The Legend of Futian Chapter 1431 – Stronger Than Me

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Chapter 1431: Stronger Than Me

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In the sky above the Violet Heavenly Palace, there were still Wills of Thunder dripping down.

However, at this time, the vast Heavenly Palace was very quiet. Countless people were gazing at the battlefield, watching Ye Futian and Zhan Yuan fight.

Ye Futian was struggling to carry on the attack of thunder while launching a punch at Zhan Yuan.

It was crazy to withstand the destructive attack of thunder with a body made of flesh. His Divine Elephant Void-splitting Fist was absurd, too; even Nirvana-Plane Saints might not be able to endure it.

This lunatic…

But at this time, Ye Futian’s status was better than Zhan Yuan’s. Everyone could see that Zhan Yuan was more injured.

Even more frightening was that, at this time, Ye Futian’s whole body was dazzling, bathed in a sacred aura. A will of life kept was.h.i.+ng over his body, making him look sacred in the void air.

Before, he was fighting and recovering at the same time, but now, when he was injured, the injuries inside his body could be healed immediately. Obviously, Zhan Yuan didn’t have such an ability, which was why Ye Futian always had the advantage.

The advantage was not just in attack powers.

Ye Futian was proficient in Laws of all kinds. He seemed to have even released the wills of life and death as if he had really cultivated in Laws of all Ways.

1Had the bone of Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions and the Elephant Emperor’s two ultimate skills created another peerless figure?

However, despite this, Ye Futian’s inborn talents were also uncommonly outstanding, so he could directly become the most talented warrior in the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

Perhaps it was for this reason that the Divine Elephant Emperor regarded him as the successor of their ancestor and truly recognized him as such. As for the so-called Supreme Successor of the Great Path, it was made up by that warrior of the Divine Elephant Clan. But his purpose was to emphasize Ye Futian’s status in the Divine Elephant Clan, which should be equivalent to that of Zhan Yuan in the Violet Heavenly Palace.

The Emperor of the Purple Underground and Zhang Changqing didn’t know how they should feel. The sudden appearance of Ye Futian turned out to be more shocking than that of the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty. After all, the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Mandate Dynasty was conferred as the Crown Prince when he was 18 years old. Even though he had not shown up in public, people had a.s.sumed he was amazingly talented and had certain expectations of him.

However, Ye Futian, a cultivator from the Lower Realm, had brought shock to the Heavenly Mandate Realm.

There were not many people in the Heavenly Mandate Realm who were able to quell Zhan Yuan—the Supreme Form of the Great Path of the Violet Heavenly Palace.

What was more terrifying was that although his thunder talent was not as outstanding as Zhan Yuan’s, who had an inborn body form of Thunder that could fit the Great Law of Thunder, Ye Futian was really proficient in various Laws. He could integrate various Laws into the Divine Elephant Ma.s.sive power, which was more powerful and imposing, and directly went against Zhan Yuan’s Supreme Will of the Great Path.

Seeing this battle, many people understood that it was nothing for him to lead people to overturn the Violet Heavenly Palace.

Zhang Changqing bowed his head in silence and had mixed feelings. Even though the Purple Underground Sect was outstanding, it was still not at the same level as Ye Futian.

Even though Ye Futian had trapped them, what could they do?

He was backed by the Divine Elephant Clan, so, the Violet Heavenly Palace couldn’t do anything to him.

Zhan Yuan slowly raised his head and stared at Ye Futian. His mouth was still stained with blood, and his body seemed to be broke. He looked to be in extreme pain, but he still persisted. The mental suffering was more difficult to bear than any physical pain.

As the most outstanding figure of the Violet Heavenly Palace’s young generation, he was the future of the Violet Heavenly Palace. He was destined to compete with the strongest figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm. He strived to dominate the future. However, today, he had already been defeated. Also, he lost to Ye Futian—a cultivator who didn’t have any fame at all.

1The Violet Heavenly Palace held today’s event. His battle would be recorded in the history of the Heavenly Mandate Realm’s and become an anecdote. He, Zhan Yuan, would live in the shadows of Ye Futian, who would soon gain fame.

But why was he defeated?

He was very clear about his strength, which had been proven many times in the Violet Heavenly Palace, but how could this unknown person be so strong?

“You have damaged my Divine Form of the Great Path. Supreme Form of the Great Path of Violet Heavenly Palace, it was enough for you to be proud of yourself,” Ye Futian said arrogantly, standing in the void sky with his hands behind his back.

“Uggh…” Zhan Yuan heard his words and spat out a mouthful of blood. He looked extremely cold.

He should be proud that he had managed to merely injure Ye Futian?

How ironic…


Many people looked at Ye Futian, speechless. There was no need for discussion on Ye Futian’s strength and talent; his strength was indeed unprecedented.

Zhan Yuan should be proud to have hurt his Divine Form of Heavenly Laws.

n.o.body knew what the mood of the people in the Violet Heavenly Palace was like after they heard this.

But as the old saying went, losers had no right to justify for themselves. Ye Futian had vanquished Zhan Yuan with absolute power. No matter what Ye Futian said, Zhan Yuan and the Violet Heavenly Palace had to listen. How could they argue?

Strength meant everything, and the defeated had no dignity.

“The Divine Form of Heavenly Laws?”

Many people muttered in their hearts. He had come up with that stupid t.i.tle “Divine Form of Heavenly Laws”, and now he actually used the t.i.tle for himself, which was shameless.

If they had been Zhan Yuan, they would have spat blood, too.

