The Strongest Beast Tamer 57 Campfire Discussion And New Eyes

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As the night sky came above them they all sat at a campfire peacefully waiting for the fish to be cooked. They were still uncertain about all of the fruits so they only ate the red berries for safety. Everyone felt a slight increase in their strength.

Lachlan decided to make sure everyone’s here for some great news, “Alright, so I’ve figured out how to make our beasts go to the next level.”

“What do you mean?” Simon asked. He thought his birds were already at the next level with all the training they’ve done.

“You should know that killing beasts make use stronger, but we have long since been able to get stronger from doing that,” Lachlan explained to which they all nodded.

“Well, I just got some important news from my griffon, and that’s that when we find new materials and such, our beasts will feel a connection with the material should it provide it with a path to evolve.”

“So basically, when we’re exploring places our beasts will tell us when we found something they can use to evolve,” Joe quickly summarised Lachlan’s point and asked for confirmation.

“I believe that’s how it works,” Lachlan nodded his head. That’s all the information he’s got so that’s all he can base anything off.

“Does that also mean that all the materials might only come from new land?” Chloe asked. She’s travelled a bit before she joined the group and she didn’t find anything unusual with the vegetation around the place.

“It might be so, as all the vegetables that humans are growing and eating are still the same. And aside from the steroids upgrade to the trees and bushes nothing is unusual it can be a.s.sumed that the materials will only appear ing new areas,” Lachlan agreed with what Chloe said.

“Once we get off this island and relax for a bit we should go and explore more land?” Joe asked. Because that’s all he was getting from this conversation. Exploring more meant having a higher chance of getting stronger.

“Sure, but where should we all meet up?” Lachlan was going to immediately check on his family once he gets back. He really misses them, he is still relatively young so it feels as though there’s something missing in his life.

“If we go to Melbourn we can meet up at my place,” Chloe informed everyone.

“Alright,” Everyone agreed to that plan. Some of them were feeling excited to get their beasts to evolve. As it would make them stronger in the process, but that strength would also make it easier to explore more areas.

After that, the night was fairly normal with a bit of banter here and there. Simon arrogantly boasting that he’ll be the first to evolve his beasts and become the strongest. Even though Lachlan already has one piece for the griffon.

But as they were going to sleep Lachlan received a message on a screen that sent his body into shock and panic. He quickly grabbed his head and covered his eyes as he didn’t want to see it.


Requirements for the next stage met, forcing next stage procedure


He felt the lifeless floating again as he drifted in this s.p.a.ce. Before the pain was quickly brought onto him. His eyes felt as though they were getting stabbed by tiny needles, sliced and put back together, burnt and then frozen.

It was on a whole other level than the other times it happened. At least he could slightly resist the pain, but this time he felt as though it was 10 times more sensitive.

Once the pain stopped he opened his eyes and his body was drenched in sweat, forehead especially. In front of him was a worried Phoebe, who was holding in her hand a wet cloth and water. She was slightly shaking in fear.

Phoebe put down everyone and leapt on her knees towards Lachlan and quickly wrapped her arms around him, “Are you alright? What happened? Was it a nightmare?”

Lachlan decided to tell her everything, he would always feel a bit of a burden whenever everyone was discussing certain things because he could answer them. He just didn’t know how to explain how he knows, especially with grades and compatibility.

Obvious, everyone has taken a hint and guessed that everyone is only compatible with certain beasts. But how to know or tell the difference they weren’t sure. Or why some people got a lot stronger after taming the same beast.

Lachlan didn’t know how to explain that everyone’s compatibility ranges from low to perfect without talking about his eyes. But after spending so long with them all he felt as though he could trust them with this secret.

However, he would only tell the rest of them once they’re certain they’re all on the same team. As his eyes would be useful during new travels.

He sat Phoebe down and calmly explained everything, he kept the fact that he wasn’t entirely human still a secret. Because he wanted to know what the other half was before he begins telling other people. So aside from his mother and himself, no one else knows.

“So you’ve been keeping such a ma.s.sive secret from us, but why?” Phoebe felt as though Lachlan was carrying too much of a burden. Keeping this a secret when she felt he could have told the group.

“Because I don’t want this secret getting into the wrong hands. Because that’s when my life will go to s.h.i.t very quickly as certain groups of individuals seek to learn more about me. Even at the cost of my own life,” Lachlan explained calmly.

