The Record of Unusual Creatures Chapter 1491 – The Familiar Stranger

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Chapter 1491: The Familiar Stranger

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Hao Ren had expected that question long before Athena decided to ask it. After all, the problem was obvious. With so many demon hunters on the outside, not even a mosquito could get out without getting shot out of the sky. How did the three seemingly ordinary guys make their way from the human world to the innermost part of the divine realm? They had even been infiltrating the wall at the back of the temple under the noses of the demon hunters. There had to be some explanation for this mystery.

For Hao Ren, there was no challenge in answering the question. He just needed to give a perfunctory reply. After all, the beings before him would be dead soon—they would be killed according to history. He was not worried about the G.o.ds finding anything out.

“We came through the Underworld,” Hao Ren said. He was telling a half-truth. “The demon hunters are no longer interested in the places they have swept clean, so there are no enemies along the way from the Underworld to the temple of Hades. We have also removed the seal of Kronos and drawn him to the demon hunters to cause chaos. Additionally, we have some special abilities that can influence the demon hunters’ perception. That has allowed us to sneak across the battlefield.”

“Kronos.” Poseidon’s facial expression changed when he heard the name. Apparently, he recalled something terrible, which happened many years ago. “No wonder… No wonder the demon hunters have acted so strangely. Cough… Cough.”

Hao Ren looked at the G.o.d of the sea and storm. He seemed very powerful, but his face was like that of a dead man’s. “Are you all right? You do not look so good.”

Poseidon was too embarra.s.sed to speak about what had happened to him. It was Athena who hinted Hao Ren. “The temple’s defense system is connected to Poseidon.”

Hao Ren wore a fake smile. When Lily finally realized what had happened, she nudged Hao Ren by the arm and quietly said, “Mr. Landlord, it seems that he’s become like that because of us.”

“Don’t worry about it. Just pretend like you don’t know anything,” Hao Ren said in a whisper.

“We were lucky to be in the right place at the right time,” Hessiana quickly said when she noticed that the atmosphere was a little awkward. “We managed to find an opening, but it will not stay open for long, and Kronos cannot hold up the demon hunters forever.”

“You told us moments ago that you could affect the demon hunters’ perception.” Zeus, who was lying on the sickbed, suddenly spoke and struggled to sit up as if he had momentarily recovered. “What is the extent of your ability?”

As Zeus spoke, Hessiana sensed the appearance of a magic-energy field. An invisible sound barrier emerged at the center of the hall, isolating their conversation from the rest of the lower-order G.o.ds.

Hao Ren swept his eyes across the demiG.o.ds and “lesser” G.o.ds in the hall before he carefully said, “We cannot take everyone, especially those who are as large as you. The demon hunters are not blind. You would be too obvious of a target on the battlefield.”

Hessiana echoed what Hao Ren said, “We are here for Lady Vivian. But we could help you evacuate a small group of people. You can discuss it now. Please be reminded that this is a genocidal war; it is impossible for everyone to escape. Some of you must be prepared to sacrifice yourselves to buy time for the others to escape.”

Hao Ren nodded in agreement.* But heck, this isn’t a rescue mission. We’re here to find Vivian*, he said to himself. If he did not have to wait for, he would have taken out the house key to wake Vivian up.

The current s.p.a.ce and time would collapse immediately once Vivian woke up. Only a small area around her would remain unaffected. Outside the area, everything in the “information collapse zone” would be kicked out of the sandbox. So every time Hao Ren woke Vivian up, he needed to ensure that everyone in the team was present. Otherwise, the sandbox would kick them out of the dream. Hao Ren had only discovered said problem during their last journey when they went back in time to the Aztec civilization in South America. At that time, Hessiana was unable to return in time because she was tied up with the undead in the crypt, and she almost got kicked out of the system as a result. Fortunately, Raven 12345 was monitoring the sandbox’s situation, and she reminded him during that crucial moment. Otherwise, Little Bat would be cursing to the high heavens in the real world right now.

It was due to the sandbox’s mechanism that Hao Ren had to negotiate with the G.o.ds of Olympus to bring Vivian out and meet outside.

Meanwhile, he was scratching his head on how to communicate with Vivian. After all, her mind was in a muddle at the moment.

Poseidon and the other G.o.ds were not disappointed or frustrated after they heard what Hessiana said. It seemed like they had long been aware of their destiny. From that perspective, it appeared that the so-called G.o.ds did have a backbone.

