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Chapter 1594 – Battle Letter


Zhans elder shouted in anger.

The cold sword in his hand moved, stabbing towards the center of Ao Ya’s brows.

An incomparably sharp sword.

As long as it hit, Oya would definitely die!

At this time.

Li Yuanba and the rest were all over a dozen meters away, and it seemed like they were only this far away. They could arrive there in a breath’s time, but… This was also the distance.

The Zhans elder was even closer to them than they were.

“Ahh …”

With an explosion, a black light flashed from Chen Tianfei’s body, which covered the sky.


With one step, he stood in front of Ao Ya and stared at the Zhans elder as he shouted, “Come!”

The Zhans elder’s eyes turned cold and he sneered: “You overconfident thing, die!”

His body sank.

His speed was even faster, and the sword burned with a golden light as he heavily stabbed downwards.


The instant it pierced Chen Tianfei’s forehead, the black light on his body pounced towards Zhans elder like wasps, and trapped him in an instant.

“Buzz buzz buzz …”

An incomparably ear-piercing sound rang.

Zhans elder let out a roar from the black light, golden light spilling out in all directions.

Just when it was about to explode.


It was like a fart that suddenly disappeared. At the same time, the Zhan Clan elder was sent flying several dozen meters away. His face was pale and all the energy in his body had been sucked dry.


The black light withdrew and a bit of blood appeared on the center of Chen Tianfei’s brows. He stared fixedly into the distance and said: “Come again!”

“Two against one?”


“Then it’s my turn!” An elder of the Zhan Clan suddenly flew out.

It was also at this moment.

The Sky Spirit moved, blocking his path and bellowed, “Your opponent is me!”

The aura of death of Mi Tian rushed out from all directions.


The celestial spirit condensed out streams of power of the Double Yang. Its body did not seem big, but there was a mountain-like shadow superimposed on it.

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The two forces collided, and the both of them were repelled at the same time.

Everyone was shocked.

The war letter’s eyes turned sinister as it said coldly: “Xuanyuan Xiong, how do we calculate the second round?”

Xuanyuan Xiong took a glance at Ao Ya, then looked at Chen Tianfei, gritted his teeth, and said: “Battle letter, it’s you who ambushed me first.”


The letter slightly raised its eyes.

Li Yuanba shouted, “Old man, do you think we’re blind? If you can’t win, just sneak attack.

“Nine Secret Warrior Family?”

“I think it’s just a s.h.i.tty war house!”

The battle letter’s expression changed.

One of the elders immediately shouted, “Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, one more word if you have the guts!”

Li Yuanba laughed coldly: “Just say it, am I afraid of you? What a s.h.i.tty battle house! “

“F * ck you! Come bite me if you dare!”

It was useless to threaten Li Yuanba at all.

Zhan Xin’s gaze was gloomy as he asked once more, “Tell me the result.”

Xuanyuan Xiong said: “You cheated first, so this round, should be …”

Just as Xuanyuan Xiong was about to announce Ao Ya’s victory, several elders from the Xuanyuan nationality spoke up at the same time.


“Xuanyuan Xiong, aren’t you too biased towards outsiders?”

… ….

Many elders of the Xuanyuan nationality started to clamor.

If the Zhan Clan was angered, the consequences would be unimaginable.

They all hoped that Zhan Clan would win.

“In my opinion, this should be the victory of Zhans elder!”

“You’re right.”

Xuanyuan Xiong said: “He cheated first!”


“Why didn’t we see it?”

“Xuanyuan Xiong, even if you don’t think for your own daughter, you should at least think for the Xuanyuan nationality right?” An elder said angrily.

They were afraid that the Zhan Clan would kill them all.

At this time, it was impossible to dismount from the tiger.

The argument was going on and on.

It was also at this moment that Ao Ya stood up from the ground and said, “A draw!”

The audience fell silent.

The war letter faintly smiled, “Sure!”

The Black Knife took a step forward and said: “How can it be considered a draw?”

“It’s obvious that they were the ones who cheated first, and …”

Ao Ya and Chen Tianfei looked fine, but in reality, they were injured.

It was a very serious injury.

Ao Ya shook her head and said, “Don’t make things difficult for Uncle Xuan.”

Only then did the Black Knife stop talking.

Eight King Kong was very unhappy as he held his breath.

At this moment.

The letter smiled and said, “Let the third match begin.”

At this time.

The Sky Spirit walked up and said, “I’ll fight three times!”

The letter coldly looked at the heavenly spirit and said, “Ghost spirit race, inhuman, non-ghost, non-demon, non-demon, you are really special, no …” To be exact, your Eight King Kong is very special, rising step by step from a low plane. The eight different powers in your body are constantly awakening. “

Zhan Xin looked at Li Yuanba and said, “Your pure strength has actually been cultivated by you into a strength domain.”

“Your sword intent.”

“Real Face and Sword Spirit’s fusion is perfect without the slightest bit of hesitation.”

“And you all … “It’s really special. I’ll give you all a choice. From now on, follow me. I guarantee that no one in this world will dare to touch you.” The Battle Letter looked at Eight King Kong. Ever since Li Yuanba had unleashed his power domain, he had been wanting to take them into his Zhan Clan.

Li Yuanba laughed disdainfully, “You?”

“Are you qualified?”

“Are you worthy?”

Eight King Kong all had a disdainful sneer on their faces as they looked at the battle letter.

Their loyalty to Long Fei was not something that could be shaken by anything.

Zhan Xin coldly smiled as he said, “If I can’t get the things I want, I’ll personally destroy him.”

“Bring it on!”

“The third battle, let me do it.”

As soon as he finished.

The entire audience was stunned.

The look in the Heavenly Spirit’s eyes tightened up. This was slightly different from Long Fei’s expectations, but … The Heaven Spirit was not afraid. Instead, the aura around its body grew even stronger as it said, “Then let’s begin.”

He took a step forward.


Zhan Xin’s body moved. “Get down!”

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A thunder-like divine might surged out, directly crushing the Deathly Flames of the Heavenly Spirit into smithereens in the blink of an eye.

At this moment.

A palm was thrown out!

The Sky Spirit did not react immediately. Instead, its body flew out and broke through the walls of the yard. Layer after layer, it flew out thousands of meters.


A loud sound was heard from the waist of the mountain.

The spirits were buried in the rubble.

It was unknown whether he was dead or alive!

“You don’t know your place!”

Too powerful!

They were not on the same level at all.

Zhan Xin looked at Li Yuanba and the rest coldly and said, “Am I the victor in this round? It’s a draw. Now it’s the time for the compet.i.tion, how about all of you come at once? “

He wanted to destroy the Eight King Kong!

At the same time.

In another place.

Long Fei followed the flow of the air current, and suddenly, his eyes snapped open, as he shouted excitedly, “I understand!”

At the same time, the system beeped out a notification!


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