The President Is Being Shameless Again Chapter 40: Would You Believe Me If I Told You I've Forgotten The Way Back To Your House?

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w.a.n.g Jinglin felt her heart dropped at the words. She hurriedly looked towards the clinic and gave a breath of relief upon seeing that Lin Yuwen had not yet come out.

It was like Lin Chu knew what w.a.n.g Jinglin would do during this moment of silence.

Life was not perfect. There was no way of keeping Lin Yuwen happy and at the same time, keep a good relations.h.i.+p with Lin Chu.

So, Lin Chu repeatedly kept her phone close, then held it away from herself and used her nails to scratch the phone cover to create a crackling sound, “h.e.l.lo? Auntie? Auntie? Why can’t I hear you? Is your signal bad? Or is it my signal that is bad? Auntie? h.e.l.lo? h.e.l.lo?”

She held the phone as far as possible and hung up.

Noticing Yan Beicheng’s amused look, Lin Chu felt a little embarra.s.sed, “I just felt, it… it won’t do anyone good to continue getting involved with each other.”

“I didn’t say anything. Why care so much about what I think?” Yan Beicheng’s voice was playful. He gave her a look while driving.

“…” Lin Chu choked. She did not know why but she did not give it much thought and blurted out the explanation.

She did not know what to say. Suddenly she noticed the name of the road they were on, “This is not the way back to my house.”

“This is going back to my house. It’s nearby so we’ll head there first to put the medicine on you,” Yan Beicheng gave her a look and replied calmly.

“It’s not some serious wound. I can do it in my own home. The doctors also said it was nothing serious,” Lin Chu did not know what else to say.

Yan Beicheng gave a laugh, “Would you believe me If I told you I’ve forgotten the way back to your house?”

“Hoho, weren’t we just there last night?” Lin Chu gave a cold laugh.

“It’s too dark at night, it’s difficult to see the roads,” Yan Beicheng looked straight on as he replied seriously. Lin Chu almost believed him.

“No worries, I can give you the directions,” Lin Chu had underestimated how thick-skinned Yan Beicheng could be.

In the end, Yan Beicheng relented and followed Lin Chu’s instructions. He drove her home and found a parking s.p.a.ce.

Before getting off his car, Lin Chu thanked Yan Beicheng again. Regardless, if it was not for Yan Beicheng being there at her company, she would not be able to resign so easily. Besides, he had also especially taken her to the hospital and had spent a lot of time on her.

“Didn’t you promise to buy me a thank you meal yesterday? Let’s have it today,” Yan Beicheng ignored the shocked look on Lin Chu and got down from the car.

Lin Chu quickly released her belt buckle to get off the car, “Let’s eat nearby? There are actually no high-end restaurants in this area. Master Yan, if you don’t mind…”

Yan Beicheng casually interrupted her and nodded sincerely, “I don’t mind eating at your house.”

Lin Chu, “…”

She had never thought to let, him, eat, at, her, house!

Yan Beicheng looked down at her, “I went to your company this morning to apologize and after that, dragged you to the hospital. Who knew it would take all day, it’s so late now and more tiring than work.”

Lin Chu, “…”


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