The Lord's Empire Chapter 1032 – Faith

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Chapter 1032: Faith

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The women still looked quite sorrowful, but they gradually recovered. After all, Geoffrey was their leader, and everything was in his hands. Since he had made this decision, they could only comply and submit as well.

However, they could not accept how bloodthirsty and murderous Great Qin was to outsiders. It was in direct opposition to the light and kindness they wors.h.i.+pped. Now, they could only hope that the inside of Great Qin was better.

However, the words Geoffrey said next caused their faces to pale, “Your Majesty, would you like them to serve you? They were all holy daughters of the Church and were consecrated to G.o.d. Now, they should serve the ruler of Great Qin.”

After saying this, Geoffrey could not help but inwardly sigh. Every time Great Qin took over a faction, they would take all of the women, so it was better to give them rather than have them taken by force.

Moreover, it was likely that Great Qin’s Legatee would treat them well and not punish them because of the disrespect they had just shown.

Everyone knew clearly what Great Qin’s Legatee was like as a person. Perhaps other things were slander, but he was definitely a licentious person.

Moreover, Geoffrey understood Great Qin’s philosophy. He understood that the ruler was supreme while all other faiths and ideologies came behind.

Zhao Fu was quite startled; he had never thought that Geoffrey would say such a thing. However, the situation was quite urgent and he did not have time to mind this, so he simply refused, saying, “No need.”

Geoffrey felt quite surprised and asked, “Why is that, Your Majesty? They’re all one in a million, and whether it is their looks, figures, or education, they are incredibly exceptional. They also have divine const.i.tutions.”

The women’s faces were pale, and they looked slightly unwilling as they looked at Zhao Fu. They had not expected that they would have to serve Great Qin’s demon-like Legatee in the future.

Zhao Fu calmly replied, “We understand; we can discuss this matter later. Come with Us to the coastal regions to defend against the people from the two other Continents.”

Geoffrey looked quite confused as he asked, “Your Majesty, shouldn’t you be defending against the Dark Demon race? Why are you defending against humans?”

Zhao Fu gave a mysterious smile and said, “You’ll understand later.”

After saying this, Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and disappeared over the horizon. Even though Geoffrey did not understand what was going on, he still followed Zhao Fu and headed towards the coastal regions.

The people from the other Continents had broken through the Void Zones by now, and seeing countless people escaping from the Northern Continent, their expressions fell. They understood that the Northern Continent might have been conquered by the Dark Demon race already.

“We were too late.” Everyone cursed to themselves and hated the person who had set up the Void Zones even more. That had doomed the entire human world, and just thinking about the Dark Demon race rampaging through the human world, everyone felt terrified.

They definitely would not be able to keep the Northern Continent now, and even if they headed over, they would not be able to change much.

Now, only Great Qin had the power to change all of this, and they wondered if Great Qin had arrived yet. With Great Qin, the human race still had a trace of hope.

That was what everyone was thinking. However, after asking those who were escaping what was happening, they became incredibly shocked.

It was not that the Dark Demon race that had conquered the Northern Continent but Great Qin, which had taken advantage of the situation to take over the Northern Continent. The frontlines defending against the Dark Demon race had already collapsed, and the Dark Demon race had entered the human race. The Northern Continent was now in chaos, and no one knew what was happening now.

At that moment, everyone understood that the Void Zones had been set up by Great Qin, and they could not help but curse at Great Qin for being shameless.

Great Qin had actually attacked the Northern Continent while the Dark Demon people were invading; could it be that they were not worried about the Dark Demon race? Great Qin was not stupid; they definitely had some way to deal with the Dark Demon race to be able to do such a thing.

In that case, what should they do now? Should they still go to reinforce them? Or should they stab Great Qin in the back and fight to the death with the Dark Demon race?

The various leaders gathered together and hurriedly discussed what to do. Now, they could not go and reinforce Great Qin. Because Great Qin had done such a shameless thing, if they went over, they might be destroyed by Great Qin as well.

However, it would be quite good to stab Great Qin in the back and use the Dark Demon race to heavily wound Great Qin. That way, they would be much safer. The problem was that what if Great Qin could defend against the Dark Demon race?

After some detailed discussions, everyone still decided to go and attack Great Qin. After all, Great Qin had brought a large number of soldiers, so they believed that Great Qin would be able to hold out against the Dark Demon race. As such, this would be a good chance to heavily wound Great Qin.

Moreover, since Great Qin had done this themselves, they were simply letting them have a taste of their own medicine.

In the end, those who had been planning to reinforce the Northern Continent decided to ally together and attack Great Qin from behind.

After seeing this, Tina Pendragon could only shake her head and sigh, and she decided not to partic.i.p.ate. She could already guess what was going to happen, and she ordered people to reinforce the defenses against the Western Continent and take in those escaping from the Northern Continent.

Now that Great Qin had taken over the Northern Continent, its strength would once again greatly increase. Great Qin was the only faction that could cause Tina Pendragon to feel fear.

Everyone looked quite excited as they imagined Great Qin and the Dark Demon race fighting while they stabbed Great Qin from behind.

However, when they arrived, they were shocked to find that Great Qin had sent a large number of soldiers, who were waiting for them.

What was going on? Wasn’t Great Qin defending against the Dark Demon race? They were letting the Dark Demon people into the human world, but they were not harming Great Qin.

No one understood what was happening, but they all instinctively wanted to run. Now that Great Qin was waiting for them, they would not be able to launch a sneak attack. If they did not run, when Great Qin attacked, they would receive countless casualties.

The clamorous gathering of people instantly scattered in all directions.

Seeing this scene, Zhao Fu grinned but did not chase after them. After all, defending the Northern Continent was the most important thing right now.

Geoffrey still did not know what was going on, and he had been worried this entire time about the Dark Demon race. After fighting with the Dark Demon people, he knew just how powerful they were. The Dark Demon world was a cultivation world; not only were they incredibly strong, but they also had many more tricks at their disposal.

“Your Majesty, are you not going to defend against the Dark Demon race?” Geoffrey could not help but ask.

Zhao Fu turned to look at him and lightly laughed but did not say anything. He took Geoffrey to the boundary of the Northern Continent, where they saw the Dark Demon race withdrawing to their own world. Seeing this, Geoffrey felt incredibly shocked.

Why had the Dark Demon race retreated of its own accord? They had paid a great price to break through the Northern Continent’s defenses, but they were now retreating back to their own world. Was their aim not to invade the human world? But why had they attacked then?

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