“But we can protect you,” Phoebe argued back.

“But I don’t want anyone to protect me, as it would put them in a dangerous situation. That’s another reason as to why I’m training so much, to get the necessary strength to be unafraid of those individuals,” Phoebe couldn’t argue back against Lachlan’s logic. As although they could protect him, how long could they do it? What would they do if they fail to protect him and he lands in the wrong hands?

“Can we at least tell the others?” Phoebe asked.

“I would like to keep it a secret until I’m certain that they’re on my side. I already trust them plenty, it’s just that once we leave the island, someone might suddenly decide to do something which might get my information leaked,” Lachlan was worried about what would come to his family should it get leaked.

As some individuals would use any method to get him to them. His family is a major weak point in his life. He loved them too much that he wouldn’t want to see them captured and used as bait, they would probably also be tortured or killed to force him out of hiding faster.

“So why tell me?” Phoebe asked.

“Because I just felt that it would be good to at least tell one person,” Lachlan couldn’t admit that he liked Phoebe yet. He didn’t feel confident that it was the right time.

Phoebe came over and hugged Lachlan hard. but after a while, she didn’t let go, “What are you doing Phoebe?”

“Since you trust me so much I felt as though I should do something back,” Her face quickly changed colour to bright red when she realised what she said, “Not in that way, I just feel as though I should stay with you since you trusted me with your secret.”

Her face turned to an even bright red. Lachlan reached out and embraced her with one arm while moving his hands through her hair with the other one, “It’s alright, I kind of get what you mean.”

Lachlan decided to throw all cowardice out the window and moved his face closer with his lips puckered out. Phoebe almost panicked when she saw it but mimicked what he did. Their lips touched before the quickly pulled their heads back.

“Does this mean we’re dating?” Lachlan asked. Still bewildered by what he just experienced.

“Hehe, of course it does,” Phoebe replied with her adorable voice. Lachlan reached out and brought her closer to him, embracing her tightly as if she would disappear the moment he lets go. They slowly tipped over and laid down.

She quickly went to sleep while embraced in Lachlan’s warmth. Lachlan saw her cute sleeping face and felt as though he should protect it with all his might. He then quickly remembered that his eyes had just gone through another evolution.

‘Disaster, come out’ He got only Disaster to come out because they wouldn’t be able to summon any more beasts.

Once Disaster was summoned and saw what was going on he excitedly said, ‘Father has found a partner, is that going to be our mother?’

‘What!’ The other two replied while shocked, the griffon didn’t take much notice, it just thought of Phoebe as another person it would protect. Although Lachlan could talk to his beasts while they weren’t summoned they couldn’t actually see anything aside from what Lachlan tells them.

‘Kind of, just make sure you protect her when she’s in trouble alright?’ To which Disaster rapidly nodded his head.



Name: Disaster (Blue Lightning Roc)

Age: Adolescence

Attribute: Wind/Rock/Lightning

Grade: Normal

Innate Talent: 2nd Grade

Level: 10

STR: 170(+10), AGI: 170(+25), VIT: 100(+10)

INT: 57(+25), PER: 42(+6), WIL: 50(+4)

Weakness: Frail Wing Joints

Strengths: Lightning Speeds, Absolute Crushing Grip, Lightning Control (Semi-Awaken)


Aside from the ma.s.sive increase in stats which was the combination of him and Disaster. There was no difference. He felt as though he had been wronged, going through all that pain to receive nothing.

He then could only hope for one more thing, he looked towards one of the pebbles he grabbed from the riverside because it looked cool. It’s dark purple glow gave it a cool and dark feeling. He also found it odd because he felt the gravity was slightly different around it.



Name: Gravity Stone (Low)

Description: Grants the user control over gravity within a limited s.p.a.ce. To gain control one must drop their blood on it. The more crystals or the larger the crystal is, the more powerful their control over gravity will be.

Location: Can be found where the gravity is unique to that area.


‘d.a.m.n that’s cool’ Lachlan felt ecstatic, his new eyes came at the perfect time. Especially the location part, because he knew he could a.n.a.lyse things through a screen, if someone showed something online he’ll know where to get it.

He then summoned Disaster back and laid down. Placing his arm over Phoebe and covering her in the blanket.


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