The Lord Is Empire Chapter 366 – Machine Of Slaughter

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Chapter 366 – Machine of Slaughter

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The night grew darker, and stars filled the sky, making it seem like a beautiful night. Hundred Bamboo’s four largest factions were all quickly gathering people in order to prevent anything unexpected from happening to the Town. However, they didn’t know that there was a ma.s.sive danger coming for them.

Seeing how long it took to gather people, the Ren family’s leader felt quite anxious, and he felt incredibly distressed within his heart.

Suddenly, the surroundings became silent, and the scene became quite strange.

At that moment, the Ren family’s noticed that the meeting point was surrounded by a gray fog, and he asked, “What’s going on?”

However, because they were within a system main city, he wasn’t too worried. He thought that it was something normal, and even if something was wrong, the system main city would deal with the problem.

After all, the system main cities didn’t allow large-scale fighting, and as soon as large fights occurred, the system main cities immediately suppress them. With the system main city protecting them, the leaders felt quite safe.

However, as time pa.s.sed, the gray fog became denser and denser, and the atmosphere became quite eerie and strange. The Ren family’s leader felt that something was off, and he felt that there was something moving around in the darkness.“Help!!” the Ren family’s leader cried out in fear, but no one replied. The surroundings were deathly silent, and the Ren family’s leader came out and saw an incredibly b.l.o.o.d.y scene.

The ground was littered with corpses, all of whose expressions were of terror. Their throats had all been slit, which had seemed to have killed them instantly, and blood had spurted everywhere, resulting in a pungent smell.

Ghostly figures suddenly appeared, and they wore black hoods and held blood-stained hidden blades that gave off icy auras.

The Ren family’s leader immediately realized what was going on and turned to run, but two figures soundlessly appeared by his side.

The two figures were dressed in black hoods, but they were quite small, looking like two small girls. What was surprising was that these two girls had cat-like tails.

The Ren family’s leader paused for a second, which led to his death. Two silver-white arcs of light crossed, and a head fell to the ground. The headless corpse then fell to the ground, causing blood to stain the ground.

The two Catfolk girls stood silently, looking at the corpses. Because of Great Qin’s training, Lasi and Lam had become quite powerful. The air of tenderness around them had decreased, and they now seemed much more mature.“Everyone, can you please collect some of the valuables and check if there are any survivors? His Majesty wants us to kill all people!” Lasi quickly gave orders, a hint of killing intent in her voice. Lam stood behind her older sister because she was a bit shyer.

Even though the Ren family’s meeting point had just experienced a ma.s.sacre, no one nearby had detected this. This was because not only had Zhao Fu set up a Dark Ghost World to surround the place, but he had also set up a Noise Barrier, making it impossible for anyone to find out.

The Skinbones Gang also suffered a similar ma.s.sacre. Many people had quickly come to the meeting point when ghostly qi suddenly surrounded the area. Those within the gray fog started panicking, and anyone who stepped into the gray fog didn’t come back out.

Great Qin’s hid in the darkness started to attack in the chaos. Black figures flashed about, and icy lights glinted as blood flew into the air and bodies crashed to the ground.

The attacked incredibly quickly and mercilessly, and they essentially killed whenever they attacked. They left no one alive, and the gap in strength was simply too wide between the two sides.The’ profession was quite special, and with Zhao Fu’s nurturing and equipment bonuses, it was simply impossible for ordinary people to defeat Great Qin’s

Very soon, the 5,000 people who had gathered had been slaughtered, leaving behind corpses everywhere. The leader of the Skinbones Gang, that incredibly skinny middle-aged man, had been pierced through the chest by a sword and killed.

Tuoba Qing pulled out her sword and started to clear out the battlefield with Wu Qing and the others, and they continued killing the people who were still coming.

The Lily Gang’s meeting point went through something similar. The people outside were continuously killed by, and the big tattooed man was within a room, furiously glaring at the small figure before him as he roared, “Who are you? Why are you attacking the Lily Gang?”

“Because… His Majesty… Wants you… To die!” Little Sha still wasn’t very good at speaking, and he struggled to get the words out before attacking.

The big tattooed man felt quite shocked, and he wondered who the ‘Majesty’ was. Facing this child, the big man felt that he wasn’t Little Sha’s match because Little Sha had long since reached Stage 2. With his talent for learning killing techniques, his strength was simply monstrous.

Little Sha was incredibly fast, and he reached the big tattooed man in the blink of an eye. The big man gripped his large saber and swung at Little Sha, but it was a pity that to Little Sha, this big man was already a dead man.Little Sha, who had reached the big man, attacked many times faster than the big man. He swung the blood-red dagger in his hand, drawing a blood-red line through the air that instantly cut the big man’s right arm off. The big tattooed man howled in pain and gripped his left hand into a fist as he punched at Little Sha.

Little Sha’s expression was still quite stiff, and his body spun as he chopped off the arm punching at him. After losing both of his arms, the big tattooed man suddenly felt fear. By now, he knew that he completely wasn’t a match for this person, and just as he turned to run, a red light chopped off his legs.

“Arghhh!!” the big tattooed man crashed to the ground and screamed, and seeing Little Sha walk over, he pleaded, “Please spare me; I’ll give you anything you want!”

“No… His Majesty said… No survivors!” Little Sha earnestly replied.

When he heard Little Sha’s words, the big man understood that Little Sha wouldn’t let him off. At the same time, he wondered when he had offended such a monstrous person – just who was that Majesty?

The big man knew nothing, but he could tell that anyone who could nurture such a machine of slaughter definitely wouldn’t be ordinary.

The big tattooed man didn’t want to die, so he instinctively started trying to wriggle away, making him look quite pitiful.Little Sha calmly looked at this and showed no mercy. He swung the dagger in his hand, and a red ray of light shot out, piercing the big man’s head and killing him instantly.

Finally, at the Li family’s meeting point, corpses were all over the ground, and the Li family’s leader had been nailed to the wall by a spear.

The four largest factions had been soundlessly ma.s.sacred without anyone else knowing. It was now quite late, and perhaps this would only be discovered on the next day. This would definitely shock all of Hundred Bamboo.


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