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Chapter 51 – Defeating your opponent, raising eyebrows and feeling proud

This time, a total of four elders and ten disciples of the Black Tortoise Sword Sect and the True Martial Sword Sect had come. Whether it was the True Martial Sword Sect or the Black Tortoise Sword Sect, they both brought the most outstanding top five outer sect disciples.

There was no need to worry about the number of soldiers. The five most outstanding disciples were all able to completely suppress the Sky Cracking Sword Sect Disciple in the past. But this year, they had met Ling Dao. Ke Zhennan and Song Qingyan had been defeated one after the other, and both of them had been defeated in a single sword strike.

There were still eight disciples left who were enraged by Ling Dao and had decided to make a move at the same time. In reality, they too felt that they were fighting alone and did not have any confidence. It was naturally for the best that they could attack together.

“This kid, is he being too arrogant?”

“I have to say, the disciples of the Black Tortoise Sword Sect and the True Martial Sword Sect are all very powerful. Can he handle eight of them alone?”

The elders of the Sky-splitting Sword Sect were worried for Ling Dao. If it was one on one, with the power Ling Dao displayed previously, the disciples of the Black Tortoise Sword Sect and the True Martial Sword Sect would not be his match.

But a pair of eight words, the rest of them did not have much confidence in Ling Dao. The Black Tortoise Sword Sect and True Martial Sword Sect Elders were all grinning from ear to ear. It was fortunate that Ling Dao was too conceited, otherwise, they would really be humiliated to the core.

“True Martial Nine Swords!”

The four disciples of True Martial Sword Sect all displayed their own sword techniques. Amongst them, the older senior brother of the True Martial Sword Sect’s outer sect disciples was the most powerful, the sword in her hand had already become an angry dragon, brazenly charging towards Ling Dao.

“Black Tortoise Sword Stele!”

The eldest senior brother of the Black Turtle Sect’s outer sect disciples quickly waved his sword to form a sword monument. His goal was to block Ling Dao’s sword technique, and then, he would let the disciples of the True Martial Sword Sect attack Ling Dao. If the eight of them were to join hands, with offense and defense, they would definitely be able to defeat Ling Dao.

When the four disciples of the Black Tortoise Sword Sect joined forces, the ground started to shake. Around them, an earthen yellow glow suddenly appeared. Their bodies seemed to be connected to the earth.

“Rushing Thunder Shadowless Sword!”

Facing the eight Distinguished Disciples s, Ling Dao still maintained a calm expression. He took a step forward and the sword in his hand disappeared without a trace. Thunder boomed in the field, followed by the sound of swords clashing.

Many outer sect disciples widened their eyes. They could not see Ling Dao’s sword at all, and could only see the sparks produced by the swords of the Black Tortoise Sword Sect and the eight True Martial Sword Sect disciples. Rushing Thunder Shadowless Sword, was like opening and closing, fierce and tyrannical, formless and formless.

“Azure Dragon!”

“White Tiger!”

“Vermillion Bird!”

“Kui Cow!”

Seeing that Ling Dao was actually able to fight with them, the sword techniques of True Martial Sword Sect’s four disciples also changed. The sword of the Eldest Brother of the outer sect disciples of the True Martial Sword Sect turned into an azure dragon and let out a faint dragon’s roar.

The sword in the hands of another True Martial Sword Sect Outer Sect disciple turned into a White Tiger that emitted a peerless killing intent. Soon after, another Vermillion Bird appeared. Its fiery red glow illuminated almost half of the training field. The sword art of the last disciple had actually turned into a Kui Cow, its voice like thunder, its gaze like the sun and moon.

Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, and Kui Cow were all extremely terrifying ferocious beasts. If there was a true Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, or Kui Cow, not to mention Ling Dao, even the entire Anshan County would be covered in blood and corpses.

“What a terrifying sword technique! “If I were to fight against anyone, I’m afraid that he would not be my match. I never thought that in less than half a month, his strength would actually become so tyrannical!”

“Originally, I thought that in half a month’s time, my speed of drawing my sword had already surpa.s.sed his. However, from the looks of it now, not only has it not been surpa.s.sed, the gap between the two has grown larger and larger! “

Li Shengxiong and Xie Linger looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes. They thought that they had caught up to Ling Dao, but who would have known that the gap between them was growing bigger.

“seven forms of scorching yang!”

The seven forms of scorching yang that Ling Dao was using now, was the Inferior Sword Style that received the first prize in the outer sect compet.i.tion last time. With Ling Dao’s talent in the way of the sword, he had long since mastered this technique. If it was any other outer court disciples, they probably wouldn’t even be able to cultivate it within a year.

With a wave of the longsword in his hand, it seemed to transform into a blazing sun that fiercely crashed into the body of the Kui Cow. The Kui Cow’s body shook and then suddenly dissipated, unable to withstand the scorching sun at all. Immediately after, the sword in Ling Dao’s hand turned and smashed onto the Vermillion Bird. The Vermillion Bird wailed and also disappeared from the arena.

Taking advantage of the momentum, the sword swept out as if it had the power to sweep away an entire army. Before the White Tiger could display its might, it was beaten into a sickly cat. Now, not only did Ling Dao’s speed not slow, it had instead become even faster. All he saw was a streak of sword-light, and then the Azure Dragon suddenly disappeared.

Ling Dao’s figure, in one go, became four, and his speed was so fast that it was hard for the outer sect disciples to see with the naked eye. The disciples of the True Martial Sword Sect only felt that everyone was facing Ling Dao, and their swords, were all sent flying by Ling Dao.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

He rose into the air and sent the four disciples of the True Martial Sword Sect flying with a kick. His speed was too fast, Black Turtle Sword Sect Disciple was simply too late to stop him. At this time, the four of them could only simultaneously attack Ling Dao.

Although the Black Tortoise Sword Sect’s swordsmanship was famous for its defense, its true power was not weak either. As though a small mountain had been smashed over, it was still very difficult for Ling Dao to face them head on without exploding his full strength.

However, there was no need for Ling Dao to clash head on. His sword turned into a bolt of lightning, flashing across the bodies of the four Black Tortoise Sword Sect disciples in the blink of an eye. Their defense was indeed invulnerable when battling other outer court disciples. However, Ling Dao could easily find a gap in their defenses and then strike them with his sword easily.

Fresh blood splattered everywhere as a sword wound appeared on the bodies of the four Black Tortoise Sword Sect disciples. As for the four disciples of the True Martial Sword Sect, they had already lost their swords. Ling Dao would naturally not give them the chance to pick up his swords.

“You’ve lost!”

A voice sounded as the four True Martial Sword Sect disciples felt their vision blur. Then, they felt a sharp pain on their bodies as a sword wound appeared on each of the outer sect disciples’ bodies, causing blood to gush out wildly.

With just Ling Dao alone, it did not take Ling Dao long to face off against the eight disciples of the Black Tortoise Sword Sect and True Martial Sword Sect. Even the elders of the Sky-splitting Sword Sect, the True Martial Sword Sect and the Black Tortoise Sword Sect were stunned, let alone the outer sect disciples of the Sky-splitting Sword Sect.

Although this battle was short, it was incomparably brilliant. The fact that Ling Dao had defeated the Black Tortoise Sword Sect and True Martial Sword Sect’s outer sect disciples greatly lifted the spirits of the Sky-splitting Sword Sect’s disciples. Even the Elders were trembling with excitement. For so many years, their Sky-splitting Sword Sect had been humiliated every year, and this year, they finally had a chance to turn things around!

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