macaroon that tasty?”

When I spoke, Kirikiri hurriedly lifted her hand and covered her mouth.

KiriKiri, who was sn.i.g.g.e.ring and covering her mouth, was pop-eyed and made her sight full of anger on purpose.

This was more amusing.

I didn’t hide my emotion and laughed bluntly.

“Yea, Yea, it’s a stage that you have to challenge yourself.”

Mumbled KiriKiri while putting two macarons in mouth.

She looked like a hamster more than a rabbit.

Kirikiri says the 40th floor is a stage where people must challenge alone.

It is the first solo stage since the 35th floor.

Usually, these stages are subject to a very annoying restriction or have missions that require you to prove your ability.

The 12th floor, in which challengers had to survive in the jungle for a month without the inventory or the 35th floor, in which challengers had to start from the first floor again after all their skills were reset.

Therefore, when KiriKiri said that the 40th stage was a solo stage, I got a little nervous.

“It’s not like that. Maybe it’ll cost a lot of time, but there is no annoying restriction.”

So it’ll take a long time if I’m not lucky enough.

No matter how much I thought about it, I still felt uneasy.

“Any tips for me before I enter the stage?”

“No, nothing.”

Every time Kirikiri a.s.sured me that advice was not needed, I can indeed manage to pa.s.s the stage, but in most cases the process took a longer time or was extremely annoying.

I was anxious.

“But I’m anxious.”

“Ah, you don’t need any advice.”

Though I asked several times, Kirikiri only repeated that there was no particular advice about the stage.

Eventually, I gave up asking her more about the stage and bought consumables such as food, drinking water, toilet paper and potion before returning to the waiting room.

It was dawn when I checked the time.

It was better to sleep in the waiting room for a moment and leave in the morning.

Arranging all of these things, I went to bed, opened the inventory and took the holy sword and soul sword out.

The holy sword dislikes staying in the inventory, so I take it out as soon as I enter the waiting room. Otherwise, he’ll get angry.

[Long time no see! Warrior! How’re you doing!]

It has been a long time.

For about five hours?

“I’m fine. Why are you so happy? It seems that you have adapted being in the inventory.”

[Hoo, Hoo, Hoo, Hoo, Uhooo.]

The holy sword laughed with a low voice.

His distinctive ba.s.s sound made me uncomfortable.

It was quite uncomfortable to hear this kind of voice because the voice appeared directly my head without going through my ears.

It seemed that he didn’t talk near my ears, but directly to my eardrum.

[Warrior, I’ve done it. I’ve done it.]


[I found a way to talk with Seregia!]

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