The Reincarnated Boy's Growth Log ~The Harder I Work The Stronger I Can Become!?~ Chapter 65

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Lightning Heavenly Garment

Humph. It sure is even more disappointing than I thought huh. Every one of those who possessed the G.o.ddess’ Blessing, possessed formidable strength. The Hero who sealed me possessed it as well.

Each one of the Blessing Holder is bestowed a special skill and t.i.tle by the G.o.ddess. Bestowed something unique to that person. The Hero who sealed me was『Absolute Sword』, was it. The ability to cut apart all things. Before that, any kind of attack or magic will be cut down and become meaningless.

And the Holy Maiden of the Arcadia State who’s under investigation right now, if I’m not wrong, should also possess it according to the report. According to the report, our attacks were completely ineffective. We were therefore pushed back and ended up retreating. I guess she probably possesses a defence-type skill and t.i.tle.

d.a.m.ned annoying G.o.ddess’ apostles. Preventing our dearest wish at every opportunity and even sealing me for 300 years.


The purple hair girl shouts. Oops, my thoughts got slightly off-track huh. Let’s quickly kill this boy. This boy whom I’m grabbing with my right hand. Both the boy’s arms were cut by this knife and he is unable to move them so he cannot resist. And it will be the end if I stab his heart with this. Even though it does not wound him, if he experiences a pain like that of being stabbed in the heart, his brain will not be able to withstand it and he will die. I hold aloft the knife,

“This will be the end”

and thrust the knife violently towards the boy’s chest. ……Nn? It doesn’t feel like I stabbed him with the knife? Thereupon, my right arm was grabbed. No way? His hands should have been cut off and will not move for a while. Why can he move it.

“I won’t let you end it yet”

and the moment the boy speaks, lightning surges from the boy’s body. No, his very body transforms into lightning. And then


A lightning bolt runs through my right arm that’s grabbed. I immediately moved my hand away but, I took the hit. I look at the boy as I rub my numb right arm. The boy stands on the ground because he separated from my hand, changes his body into lightning itself that shines bluish purple, picks his spear up and readies it. This is…….

“Let’s go, Demon Race”

……As I thought, the G.o.ddess’ apostle sure is annoying huh.

I pick Rolgar that has fallen onto the ground up and ready it at the Demon Race man. Fuu, that’s close. If the magic power acc.u.mulating in Hikarin had been a little bit later, I’d have died without being able to activate it. I’d probably be dripping cold sweat if not for this current situation.

“What a narrow escape that was, Master”

It’s really a close call. Furthermore, I had given most of my magic power to Hikarin for her to acc.u.mulate her magic power so I couldn’t do anything to the Demon Race. Well, I thought that I couldn’t go up against him if it isn’t this magic so I gave magic power to Hikarin though. Nevertheless, I’m sorry to have exposed everybody to danger.

“I did not feel the knife stabbing into you. Is that the reason?”

Thereupon, the Demon Race asks me.

“You can tell even without me spelling it out, right?”

I say that and, the Demon Race man silently readies his knife. However, I won’t receive any damage with just that.

This is a form derived from magic. Lightning Magic’s Level 9 Magic. Lightning Heavenly Garment. Last year, my Lightning Magic finally became Level 8 and I invented this magic together with Hikarin.

I also only knew after hearing about it but, it seems one is able to create magic by themselves at Level 9 and Level 10 of each magic. It seems they can invent a magic that’s tailored to themselves, a magic only those who arrived at that level can use. Shishou has also said that she possesses it. In other words, it means she’s Level 9 or Level 10 in some kind of magic.

I, thought about what will happen if I don’t use Body Endowment with Lightning Magic but instead become lightning itself. And then what I came up with is Lightning Heavenly Garment. For this, there are parts that went exactly as I had thought and parts that didn’t.

First of all, the parts that did are, my speed and the power of my attacks became sharp like a lightning, and physical attacks became ineffective against me. And then the part that didn’t is, the fact that I take damage from magic attacks. I also take damage from weapons that are being imbued with magic. I understood this in my training with Shishou. I was finally able to injure Shishou with this so it made for some good memories. I was paid back twice-fold afterwards though.

It ended up like this, although it isn’t completely invincible, I was roughly able to make my ideal magic. In turn, the magic consumption is quite something though. I can maintain it for 4 minutes based on my current magic power capacity. I have to defeat the enemy within that period of time. Since my magic power will be empty after I used it.

