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1500 Do You Hate Me? 2

When Mary took the letter, she felt very emotional and a sour feeling came up in her throat. She held onto Gu Lingsha’s hand tightly with teary eyes and said through choking sobs, “Don’t worry, Missus. I’ll take good care of Miss Weiwei. I’ve long seen her as my own child. I won’t leave her and I’ll take good care of her. Don’t worry. I’ll go look for Boss Gu right away and get him to save you. It’ll be fine, it’ll all be fine, Missus. It’ll be fine…”

Mary said that it would be fine repeatedly, but she and Gu Lingsha knew very well that this time it would be hard for Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha to get away. Otherwise, the First Master would not have had the heart to let go of his daughter, and let the mother and daughter leave while he stayed in this city.

Gu Lingsha breathed in heavily and her teary eyes showed her current helplessness and vulnerability. She lifted a hand to wipe away those tears on her face and suddenly bent down to hug Qi Weier in her arms again. “Weiwei, go live with Grandfather. Daddy and Mommy have to go somewhere very far away and we won’t be back so soon. When you’ve grown a little older, Mommy will be back. You’ll have to listen to your grandfather and Aunty Mary. Eat and sleep well. Don’t fight with others and don’t simply mix with other people as you wish, understand?”

Qi Weier looked at Gu Lingsha blankly. Although her eyes were lost in confusion, she kept her mouth tightly shut and did not say anything.

“Weiwei…you must remember Daddy and Mommy, okay? We’ve done some things we shouldn’t have. You have to be a good and honest person the next time. That way, you’ll be rewarded for your virtues. Remember Mommy’s words. You must remember them, understand?” Gu Lingsha said as she shook Qi Weier by the shoulders. Mary, who watched from the side, wept, and even those policemen could not help but be moved.

After a while, Gu Lingsha finally let go of Qi Weier. She took one last look at her before slowly walking ahead, and the police swiftly followed after her too.

At this moment, Qi Weier watched Gu Lingsha’s figure as she suddenly called out to her, “Mommy…”

Gu Lingsha paused, and the tears started falling, but she did not turn back in the end and walked away even quicker in the next second.

Qi Weier hugged the doll in her arms and watched as Gu Lingsha’s figure gradually vanished before her eyes. Her frail little figure looked so sad and pitiful. Then, Mary bent down and pulled her into her embrace…

The news that Gu Lingsha was taken away was almost immediately made known to Mu Yuchen, Qi Lei, and the rest.

Right now it was close to evening. The sun was setting and a gentle golden yellow light covered the entire ground.

Inside the Glory World Corporation office, Mu Yuchen was lying on the rattan chair by the window as he looked at the large display screen across him, browsing through the stock market information when suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Mu Yuchen responded calmly.

Li Si quickly pushed the door to enter. He walked up to Mu Yuchen a few steps before Li Si carefully called out to Mu Yuchen, “Master.”

“What is it?”

Mu Yuchen was still holding a half-filled gla.s.s of green tea in hand while he leisurely tore up a note to shreds before rolling it into a ball and tossing it into the waste paper basket.

Li Si thought about it for a moment, then said, “I just received news that the authorities at the airport have stopped Gu Lingsha, and Qi Feng did indeed arrange for her and their daughter, Qi Weier, to go to Australia. Right now, Gu Lingsha has been taken back to the police station, but before she was taken away, she told her servant, Mary, to send a letter to Gu Qiwu, and she entrusted Qi Weier to Gu Qiwu. I think that Gu Lingsha must have gone to Gu Qiwu before and agreed on this arrangement. That’s why she returned so quickly.”

Taken away by the authorities?

Mu Yuchen’s indifferent expression did not seem to change. His gaze remained calm as he suddenly remembered what Qi Lei had said from before.

The truth was as such. Gu Lingsha did not manage to escape in the end.

It was not for nothing. Qi Feng wanting to s.h.i.+ft his a.s.sets and empty out the entire Qi Kai was not a matter of a day or two.

“Master, do you think that Gu Lingsha will…” Li Si said hesitantly.

“Don’t you understand? It’s not that Qi Feng didn’t antic.i.p.ate reaching this point today. It’s just that he wasn’t as quick as us. I think he probably had doubts against Qi Qiming. He’s a very well-prepared and patient person. You can tell from the fact that he stayed hidden abroad for four to five years before returning home,” Mu Yuchen said as he lowered his head to look at the clear green tea in his hand. He breathed in and said, “Do you think he really wanted Qi Kai?”

“Well, Master, he’s…”

“Making Qi Kai his own is his true goal. He’s someone who holds onto grudges, but at the same time, he’s lonely. I think that if he had another chance to do it again he might not have done these things. After all, he had things he was reluctant to leave too,” Mu Yuchen said, then calmly took a sip of tea while his expression was tranquil.

“Master, you’re referring to Gu Lingsha and his daughter Qi Weier, aren’t you? I actually think that every man would’ve done the same. He must’ve known about things on Morrison’s end. Someone as smart as him probably would have guessed the outcome, but I don’t know why they still took the risk.”

Li Si thought that for someone like Qi Feng, it was just too pitiful. If he had not gone on that path, he could have lived a good life, but for some reason, he decided to go the other way…

“Maybe not. The fact that could calmly stay put right now does make me admire him. He saw this day coming. I didn’t go through what he did, so I don’t want to comment on anything. He’s just gone too far with his methods. He was deliberate in thought but just not smart enough.”

When Mu Yuchen said this, his phone that was set aside vibrated. He turned to look and saw that it was Su Chen calling, so he picked it up.

“It’s me.”

You could not quite hear anything from his lowered voice.

“Mmm, let me tell you good news. Congratulations! I just received news that an arrest warrant for Qi Feng has been released. The police should be rus.h.i.+ng over to arrest him now…”

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