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She was so tired and exhausted that she even cried in her sleep and flailed her arms and legs around unconsciously. Although she had her own room, after she fell asleep, Di Fuyi came over and gently ma.s.saged her small arms and legs to soothe her muscles and eliminate her fatigue.

When the ma.s.sage was over, he got up from the better and looked up to find Gu Xijiu with folded arms leaning against the door frame and staring at him. He could tell from her eyes alone that she was smiling. 

The couple left their kid’s room and returned to their bedroom. Gu Xijiu looked at him and commented, “Xuyue hates you now. You should let her know that you gave her a ma.s.sage.”

Di Fuyi shook his head. “She is too delicate. If she knew that I would be soft-hearted with her, it would be difficult to train her later on.”

“Why are you so eager to keep pus.h.i.+ng her? In fact, she is already doing well.”

Di Fuyi pulled her toward him and placed her on his lap. “Xijiu, she is our child, so she is destined to experience more storms. I don’t want her to suffer from losses in the future. The better she can get from her practice, the easier it will be for her to protect herself.”

Gu Xijiu actually advocated strict education for children as she did not want her daughter to grow like a flower that required protection. Although Fan Qians.h.i.+ had not reappeared yet, in Gu Xijiu’s heart, this was a knife hanging over her head. She did not know when the knife would fall, but once it did, there would surely be a b.l.o.o.d.y storm.

She was not afraid for herself but was worried about the two children. Thinking about him made her hold Di Fuyi’s waist and bury her head on his chest. However, what she uttered next was somewhat contradictory, “I feel that we will be able to keep her safe with our skills.”

Di Fuyi raised his hand and rubbed her hair. “Xijiu, sooner or later, our kids will need to be independent. We can’t protect her forever. She should be strong on her own.”

This child should have died, but she survived, so it was actually against destiny. Her future was bound to be more difficult. The sooner she became stronger, the less danger she would be in. Hence, what Di Fuyi said was reasonable, so Gu Xijiu gave the task of training little Xuyue to Di Fuyi.

The next morning when little Xuyue woke up, she thought that she could get a hug from her mother but ended up being dismayed as she was forced out of the residence sorrowfully by her father. She tried to ask her mother for help, but her mother did not help her this time. Instead, she waved her hand at her little girl and said, “Baby, you can do it! You are the best!”

Di Xuyue wanted to cry again! It seemed that her mother did not care about her anymore. As for her brother, Di Hao, who had always been very protective of his sister, he also smiled and waved his fist in the air to cheer her on. Apparently, no one was going to help her this time. 

She finally accepted her fate to be trained by her father, the smiling evil tiger. Gu Xijiu watched the two of them leave and then looked at Di Hao, who was beside her. She held her son’s little hand and wanted to go back into the house but soon realized that her son’s little hand was ice cold as if it had just been pulled out from the snow.

She frowned. “Why is your hand so cold? Are you unwell?”

Instinctively, she raised her hand and touched his forehead but discerned that his temperature was normal. She was not at ease, so she checked his pulse but did not find anything wrong.

Di Hao withdrew his hand and said casually, “I am alright. I just went to the top of the hill and had s…o…b..ll fights with the mussel.”

Gu Xijiu was less worried for a moment until she realized something abnormal about her child. It had been several years since Di Hao last grew taller. Although he looked like a seven or eight years old boy, which was his approximate age, Gu Xijiu felt that something was not right.

If his genes were as good as his father’s, he should look like a teenager once he turned three. Was his growth hindered by the fact that they were at the Lower Bound? Or was he being manipulated remotely by Fan Qians.h.i.+?


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