I, confront the Demon Race man. Anyhow, I don’t have time. Although I’m still not accustomed to this magic because I’ve still only used it for a couple of times, I’ll lose if I get parsimonious here.


The moment I took a step forward, the ground was blown away. Tsk, I can’t control my strength. However, I close in on the Demon Race man without even the time to worry about such things. Rolgar is also constantly electrified. I thrust the electrified Rolgar at the man!


Although the man was able to narrowly avoid it, the lightning’s heat scorched his skin. The lightning that was avoided collides into the trees where the man was and makes a thunderous roar. The man, even while being surprised, cuts at me with the knife he holds in his hand. However,


“Guu, gaAAA!”

The moment he came in contact with me, an electric current flows through his knife. I’m practically the same as a lightning right now so it’s a given that that’d happen.

“Kuu, it sure is an annoying magic huh! Take off, Chaos Bird”

The man aims and sends a black shadow-like bird flying at me with magic. One after another, the number of birds increases and they try to penetrate me with their sharp beaks. It might’ve landed if it’s before I activated this but, it won’t land at my current state.

I instantly move before the man’s eyes. But, the man is also quite skilful. Although it’s late, he reacted when I moved before him. However, the man gets blown away when he blocks with his knife the spear I swing, he then attacks me with magic but, I dodge it. And then I mow down with Rolgar. Albeit little by little, the man is sustaining injuries and becoming wounded. Thereupon

“Guu, then how about this! Erase, Eclipse Radieren!”

the Demon Race man brings both hands up. Thereupon, a pitch-black sphere that seems as though it even erases light, appears. And then he takes aim and releases it at me. I

“Thousand Spears!”

materialize lightning spears at my back, and strafe them simultaneously! The lightning spears that roar thunderously pierce the jet-black sphere. Although they were being nullified by the jet-black sphere initially, the lightning spears gradually pierce through and detonate. In the meantime, I head towards the man and swing my spear down from the top left. Although the man also tried to block with his knife, perhaps it’s reached its limit, the knife broke into pieces. And then, I promptly return the spear back to my hands and thrust at the man!


Rolgar stabs into the man’s stomach and the man pukes blood as he drops to his knees. I pull Rolgar out, and then

“This is the end!”

The moment I was about to swing Rolgar down,


The man before my eyes vanished. I smash Rolgar onto the ground as it is.

“Fuu, you saved me, Abram”

I turn towards the voice and, the man from before and a man who wears a mantle were standing there.

“Azel-sama, you play around too much. I took my eyes off of you for just a moment and you came all the way to such a place”

“Fufufu, I wanted to check out the final destination. I was about to head back. Besides, I found an arch-enemy as well.

“Well, I guess that is fine. Just now, the Demon Lord was calling. He says that the third person has awakened”

“Ooh! That is great news! Let us return right away!”

“Wha! Like I’ll let you ret……guu!”

When I was about to attack the Demon Race guys, the strength in my entire body instantly left. s.h.i.t, I ran out of magic power huh. I somehow hold myself up with Rolgar but, I’m unable to even stand properly.

“Fufufu, it looks like I can kill you now but, I shall pa.s.s on it. Since there is also a face that I have not seen in a long time”

The man who says that and looks in a different direction. Thereupon, from over there

“Lei! Are you alright!”

Shishou came.

“My, my, Sylphid・Schicksal. It has been a long time huh. Has it been about three hundred years, I wonder”

Thereupon, the man talks to Shishou. Are they acquaintances?

“Azel. When did your seal get broken? The seal should last for at least another hundred years”

“Fufufu, thanks to a magnificent person, the seal was broken early. I suppose the rest will also awaken within the next five years. It will be the resumption of three hundred years ago when that happens. Although we failed previously, it will not go that way this time around”

The Demon Race man who says that and laughs.

“Well, I shall retreat for now. I can go up against you if I am in my complete state but, unfortunately, I am in this pitiful state. Oops, I have not asked the boy’s name huh. Please give your name”

“……It’s Leivelt・Runwalker”

When I say that, the look of the man’s eyes change.

“Hoh, a family member of the n.o.ble who lives in that land huh. It is getting increasingly difficult to leave you be. My name is Azel the Wise General, one of the Seven Demon Generals. The next time we meet, it will be your demise”

he said and disappeared while laughing. s.p.a.ce Magic huh. As I was thinking about such things, it became tough to even stand and I collapsed. Thereupon, Shishou

“You did well with him as your opponent. Just having survived is a big deal”

and lends me her shoulder. I have plenty that I want to ask but I’m sleepy. I closed my eyes as it is.

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