“Marvelous,” a powerful figure of the Divine Elephant said. “The Lord of the Heavenly Penal Palace said that today, we would practice combat and discuss laws to prove that cultivators of the Heavenly Mandate Realm are no less than the figure created by Gu Tianxing. I also believe that the Divine Elephant Clan is no worse than anyone else. Zhan Yuan could fight with the Supreme Successor of our Divine Elephant Clan at such a high level, which already showed his peerless ability, no matter what the battle result was. This battle also let everyone witness the outstanding performance of the young generation of the Heavenly Mandate Realm.”

Everyone looked at the powerful figure of the Divine Elephant Clan. What he said was true, but the one who had been defeated was not Ye Futian; it was Zhan Yuan.

When the Violet Heavenly Palace told the top figures of the Heavenly Mandate Realm to confront each other, they didn’t expect that Zhan Yuan would be defeated.

If so, what was the point of hosting this event?

Were they being used?

“If I remember correctly, this person is Gu Tianxing’s younger brother’s descendant. Initially, he went to the Purple Underground Sect to ask me for that person. The relations.h.i.+p between them is not ordinary,” the Emperor of the Purple Underground said.

The powerful figure of the Divine Elephant Clan glanced at him, with great majesty in his eyes, and said, “What do you want to say?”

The Emperor of the Purple Underground frowned slightly. He looked at the powerful figures of the Divine Elephant Clan and saw them also staring at him. The powerful figure continued, “You Purple Underground Sect captured the descendant of the Gu Clan, and now you are afraid? You have a grudge with the Gu Clan. The Divine Elephant Clan does not. I don’t think I promised to deal with the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven with you, but now you have started to draw a clear line with me?”

The Divine Elephant Clan was a peak clan in the Demon Realm, and they were at the same level as the Violet Heavenly Palace. The Violet Heavenly Palace held the event to dissuade all clans of the Demon Realm from getting close to Gu Dongliu.

The Violet Heavenly Palace, however, did not have the right to decide who the Divine Elephant Clan accepted as a successor and who they should be close to.

Not to mention, the Emperor of the Purple Underground.

“My apology,” the Emperor of the Purple Underground admitted frankly. But he did not say anything wrong. He intentionally spoke to everyone.

Ye Futian took advantage of him once today and also demonstrated such peerless talent. Later, perhaps the Violet Heavenly Palace would resent him.

“In a discussion or combat, victory and defeat are inevitable. I should congratulate the Divine Elephant Clan for receiving such a Supreme Successor of the Great Path,” the master of the Heavenly Penalty Palace said in an indifferent tone. Their purpose today was to target the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

However, now the younger brother of the only descendant of the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven’s Gu Clan showed off his outstanding talent. What would the world think?

In the future, if this person climbed to the top of the Heavenly Mandate Realm and joined forces with Gu Dongliu, wouldn’t the Heavenly Mandate Realm be turned upside down?

Not to mention, Ye Futian was now backed by the Divine Elephant Clan.

In this way, it might be more difficult for all forces to deal with the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven with them.

After all, as the powerful figure of the Divine Elephant Clan said, they had no grudge with the Celestial Gate of Vast Heaven.

“Thank you very much,” said the powerful figure of the Divine Elephant Clan, smiling. Ye Futian and Zhan Yuan’s fight today was also beyond his expectations. It was no wonder that he could quell Xiang Mang in the Divine Elephant Clan.

It seemed that what the Divine Elephant Emperor did had a deeper meaning, and this Ye Futian indeed had unlimited potential.

First, Gu Tianxing created Gu Dongliu, and now there was Ye Futian. What kind of era would the Heavenly Mandate Realm face in the future?

In the so-called big change of the Heavenly Mandate Realm, what kind of role would they play?

“The Divine Elephant Clan is known for its unparalleled strength. Their Divine Elephant Ma.s.sive power is so powerful that few are able to compete in the land of the Demon Realm. This young man has the ultimate heritage of the Divine Elephant Clan and possesses the bone of the ancestor of the Elephant Emperor. His future is indeed bright,” said a big future of the Divine Dragon Clan.

1“You’re welcome. The divine dragon power of the Divine Dragon Clan is also peerless in the Heavenly Mandate Realm,” the powerful figure of the Divine Elephant Clan responded.

In the Demon Realm, the Divine Dragon Clan and Divine Elephant Clan stood at the peak in terms of strength.

“Warriors of the Divine Dragon Clan and the Divine Elephant Clan all have innate talent. As a human being, he could make this, which should be the limit of human beings. He must have had intense physique cultivation in addition to cultivating in all kinds of laws. His body is Saint-level, and in terms of strength, I am afraid it is hard for any other human being to reach him,” the warrior of the Divine Dragon Clan continued.

“I am flattered by your comments, sir. I inherited this from the Divine Elephant Emperor of Ten Directions and made such achievement all because of the Divine Emperor’s teachings. Speaking of physical strength, my brother is stronger than me.” Ye Futian behaved rather modestly at this moment. Since the big figure of the Divine Dragon Clan praised him, he could not act as he had in front of the Violet Heavenly Palace. He was close to the Divine Elephant Clan and had a friends.h.i.+p with Zhu Gan—the Demon Emperor. The Zhu Yan Demon Emperor and the Dragon Divine Clan were old friends, and Third Brother received the heritage of the Origin Mountains.

1With such a background, he’d better get along well with all the Demon Clans of the Demon Realm.

The Violet Heavenly Palace was destined to be on his opposite side.

The Heavenly Mandate Dynasty wanted to kill the Third Brother, so they were destined to be his opponents.

“Stronger than you?” the warrior of the Divine Dragon Clan said and looked surprised.

Ye Futian had just shown great power in the battle with Zhan Yuan, and he said his brother was even stronger than him.

1Did he mean there was another top figure?

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