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Chapter 1140: Lin Jinshu’s Motive

Xia Qingwei smiled bitterly. “My bad, I was too anxious. Come on in. Have you eaten?”

“Haven’t.” Seeing that Xia Qingwei was alright, Lu Man asked, “If you’re fine, Mom, then is it Dad?”

“I’m fine too. Fine.” w.a.n.g Juhuai quickly came out, showing an apologetic face.

Naturally, Lu Man noticed.

“I’ll make lunch since we both have yet to eat. We’ll discuss over lunch,” Xia Qingwei said.

“You make lunch and I’ll tell Man Man so she can stop worrying,” w.a.n.g Juhuai told Xia Qingwei.

Xia Qingwei nodded.”‘Kay.”

Lu Man changed her shoes, went to the living room, and sat before w.a.n.g Juhuai told her about Lin Jinshu.

Though he found it hard to speak at first, the words flowed out smoother the more he spoke.

“I understand.” Lu Man nodded. Sensing w.a.n.g Juhuai’s awkwardness, Lu Man smiled. “It’s alright, Dad.”

Taken aback, w.a.n.g Juhuai lifted his eyes to see Lu Man smiling rea.s.suringly at him.

It was as if she knew what w.a.n.g Juhuai was worried about.

Warmth filled w.a.n.g Juhuai’s heart upon seeing Lu Man like this.

Even without a child of his own, he was content with Lu Man’s thoughtfulness.

Xia Qingwei cooked a few simple dishes. Although it was not a major thing, getting irritated by Lin Jinshu and losing a job she liked caused Xia Qingwei to lack the spirit to cook up a feast.

“Your dad told you already?” Xia Qingwei asked as she placed the meal on the dining table.

“Yes.” Lu Man nodded. “Come on, Dad, let’s go eat. I’ll handle this matter.”

As Lu Man ate, she dialed for Xiao Guo.

When Dai Yiran sent people to hijack her car, she’d witnessed Xiao Guo’s capability.

Xiao Guo and Xiao Chen had obviously received professional training. They were not just plain chauffeurs.

When Han Zhuoli sent Xiao Guo to Lu Man, he was also giving a bodyguard to her.

If Xiao Chen had the ability to investigate, Xiao Guo should be able to as well.

Lu Man called Xiao Guo. “Could you help me check something?”

As expected, Xiao Guo did not even ask how difficult the task would be. He simply said, “Anything, just say it.”

“Help me check Lin Jinshu’s schedule for these few days.” Lu Man added, “Lin Jinshu’s my stepdad’s ex-wife.”

“Understood. Give me an hour.” Xiao Guo was straightforward.

Putting down her phone, Lu Man explained, “Lin Jinshu wouldn’t just want to ruin my mom’s reputation. Claiming to be Dad’s wife is a feeble lie that can break down at any moment. Lin Jinshu isn’t that dumb.”

To have successfully married w.a.n.g Juhuai using her trap showed that she was no fool.

“I think it’s highly likely that she wants to meet Dad,” Lu Man a.n.a.lyzed. “She probably thinks that as long as she meets Dad and says something, she can achieve her motive and reconcile with him.”

“She can dream on!” w.a.n.g Juhuai fumed.

Lu Man smiled. “She probably only has confidence in her schemes.”

Not long after lunch, Lu Man received Xiao Guo’s reply.

“Thank you,” Lu Man said.

“No need to be this polite. Young Master Han sent me to you not just to drive you around but also to protect you. And of course, to find me if you require any investigation,” Xiao Guo said as he smiled.

Ah, her guess was correct.

Upon hanging up, Lu Man told w.a.n.g Juhuai Lin Jinshu’s schedule. “She’s attending a business dinner tonight. It’s rumored that she’s intending to expand and invest in B City. She’s a Chinese from overseas, and Mayor He places great importance on attracting businesses and investments, so he’ll attend tonight as well. Tonight’s dinner is rather important, so there’ll be many important people.”

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