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After the ancient dragon body was separated and the power of the dragon disappeared, Long Fei thought that he had completely cut off all ties with Long Batian.

There wouldn’t be much social interaction in this life.

However …

The appearance of the Dragon Squamous Boundary brought Long Fei back to reality.

The Long Batian that he could not get rid of!

He did not want to compromise, nor did he want the power of the Dragon Squamous Boundary. Long Batian forced his way in!

not giving Long Fei the chance to choose.

Long Fei was incomparable rage in his heart, but he had no way out.

The weak would have no choice, the weak would be bullied by the powerhouse.


It was all in vain!

The shadow turned into dragon scales and directly entered Long Fei’s body.


A contract rune dropped down from Long Fei’s sea of consciousness.

Without’s consent, Long Fei’s soul signed the contract and it was completed.

As for the contents of the contract?

Long Fei didn’t know.

The mysterious man laughed faintly, and said, “Long Fei, the contract is complete. Don’t even think about getting rid of me, hahaha …”

His laughter was extremely arrogant.

“Kid, only I can make you become this world’s most powerful powerhouse, and only I can give you everything, understand?”

“Accept all of this peacefully. Consider it my gift.”

“Don’t think about getting rid of me. You will never get rid of me.” The voice continuously resounded in Long Fei’s mind.

Long Fei roared, “What exactly do you want? What exactly do you want? “

“Long Batian, be direct with me.”

The mysterious man smiled, “You’ll know what I want in the future. Right now, you just have to obediently become stronger. I’ll let you increase your speed.”

“Once you become a G.o.d of Boundary, when you become the world’s most powerful powerhouse, you will know what I want.”

Long Batian did not say what he wanted.

Long Fei also couldn’t wrap his head around it.

Since Long Batian could control life and death, he was the leader of the ancient world, but why did he choose him? Where did he like him?

There must be some place that Long Fei did not expect.

In Long Fei’s eyes, the emperor Xuan was the strongest BOSS, and also his ultimate BOSS. But from the looks of it, the ultimate BOSS was Long Batian?

This caused his heart to feel cold.

It stopped for a moment.

The dragon-scaled shadow slowly disappeared from Long Fei’s sea of consciousness, his voice slowly laughing too.

Everything was back to normal.

It was as if nothing had happened.

The unconscious Long Fei was extremely clear. He sensed that his entire body did not feel any discomfort, nor did he notice that the dragon’s scale was in his body. Everything was exactly the same at the beginning, there were no changes whatsoever.

However, he was very clear that the contract was in his sea of consciousness.

It was just that he was not the most powerful being in the ancient world yet, and was unable to activate the contract.

As for what exactly was the contents of the contract?

Long Fei wanted to know, but he didn’t know anything.

The feeling of being controlled made his entire body feel uncomfortable, he thought in his heart: “Long Batian, you want to play, right? “Fine, then I’ll play with you. Let’s see who can beat who in the end!”

“F * ck!”

He cursed loudly.

Half an hour later.

Long Fei regained consciousness, and the moment he opened his eyes, his body subconsciously trembled as he looked at the gigantic golden ape that was like a small mountain.

The golden-furred ape was looking at him.

It was only two meters away from him, and by this time, its primordial spirit had already returned to his body. From the looks of it, he had succeeded in transcending the tribulation.

There were many types of tribulations.

The tribulation of fairy beast would always be extremely difficult, but after they had successfully transcended it, they would gain a tremendous improvement every single time.

In front of the giant golden-furred ape, Long Fei was like an ant.

The giant ape already had an undefeatable body, he could crush Long Fei with his fingers right now.

Thus …

In that instant, Long Fei secretly shook his head.

He stared at the giant golden ape’s pupil. Golden threads could be seen in its pupil. Clearly, this was completely different from before.


The giant golden ape was also staring at him.

They looked at each other.

Long Fei slowly stood up and retreated: “About that, I just wanted to come in and take a look, there’s no other reason.”

“I won’t disturb you from your tribulation.”

“That’s it.”

“I’ll be leaving first.”

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei immediately ran, with a move of the idea, he released the Power of Inscription, directly using it on his speed.

His two feet moved like wind and fire wheels as they flew up into the air.

When he ran out of the cave, he found that the Boundary had already disappeared.

That dragon scale should be in his body.

At the moment, Long Fei was not in the mood to think too much into it.

Right now, he was using all of his strength to increase his speed. As long as the giant golden ape caught up to him, he would be dead for sure.

Before he ran far, the giant golden ape caught up.

“Bang, bang, bang …”

He had not even taken a single step when the ground shook rapidly, as if there was an earthquake.

Behind him, the cave collapsed continuously.

“It’s over, it’s all over. This guy doesn’t even want a cave anymore. He’s trying to kill me with this tempo.” Long Fei complained in his heart.

What kind of fairy beast was behind him? It was simply a prehistoric monster that had come out of the ground.

“Long Batian, didn’t you say that you have the power to rule the world? Come on, give it to me, release it for me? “

“Weren’t you in control of life and death just now?”

“Come on, kill this guy behind me!”

“Your sister, what the heck are you talking about?” Long Fei complained in his heart, but unfortunately … Some power that controlled life and death, some power that was dominated by the ancient world, had not come out at all.

Long Fei fled in an incomparably miserable manner.

He really wanted to curse the eighteen generations of Long Batian’s ancestors.

If it were not for Dragon Squamous Boundary, he would have destroyed the primordial spirit of the giant golden-furred ape and easily killed the fairy beast. At this time, he already had the immortal crystal.

But now …

He almost p.i.s.sed his pants.

“I shouldn’t have saved him from the start. Aren’t I making myself uncomfortable?” Long Fei was very vexed. He should have let the giant golden ape die back then when the illusion let him choose.

What a pity …

There was no medicine for regret.

Long Fei’s intestines turned green with regret.


“Whoosh …”

Long Fei ran out of the cave and looked behind him.

The giant golden ape also rushed out of the cave as if it was pulling out dried twigs and dried twigs. Moreover, the entire cave had caved in.

Now, his home was completely gone.

Long Fei said with a bitter face, “Big brother, I’m really sorry. I really didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Can we discuss it and not chase it?”

he shouted.

He was also running with all his might.

However …

The golden-furred giant ape did not answer him, but ran behind him. It did not catch up to Long Fei and followed behind him like a dog chasing a rabbit.

The bitter Long Fei could only keep running forward.

Ten minutes later.

Long Fei’s speed was too fast, and at this time, he didn’t think too much about it. He only wanted to escape from the giant ape, and take a step into the air before realizing that he was currently in a bottomless abyss.

“f.u.c.k, I’m really done for this time, I’m going to fall to my death.” Long Fei’s body sank. Unable to control himself, he fell straight into the abyss.

However …

In less than three seconds, he landed on the ground.

With just a glance, what he descended into wasn’t the depths of the chasm, but the palm of the giant ape …

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