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Chapter 42 – Inner Spell

“Four affinities?!”

Everyone was shocked when they saw the result. Bryan has four affinities and that were Fire, Lightning, Wind, and Wood.

“This is…?” Bargan was stupefied. His eyes opened widely and his mouth hung open. He looked at Bryan and the orb back and forth.

Only a few people have four affinities and Bargan knew it. All those people were extremely powerful individuals. A mage with four affinities was destined to become an influential figure in the future. As long as there’s a person that guided him then he would stand at the top someday.

“Hehe, to think that I would meet a person like him here…” Souta laughed and tried to recall if there’s a person named Bryan Dagruel back in the game. But to no avail, he couldn’t remember a person that has the name Bryan Dagruel in the game.

‘This is really something else… The future I know maybe not the same as the future here.’ Souta thought with a grin on his face. The present time was going in a direction that he doesn’t know.

Even Alice who was always silent was showing a surprised expression on her face.

Bryan turned around and went back to his seat under the gaze of all students in the cla.s.s.

“How is it? I have a good result, Souta!” Bryan said with a smile.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect that.” Souta smiled and he closes his eyes. The result was really surprising.

Alice glanced at Bryan with a frown on her face.

The students started murmuring to each other while looking at Bryan. They were talking about his four affinities.

“Silent!” Bargan said in a loud voice causing the students to stop talking. He then continued, “Okay, next.”

The person beside Bryan stood up.

“Good luck!” Bryan said to him.

“Y-yeah!” The person smiled wryly. He didn’t think that he would get a good result. He’s okay as long as it’s not bad.

After half an hour all of them finished measuring their mana capacity and affinities. All of them have more than two hundred mana reserves and that was good news to Bargan.

They would be able to cast various spells if they have more than two hundred mana reserves in their body. It was enough to last one battle.

A tier 1 spell consumed five to fifty mana per usage. That’s why in their current level their mana reserves were enough. They would be able to increase it through training hard until they reached the level where they could cast a tier 2 spell.

At lunch break, Bargan went to the’s office. He reported the students that have talent in his cla.s.s to the

“Hmm… Is that true? A person with four affinities appeared here in our inst.i.tute.” A middle-aged man with white hair and beard said. He had white fox ears and tails.

He’s the of the Ladro Inst.i.tute, Azrim De Reigan. If Bargan was the most powerful mage in the inst.i.tute then Azrim was the most powerful fighter in the Ladro Inst.i.tute.

“Yes, Also, three among the new students have astonis.h.i.+ng battle prowess and skills.” Bargan said as he placed three files on the table of Azrim.

“Good, as long as the students show willingness to learn then we will not hesitate to teach them and provide them with proper resources,” Azrim said as he picked up the files and looked at it.

It was the information about Bryan, Alice, and Souta. Only the basic things were written in the files as they have no information about the background of the three students. It means that they weren’t the people of this kingdom.

“We don’t care about their background as long as they have a skill,” Azrim said and he turned his head to the other man in the room. He asked, “Jess, what about you?”

Jess was an elf with blue skin. To be precise he’s an ocean elf. Ocean elf was a species of elves that lived in the depths of the ocean. Some people called them mermen or elves of the ocean but only they knew that their origin was an elves not mermen.

“Two of the new students of the swordsman course show great talents,” Jess said as he also the files of the new students on top of the table.

“Hmm…” Azrim picked it up and looked at it one by one.

“Our s.h.i.+eld course also have new talented students.” A man with a huge build stepped forward. He was wearing full plate armor.

“Train them well,” Azrim said before he closed his eyes.


“What should I eat today?” Souta stood up and stretched his body. He felt tired from sitting for a few hours without doing anything.

“Let’s go to the cafeteria, Souta!” Bryan stood up and said.

“Okay…” Souta nodded then he looked at Alice. “Want to join us?”

“I’m fine, I brought my own lunch,” Alice said to him.

“That’s unfortunate,” Souta said and he shrugged his shoulder. He wouldn’t force her if she doesn’t want to join them.

He exited the room with Bryan and the rest of the new students. They bought lunch in the cafeteria and ate it there. While eating, the group talked about the affinities that Bryan has.

“See, then you wouldn’t have any problem if you bring me in your quest?” Bryan said as he nudged Souta’s side.

“Well, I remember that was only a measurement and it didn’t show our combat skills,” Souta said as he rubbed his chin.

“Hahaha, you don’t have to be envious in my result. You can just praise me.” Bryan laughed loudly.

‘This guy probably doesn’t have any idea how great it is to have four affinities.’ Souta thought as he looked at Bryan who was laughing loudly.

He rubbed his chin. This upcoming weekend, he was going on a journey to complete the requirements of his second evolution. His destination was the forest between Hebrei Kingdom and Mali Country. There he would find the Rotten Venomous Green Apple.

Yes, the one he needed was a rotten one. It was one of the requirements of the evolution that he choose. The other one was the flesh of the undead higher than level 20.

Souta shook his head and said, “Let’s go back now, the cla.s.s is going to start.”

“Oh? That’s right, I forgot about that!” Bryan said.

They went back to their cla.s.sroom and after a few minutes, Bargan came and he started the cla.s.s.

“Once a person learn a magic spell, the spell would be imprinted in their inner consciousness. A person would build up the structure of the spell and imprint the magic circle in their inner consciousness. The inner consciousness is like the soul of a person but it is also different from the soul. It’s inside our mind and we would build the spell there so that we could cast it easily.” Bargan explained about the spells to the students.

One of the students raised her hand. She was the cla.s.s representative, Lumilia.

“What is it?” Bargan said to her.

“Teacher, we could already cast a spell even without imprinting it in our inner consciousness,” Lumilia asked.

“Yeah, all of us could cast magic even without imprinting it in our inner consciousness.” Bargan nodded at her.

“Then, what’s the difference between the two spells,” Lumilia asked with a confused expression.

“The spells that people imprinted in their inner consciousness is called inner spell. It was two times more powerful than normal spells. Also, you can make it more powerful by modifying it and arranging the magic sequence in your inner consciousness. You will not need to build the structure of the magic circle when casting a spell. After all, you already have the structure of the magic circle in your inner consciousness.” Bargan paused for a moment before he continued, “A normal person could only imprint four magic circle in their inner consciousness. But it is not the same for everyone. Like me, I have imprinted seven magic circles in my inner consciousness. The only problem is that the more you imprinted a magic circle in your inner consciousness the harder the process becomes.”

“Okay teacher, I understand.” Lumilia nodded at Bargan as she sat down in her seat.

Souta listened to Bargan’s words carefully. He doesn’t have any idea what’s an inner consciousness or imprinting the magic circle. A spell wasn’t like a combat skill that could be enhanced through training or repeated use. The thing was… he could enhance the spell by using skill points and he doesn’t need to build a magic circle when casting his spells. He just thinks about the spells and the magic circle would automatically pop up.

Souta closed his eyes. The structure of every spells that he learned was in his mind. It was forcefully put inside his mind when he used the skill points to learn it.

In Bargan’s description, the inner spell was like the same as the spells that he used. He doesn’t need to build up the structure of the magic circle to cast the spell.

Then, what if all of his spells were inner spell and it was already imprinted into his inner consciousness by the system. That’s why he didn’t need to build up the magic circle when casting a spell.

If it’s really like that then he already has nine inner spells. After all, he could cast all of his spells with just a thought.

He just needed to enter his inner consciousness to confirm his guess.

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