The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 242 – You Are Way Too Partial

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Chapter 242: You Are Way Too Partial

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“No way!” Mrs. Collins slapped the table fiercely and glared at Ada. “I will never let this matter go. I’ll sue your daughter to death. Just wait for the lawyer’s letter!”

With that, she stormed off with Becky.

Phoebe raised her flushed face. “Mom, what should I do?”

“It’s okay.” Ada hugged Phoebe. “Mom is here. It’s okay.”

The other side.

Claire had her arms around her chest, leaning against the wall outside the milk tea shop, with one of her long, slender legs slightly bent. It was a bit hot, so she took off her coat and tied it around her waist, looking more slender and s.e.xier.


There was an angry roar.

Ada rushed over and raised her hand. She was going to slap Claire’s face.

Claire reacted quickly, grabbing her wrist and giving it a fierce wring. A cold light flashed in her eyes.

Ignoring the pain, Ada scolded her. “Look what you’ve done to Phoebe!”

At this time, Joe and the others came out of the milk tea shop. Seeing this scene, they all rushed over and shielded Claire behind them.

Chuck handed a cup of milk tea to Claire. “Half-sugar, your milk tea.”

Joe stared at Ada and smiled coldly. “Auntie, what are you doing?”

Ada glanced at them and yelled at Claire huffily. “If you hadn’t insisted on playing that game match, would Phoebe be splashed with milk tea? Would she fight with people at school and be criticized by the I told you to behave yourself and not to harm others!”

Joe narrowed his eyes and smiled sarcastically. “Auntie, don’t you think you’re way too partial?”

Wayne echoed him. “What did it have to do with Phoebe Smith that Big Sister Claire wanted to play games with Zack? She was jealous of Claire and tried to frame her. Can this be blamed on Claire? If she can’t take a s.h.i.t, is it gravity’s fault?”

Ada’s face stiffened, and she was a bit embarra.s.sed. “This is our family matter. Kids, don’t be so nosy!”

“Guess what? This is not your family matter!” Joe snorted and said threateningly, “Your daughter instigated Becky to destroy my computer equipment, which I spent a lot of money to buy. She’ll have to compensate me! And because of Phoebe Smith, I was locked up by my mother and had to jump from the third floor. As a result, I broke my arm. She’ll have to pay the medical expenses! If you dare to hara.s.s Big Sister Claire again, I’ll sue Phoebe Smith. By coincidence, my two uncles are both judges!”

Ada’s eyes widened in astonishment, and she didn’t expect that Phoebe suddenly had two lawsuits against her.

She turned blue in anger and walked away angrily.

Joe looked back at Claire. “Don’t be afraid, I am standing behind you!”

Looking indifferent, Claire took a few sips of milk tea with the straw.

Back to the Smith’s house.

Ada took a cotton swab and treated Phoebe’s wound. She was so distressed that her heart was almost bleeding. Her daughter’s beautiful little face was scalded red and swollen.

Allen paced back and forth in the hall and snapped angrily. “Why did you mess with Becky Collins and Joe Haber?! Don’t you know they’re both from powerful families? A new plot of land that I bought has to be approved by Becky’s father. Now you fought with his daughter. If he imposes a charge on me to avenge his daughter, I will not only be subject to investigation, but the company will also lose a lot of money! Do you know how much it will be?!”

“Okay, okay!” Ada was upset by his words.. “Phoebe has also suffered so many injuries, and the incident has already happened, what else can we do? If you want to blame someone, blame Claire. Could all this have happened if she hadn’t played that d.a.m.n game with Zack Collins?!”


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