The Man From Hell Chapter 113: The Eighth One!

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Keep fighting them until they’re frightened, subdued, and beaten to death!

Ye Feng’s words were bone-chillingly cold.

However, hearing his words, the young beggar’s eyes instantly brightened.

“Thank you, elder brother!”

The young beggar struggled to pick himself up as she bowed towards Ye Feng, saying, “Thank you for saving me and thank you for saving my grandpa!”

Then, she took out a dirty sheet of iron and gave it to Ye Feng, adding, “Elder brother, I don’t know how to show you appreciation for your help! This small iron plate is the only precious item that I have! I will gift it to you!”

The small iron sheet was covered with mud and dirt; however, it was a rarity in the eyes of the young beggar.

Ye Feng became shortly stunned. Watching the young beggar’s hopeful look, he couldn’t refuse his good intentions. Therefore, he grabbed it and placed it into his pocket.

Then, Ye Feng grabbed some money and foisted it into the young beggar’s pocket secretly.

He waved his hand towards the young beggar, turned around, and finally left.

“Thank you, elder brother…”

The young beggar muttered as he gazed at Ye Feng’s back.

Not until Ye Feng disappeared did the young beggar help the old beggar up.

After they entered another quiet alley, they stopped.

What happened next was very unusual!

All the bruises and bloodstains on their faces disappeared in a split second.

Previously, the old beggar looked miserable and poor; however, he was far from miserable and poor at that moment; instead, he looked greatly profound!

Like an old man who had seen through secular affairs, he released a frightening qi.

“He’s the eighth one! Yan, how do you feel about him?”

The old beggar asked the young beggar with a faint playful smile.

At that moment, the young beggar let out a great big smile.

Then, she lightly tore off the skin from her neck!


The skin she pealed off appeared as if it were a mask as thin as cicada’s wings.

As a result, the dirty young beggar instantly became a Lolita who looked like a white china toy!

If commoners caught sight of her, they would definitely be jaw-droppingly shocked!

After hearing her grandpa’s words, Yan revealed a faint smile on her pink tiny face, answering, “Elder brother is not that bad!”

“Although the former ones also saved us, they just wanted to show off their power and greatness!”

“They saved us as if they were showing mercy to the weak!”

Yan spoke as she took a long look in the direction where Ye Feng left, “But he was an exception!”

Yan was very happy as her big s.h.i.+ny eyes almost displayed crescents.

“Keep beating them until they’re frightened, subdued, and beaten to death!”

“Heh heh… I like his ferocious words!”

Watching his granddaughter’s naughty gaze, the old beggar revealed a feeble expression on his wrinkled face.

However, when he recalled Ye Feng’s performance, the old beggar nodded satisfactorily as he said, “That young man is truly special! I’m sure that if you didn’t punch back, he wouldn’t of came to our need!”

“He saved us in order to teach you survival of the fittest!”

The old beggar’s eyes slightly glimmered as he added, “That young man is resolute in punishment and brutal as a demon! But he’s kind! He sure is a rare one!”

After hearing his words, Yan nodded her small head firmly; however, closely after, she tightly frowned her beautiful eyebrows, sighing, “Pitifully, we’ve already selected him. He will have a slim chance of survival! I wonder whether he will survive in the end!”

“We shouldn’t worry about that!”

The old beggar stroked Yan’s small head as he added with a smile, “Let’s go! There are a few more people being selected for our test!”

After speaking, the old beggar flashed away with Yan!


Ye Feng was walking on a street quietly.

However, after taking a few steps forward, he suddenly stopped as he mumbled, “Something was wrong!”

Ye Feng noticed that there was a weird qi around the young beggar and the old beggar.

Previously, he didn’t think much about it; but when looked closer, he recalled that in the qi, there was a Spirit Locking Rune present!

Spirit Locking Rune was a rune that was used to lock one’s spirit!

After applying the rune to great power, the power’s qi would be completely sealed. As a result, the user of the rune could appear like a commoner.

Commoners never use Spirit Locking Rune, which indicated that the two beggars were great powerhouses!

‘They locked their spirits only to wait for me!’

Ye Feng felt cold in an instant as he hurriedly took the iron sheet out of his pocket.

He rubbed its surface with his fingers. With a small budge, the dirty surface of the iron sheet was broken into pieces, revealing a small golden plate!

There was a word on the surface of the golden plate——eight!

‘It’s Fantastic Parent Gold!’

Ye Feng was shocked!

Fantastic Parent Gold was the popular metal material in the universe. Its main use was for making sabers!

Each saber made of Fantastic Parent Gold was extraordinarily sharp and could chop enemies like chopping mud!

Ye Feng had not imagined that he could find the special metal anywhere on Earth!

“Who were those two beggars? Why did they gift me this? What does the word eight refer to?”

Ye Feng scrunched his face in great confusion.

Only the two beggars could explain it to him!

He then instantly released his demonic qi!

Wisps of black qi shot towards all directions like heavy gusts of wind.

Within minutes, the whole area was surging with demonic qi!

However, no matter how far Ye Feng searched, he still failed to locate the two beggars.

It seemed as if they each disappeared into the void.

Finally, Ye Feng let out a deep sigh as he collected all of his demonic qi, mumbling, “There are indeed some great powerhouses on Earth!”

Ye Feng had no choice but to end the search.

Shaking his head, he didn’t think much further about the event.

After wandering around, Ye Feng had come face to face with the headquarter of the Crown Group.

‘Crown Group!’

‘It’s the property that Bai Clan gifted me after I cured Bai Xiong.’

But it was Ye Feng’s first time visiting.

Therefore, Ye Feng planned to take a look inside.

However, when Ye Feng entered the gate, he suddenly heard someone shouting loudly.

“That’s him! Hurry! Catch him!”

After hearing the shouting, a group of guards, each with the strength of a bear and the ferociousness of a tiger, surrounded Ye Feng at a stroke.


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