“This has also been our plan from the start,” said Athena. “We are prepared to die here, but the bloodline of Olympus must survive. Initially, we had planned to ask Miss Ancestor to bring a group of people and escape. However, she suddenly went into this trance, and we had to sc.r.a.p the plan. But now that you are here, this may be our only chance.”

“You can choose any treasure you like in this temple,” Poseidon said. “Do not decline. I know that you are not after the money, and you may not be interested in our treasures. But we need to make this a deal so that we can have peace of mind here.”

Hao Ren remained silent for a moment before he nodded. It was not hard to figure out what was on Poseidon’s mind; he was seeking a psychological placebo.

“Perhaps you should tell Miss Ancestor.” Zeus waved to remove Sound Masking spell. He appeared weak. “Though, she may not be listening.”

Vivian was still muddled-headed. Hao Ren had walked up to her and stood before her for half a minute before she finally began to look up.

“Who are you?” Vivian froze for a moment before asking.

It was Hao Ren’s first time meeting Vivian in that mental state. Previously, he had met her when she was either fully awake, mad, or still in hibernation. This intermediate state was tricky. Hao Ren decided to use the same old narrative. “I am Hao Ren, your friend of many years. It is you who have asked for me.”

“Huh?” Vivian’s mouth was agape in confusion. She suddenly seemed to be lost in her thoughts. “There is no more millet at home, no more firewood. Should I go kill… I cannot kill… Buy some food… Fight…” she muttered to herself.

Hao Ren stood there and realized that trying to communicate with Vivian was futile. She was not listening.

Just then, Vivian’s train of thought suddenly changed tracks. She looked in Hessiana’s direction and stared at her for a long while. “You are… Hessiana?” she frowned.

Little Bat was pleasantly surprised. Never did she expect Vivian to recognize her. She was overjoyed. “Vivian—”

Before Hessiana could finish, Vivian exclaimed, “How have you grown up so fast?”


“Wait a minute! I clearly remember you were only this tall.” Vivian gestured with her hand. She suddenly grabbed one of the G.o.ds nearby. “How long have I been here? Have hundreds of years pa.s.sed?”

Hao Ren was shocked by the sudden change of topic. He quickly stopped Vivian. “Hold on! It is not what you think. This Hessiana is not the one you have left behind in Rome… Umm, I mean yes, you have left her in Rome, but she is not who you think she is—”

Vivian released her hands from the G.o.d and turned to look at Hao Ren blankly. “Who are you?”

Hao Ren was stupefied.

He had just heard the same question moments ago.

“I am Hao Ren, your friend. I have come here to bring you out of here.” Hao Ren sighed, then reached into his pocket. “Forget it, you will not understand. Things may have gone a little off course, but luckily, I have this little girl with me…

“Here you go, say h.e.l.lo to your mama.”

The little bat was groggy after she was awakened. It took her a while before she came to her senses. “Mama!”

“Hessiana?” Sure enough, Vivian had a better impression of the little girl. “Are you not supposed to be in Rome?”

“Hao Ren brought me here!” Little Hessiana jumped up happily. “This is my sister, Hessiana. She is also a little bat that you threw out, Mama”

“Hessiana?” Vivian blinked as she looked at Hessiana. “When did I lose a small bat?”

Hessiana stood there, unable to make up the words to describe her feelings. Her mother was so close, yet she felt so far. Hessiana wanted to say something, but Vivian suddenly went up to her and patted her on the head. “You do look like my little bat. I am sorry that I have misplaced you.”

Hessiana was teary-eyed, and she instantly cried out.

“Why are you crying?” Hao Ren quickly fished out a piece of tissue paper from his Dimensional Pocket. “Do you have to react this way?”

“She said the same thing to me when I first met her.” Hessiana snuffled.

“Things have finally come full circle,” Hao Ren said with a sigh.

Vivian looked at Hao Ren, who wiped the tears off Hessiana’s face. “Who are you?”

Hao Ren was stupefied.

This time, even the Olympians could not hold off their laughter.

Lily shook her head while she held her giant alloy sword in hand. “Luckily, I’m smarter than that. I didn’t introduce myself to her. Otherwise, I’d be embarra.s.sed too.”

A female voice traveled from the side. “Well, I agree with you. Vivian has almost forgotten everyone here these couple of days. She did not even look at me when I greeted her.”

Lily turned and was surprised to see a tall woman standing beside her. “Hesperides?”

“You know me?” Hesperides, who had yet to be shot in the head by, was a quiet and gentle G.o.ddess.

“I guess so.” Lily scratched her nose. “You better wear a helmet later. Ahh, that will probably not be necessary. The guy who will blow a hole through your head is still flying at Mach 3.5 over Mount Olympus.”


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