The Invincible Dragon Emperor 1261 Extermination

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“The warlord skeleton is so strong. He can kill Ling Feidu when he was wearing supreme Relic armor! That is impressive! The skeleton is valuable. It is such a pity that… I don’t have enough Blood Crystals.”

Inside the Tomb of King Luna, Lu Li was flying around rapidly in the Wicked Bead. He was still excited. He couldn’t help but exclaim as he looked at the remains of Ling Feidu.

A warrior ranked top three hundred thousand on the list but he had died. Did it mean… Lu Li could be ranked top three hundred thousand on the list?

Four Blood Crystals helped Lu Li finish Ling Feidu, obtained a piece of supreme Relic armor and a weapon of a grade that Lu Li could not tell right now. Ling Feidu’s Interspatial Ring must contain many treasures and Divine Sources as well. Lu Li felt that killing a talent of the Cabinet of Cloud was so worthwhile.

“Destroy the remains!”

Lu Li said to the Deaf Taoist. He sent the Deaf Taoist and Ling Feidu’s remains to the outer hall. As Lu Li remembered that Ling Feidu would crush a Bead of Memory, his excitement faded away gradually. Ling Feidu must be telling the truth. Cabinet of Cloud must have learned about the scene when Ling Feidu was killed.

“Kill everyone from the Cabinet of Cloud and then get out of this level and run!”

Soon, Lu Li made up his mind. Disciples of Cabinet of Cloud must be wiped out completely. That way, the information could be concealed to some extent.

Lu Li believed when he left the Tomb of King Luna, the immortal’s body, Wicked Bead, and warlord skeleton could not be exposed or else he would be targeted by Cabinet of Cloud soon.

“I wonder if I can join Pavilion of Misty Drizzle. Will they be able to withstand the pressure from Cabinet of Cloud and protect me?”

Lu Li felt a headache as the thought of how Cabinet of Cloud would hunt him down around the world once things were exposed. Cabinet of Cloud had enormous powers and resources. It was very likely that Lu Li would be exposed.


Lu Li decided not to worry about that for now after a while. The priority was to kill the disciples of Cabinet of Cloud. One step at a time. Being overcautious and indecisive was pointless as of now.

“Blood Fairy, lock down on all the disciples from Cabinet of Cloud and kill them one by one!”

Lu Li told Blood Fairy. The immortal’s body dashed out. After consuming energy from Crystal of Icy Soul, Blood Fairy had evolved and her abilities on Inhibition Formations had been improved. She reached out her tentacle and said to Lu Li, “There are eight disciples from Cabinet of Cloud nearby.”

“Finish them!”

Lu Li instructed. The Deaf Taoist had already got rid of Ling Feidu’s remains. Lu Li sent the Deaf Taoist out to take actions with the immortal’s body.

Lu Li did not show his face now. It was not as bad when someone noticed the Wicked Bead and the immortal’s body. After all, few people knew them. On the other hand, if Lu Li himself was exposed, he was sure that his life would end within half a month.

Therefore, he did not dare to present himself so the immortal’s body and the Deaf Taoist would have to the work. Both of them were strong. The Deaf Taoist had consumed three Red Flakes and was as good as a prefecture warrior, stronger than the average disciples from the Cabinet of Cloud. Besides, there was the immortal’s body. They two should be able to get rid of the other disciples of the Cabinet of Cloud easily.

As he had expected!

The immortal’s body and the Deaf Taoist had good teamwork. The immortal’s body fended off the attack from a disciple of Cabinet of Cloud while the Deaf Taoist sneaked up on the disciple from behind. In the meantime, the immortal’s body launched more strikes. In an instant, that disciple was finished.

“Keep going!”

Lu Li flew the Wicked Bead behind them to collect the bodies, armors, and Interspatial Rings. At the same time, he began to check the Interspatial Rings he had collected for the contents to see if any artifacts had spiritual imprints on them so that he would not be traced because of this.

