The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 1581 Be Strong

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Gu Xijiu was stunned for a moment. Her eyes were blinking under her eyelids as she suddenly stopped singing. She slowly raised her hands and seemed to want to grasp something but resisted.

Di Fuyi raised his hand and held her hand. She was stiff and habitually inspected his ten fingers. This gesture was the most familiar gesture for them. It was almost a natural response. At the moment of grabbing her hand, his heartbeat stopped. He lost consciousness for a moment.

Gu Xijiu used to claim that Di Fuyi’s thoughts were too complicated. Hence, only by grasping his hands this way could she understand his mind and his attachment to her, which made her feel secure. Thus, both of them had been habitually held their hands this way for eight years.

Both of them had gone through countless hards.h.i.+ps and dangers. They were connected. There were many times when there was no need for words or gestures. It was as if they could read each others’ thoughts. 

These eight years were considered just a blink of an eye in her long life. However, it was the most exciting. Now that he was holding her in this way again. Would it comfort her in her nightmare? Could he pull her out from the mud in the dream?

What he did not think of was that their hands would cross only for a few seconds before she would pull her hands away. He looked down at his empty palm for a moment then his eyes returned to her pretty face.

She still kept her eyes closed, and her eyeb.a.l.l.s continued to turn under her eyelids. She seemed to be trying to wake up, but she could not do it. Her lips were tightly sealed this time and it looked like she was afraid of something. However, at the same time, one could tell that she was trying to be strong. 

In this nightmare, singing out loud would help her to release the unhappiness and bitterness bottled up inside her. However, if she fell deeper into the nightmare, it could be harmful to her body.

He lifted his hand to eliminate the sleeping spell he put on her and wanted to wake her up. Nothing happened. Though he had called her several times, she did not wake up. Instead, she curled her body like a sh.e.l.l.

He frowned. This was not the first time for such things to happen. The last time, Gu Xijiu almost failed to get out of the nightmare! Being drunk would not normally lead to such outcomes. Di Fuyi ignored her struggle and adjusted her body so that she would sit up. He did not give her the sobering soup anymore but forced her to sit near to him so that he could use his spiritual power to dispel the alcohol in her body.

Although this method was very energy-consuming, it was also the most effective one in such situations. As long as Gu Xijiu worked together with Di Fuyi for two to three minutes, it could help her completely eliminate the drunkenness. However, Gu Xijiu was in a panic and struggled. 

Her fierce reaction suddenly shocked Di Fuyi, and he released his hand. She lied down again but was no longer singing. Instead, she looked like a hedgehog that was fully alert and ready to attack anything that approched her. 

Di Fuyi was speechless. He suddenly thought of something and tightly gripped his fingers! It was his negligence! Her soul had just entered into this body and had not fully integrated yet. Coupled with the fact that he had used some unordinary techniques on her body, if she wanted to fully integrate with the body she would need to abstain from alcohol completely.


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