The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness Chapter 1507 – Si Mobai's Domineering Attitude 1

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Chapter 1507: Si Mobai’s Domineering Att.i.tude 1

Feng Tianlan also liked to do these things because the two of them were just like husband and wife, other than the fact that they were not married yet.

After making the Divine Recovery Pill, she would marry Mo Bai. There was no need for a grand wedding. All she needed was him and a witness. Now, she did not have any other requests.

After eating some breakfast, the two of them headed to the mayor’s mansion. As if he knew that they would come, the servant did not inform the mayor and led them in.

After entering the front yard, they arrived at the front hall. A middle-aged man sat at the head of the table. His hair was combed meticulously. From the moment they entered, his sharp gaze was fixed on them, as if he wanted to use his Spiritual Force to suppress them.

However, Feng Tianlan and Si Mobai did not feel any pressure at all.

On the contrary, when the middle-aged man saw the two of them walking side by side, he felt as if a king had descended. The kind of king’s pressure that did not need to be deliberately released pressured on him, which immediately made his aura lower by a notch.

“You Are Si Mobai?”Although his aura was lower by a notch, his tone of voice was still high and mighty.

Si Mobai raised his eyes and glanced at him coldly. “This is my fiancée.”

“Mayor Rong.”Feng Tianlan cupped her hands and called out in a neither servile nor overbearing manner.

Such an att.i.tude made Mayor Rong feel like they were the superior ones, and he could only look up to them. This long-lost feeling made him very uncomfortable.

“You took Le’er’s jade pendant, but you broke off the engagement?” Mayor Rong ignored Feng Tianlan and looked straight at Si Mobai, sizing him up.

Before this, Le’er had said that she had found a fiancé and that he was a man without any Spiritual Force. At that time, He was very opposed to it. However, sizing up the man in front of him now, he felt that his n.o.ble aura was threatening. The aura of a king was not to be underestimated.

Perhaps he was some royal family member who was in trouble. Based on this n.o.bility and this aura, it was natural that he would not let go of this chance at marriage.

As for the woman beside him, there was no need to pay any heed to her.

“There’s no need for me to say anything more about the truth. I only have one fiancée in this life, and I only want to marry one person.” Si Mobai held Feng Tianlan’s hand as he lowered his eyes and looked at her with gentleness.

Feng Tianlan raised her eyes and smiled lightly at him. After that, she turned her head and looked at Mayor Rong, “Today, I’m not here to explain the matter of the jade pendant to Mayor Rong, because there is no need for an explanation. If this matter were to be revealed, it would only be that the Rong family tried to cheat a marriage and the engagement was even broken off. Whoever will lose their face would know.”

Hearing this cold voice, Mayor Rong’s face could not help but turn black. At this moment, he lifted his head and sized up Feng Tianlan. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. However, he was not l.u.s.tful. Furthermore, this was the woman who had s.n.a.t.c.hed the man away from his precious daughter, he felt that this person only had beauty and nothing else, so he was even more disdainful.

However, what she said was indeed reasonable. At that time, Le’er had given the jade pendant to Si Mobai and had not explained its true use. If this matter were to be revealed, it would indeed be seen as cheating for a marriage. That aside, his Le’er had even been despised. Returning the jade pendant was equivalent to canceling the marriage.

If this were to be revealed, they would be the ones who would lose face. Le’er would also be the one whose reputation would be tarnished. No matter what, it would not be good. However, this was the person that Le’er truly liked. In addition, he seemed of n.o.ble status, and thus he was unwilling to lose such an opportunity.

Mayor Rong’s gaze fell on them. He had been thinking about how to achieve the best of both worlds. After some thought, he asked, “Since it’s not for this matter, then it must be for the sundrops plant?”

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