The immortal’s body and Deaf Taoist worked well together. The former was strong in defense and could sustain any full-front attacks. Those disciples of the Cabinet of Cloud had been strayed from the team and were walking in circles in this world of blur. They were filled with fear. When they were attacked all of a sudden, their reaction and abilities would naturally be impaired. It was not surprising that they would fall prey to the immortal’s body and the Deaf Taoist.

Besides, those disciples of the Cabinet of Cloud were wearing average armors which could not provide enough strength to protect them from the strikes of the immortal’s body and the Deaf Taoist.

In merely a moment, eight disciples of Cabinet of Cloud had been killed. Via checking the Inhibition Formation in this area, Blood Fairy found traces of a few more. She guided the Deaf Taoist while Lu Li followed them in the Wicked Bead.

It was a complete chaotic scene in the Cabinet of Cloud because all the disciples that arrived at the Tomb of King Luna had left their jade talisman at home. Following the death of Ling Feidu, the other disciples pa.s.sed away one by one. In an hour, the jade talismans of life of almost all the disciples that went to Tomb of King Luna had crushed, except for two.

In total, including Ling Feidu, Cabinet of Cloud sent over 50 disciples and all of them were under one hundred years old. They could all be regarded as the elites in the young generation and now, they were completely wiped out.

Not even Ling Wanjian, one of the founding members were enraged, the Chief of the Cabinet of Cloud was alerted as well.

He gave an order in person. Ling Feidu’s father was told to go to the Tomb of King Luna with five mighty warriors and hundreds of other powerful warriors. At the same time, Cabinet of Cloud would use all means possible to find out the criminal.

The 72 sects represented the best of the forces in the Divinity. It was not a joking matter that Ling Feidu and the others were killed. This was about the honor of Cabinet of Cloud.

Whoever the culprit was, even if it were Holy Princess or Lou s.h.i.+’er, Cabinet of Cloud would destroy him or her for sure. Otherwise, the Cabinet of Cloud would no longer enjoy any grace.

“Is that all?”

Inside the Tomb of King Luna, Lu Li had taken the immortal’s body and the Deaf Taoist into the Wicked Bead. All the disciples from Cabinet of Cloud nearby had been killed and it was rewarding for Lu Li.

Needless to say, he obtained many armors and weapons. Besides, there were the Interspatial Rings. The Divine Sources inside alone were over five hundred thousand. Ling Feidu alone had over three hundred thousand Divine Sources. No wonder murdering for property was profitable!

In addition, there were many Mystical Materials in those Interspatial Rings. Ling Feidu had two books of skills in his but Lu Li had not the time to study so he had to put the books aside.

“Blood Fairy, can you find the exit of this level?”

Lu Li turned to the immortal’s body. Lately, he had read many books on Inhibition Formations. Though he had some confidence that he could find the exit, if Blood Fairy could do it, he wouldn’t have to bother.

“That should be simple!”

Blood Fairy seemed a bit excited. “Master, next time, please get me more Crystal of Icy Soul. I believe I can evolve further…”

In the beginning, Blood Fairy wished she did not have to follow Lu Li around. However, now she had decided to stay with Lu Li. This time, the progress thrilled her.

She knew that she must rely on a powerful warrior. It would be hard for her to survive in the Divinity on her own. Many people like Ling Feidu would try to s.n.a.t.c.h her.

“Later, when time permits, I will get you more Crystal of Icy Soul.”

Lu Li said. Then, he let out the immortal’s body. “Take the Wicked Bead and go to Holy Princess and Lou s.h.i.+’er. Escaping without their help will be difficult.”

Lu Li was just thinking and he believed it would only be a matter of time before the Cabinet of Cloud traced everything back to him.

Therefore, it appeared that the only way to stay alive was to join the Pavilion of Misty Drizzle to seek refuge.

Pavilion of Misty Drizzle and Cabinet of Cloud both belonged to the 72 sects. If Pavilion of Misty Drizzle was determined to protect Lu Li, he thought the Cabinet of Cloud was not likely to attack the Pavilion of Misty Drizzle with full force.

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