The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! Chapter 885 – The Real Mystery Caller (8)

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Chapter 885: The Real Mystery Caller (8)

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“What’s wrong with what I’m reading now?” An Xiaxia stuck out her little chest with pride. “They’re all about love!”


Sheng Yize changed the subject. “Do you think Li Fanxing cracked his head open?”

“No, it can’t be… Is Li Fanxing even quick enough to hit him?”

“Do you think you’re quick enough to hit me, then?” Sheng Yize retorted.

Of course not! She was useless in fighting and Sheng Yize was a warrior. She wouldn’t stand a chance!

An Xiaxia shook her head without hesitation.

Sheng Yize smiled and gave her a pensive look. “But if you really wanted to hit me, you would very likely succeed, because you can easily catch me off-guard.”

“I see…” An Xiaxia suddenly saw the light. “You’re saying that Qi Yanxi didn’t take any precautions against Li Fanxing, right? Does he still like Li Fanxing, then?”

Sheng Yize was struck speechless and only replied after a while, “There’s no necessary connection between being inattentive and liking her…”

It was more likely that he had thought his opponent too weak to take any precautions against…

Of course, he wouldn’t tell An Xiaxia that, or he would be sleeping in the study again tonight.

Everyone went to visit Qi Yanxi in the hospital after hearing about his injury, and everyone expressed their… delight at his misfortune.

Su Xiaomo guffawed. “Mwahahahaha! You idiot! Letting that woman crack your head open? Seriously?!”

Qi Yanxi said defeatedly, “I just bled a little, alright? My head wasn’t cracked open!”

All he got in reply was yet another round of guffaws from Su Xiaomo.


He Jiayu said, “Get some rest. The cut isn’t very deep and you’ll recover in no time. Do keep in mind that when you get hit in the head next time, choose another spot. Hitting the same place all the time may give you early dementia.”

Qi Yanxi lost it. “There won’t be a next time!”

He Jiayu hesitated, then said, “If it happens once, it usually will happen again…”


Chi Yuanfeng said, “Why, Brother Yanxi, I didn’t know you were this useless. You were beaten by a woman!”

His disdainful look set Qi Yanxi off. “You say that as if you can win against a woman in a fight! Do you dare try it with Fang Shanshan?”

Chi Yuanfeng looked surprised. “Why would I do that to Shanshan? She’s so lovely. I would never lay a finger on her!”


Sheng Yize only sneered.

That haughty laugh fully expressed his scorn toward Qi Yanxi.

Slowly, Qi Yanxi gave Sheng Yize the finger.Read more chapter on

The only comfort came from An Xiaxia when she arrived with a thermal flask. Qi Yanxi nearly broke into tears.

“Xiaxia, you’re the only one that cares for me.”

“I made the soup myself. Try it.” An Xiaxia looked at him expectantly.

Qi Yanxi poured himself a bowl of soup immediately. He took one sip and that slogan rang out in his head: nothing is impossible.

The taste was beyond impossible! There were no words for it!

After ten seconds, he couldn’t keep it down anymore. He spat the soup out and retched.

An Xiaxia sighed regretfully. “Su Niannian’s mother gave me that recipe.”

Qi Yanxi retched even louder.

Su Niannian’s mother was notorious for her abominable cooking.

Qi Yanxi was already a real warrior for keeping it down for ten seconds.

Since the mysterious caller still hadn’t shown up after all this time, in order to help An Xiaxia relax after leaving the hospital, Fang Shanshan suggested that they go watch a midnight movie premiere.

Chi Yuanfeng was the lead actor. An Xiaxia was hesitating over going when something Fang Shanshan said successfully persuaded her.

Chi Yuanfeng would be dressed like a woman in the movie!

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