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Dion and Rizie were having lunch inside his office when Dion suddenly asked her.

“Riz, do you want to have a vacation at the beach before the wedding?” Dion asked.

Rizie’s eyes widened as she answered, “Yes, yes, yes… are we going? When Where? But… Wait… I think we must wait a little more because now it might not be appropriate…”

Dion chuckled seeing the excitement then a glimpse of hesitation in Rizie’s eyes, realizing the current hypersensitive mode they were both in when alone together…

“Bro Xander will be back soon at work and to handle his case directly. Sis will be left alone at Plumeria and I heard uncle James… I mean father and my mom will accompany her there as soon as bro Xander is back here, so I thought you might want to accompany sis there too?” Dion muttered. 

Rizie understood Dion’s sentiment and smiled. “Hmm sure… I’m just worried that you will miss me so badly…” Rizie teased.

“Yes of course, I actually prefer that you stay with me.” Dion confessed.

Rizie put down her food and cupped Dion’s face and turned him to face her. “But you’re worried about your sister right that sis Yera might get bored and worried there if she will be all alone. Don’t worry it’s really okay for me to go with her. How about you stay with me before I leave, so that you won’t miss me too much while I’m away?”

Dion’s face twisted while he honestly disclosed, “I won’t be able to hold myself longer Rizie. If I stay with you alone, I’m afraid I will lose control.”

Rizie’s brows raised while she mumbled, “Who told you to restrain yourself? I told you many times, I’m so ready for it, besides we will get married soon.”

“Why don’t we do one thing? How about we copy Ron and Shan? They registered their marriage first. Well, we can get our marriage registered now while we wait for the wedding ceremony. That’s what sis and bro did too.”

Dion gulped. He actually thought of that as well, but was hesitating to suggest the same to Rizie since the wedding ceremony was nearing anyway. “Are you sure?” Dion asked in a husky voice to reconfirm and Rizie nodded with a smile.

That day, as soon as the couple were done with lunch, they proceeded to the registrar’s office to register their marriage.

It was so sudden for Dion and he was not prepared to handle post marriage arrangements. He simply could not understand where to go after registering their marriage. Even their supposed to be the couple room at Han’s mansion was still under renovation since he and Rizie wanted to do some changes before their wedding.

“Where do you want to go,” he asked Rizie.

“Hmm, where else than to go back to the office remember you have a four o’clock meeting.

“Ohh…” Dion breathed because he almost forgot about it thinking where he should best bring Rizie next since he wanted something special for her.

Rizie knew what was going inside Dion’s head so she simply said, “Don’t think too much okay. Just being together is a special thing enough. We can just both stay at my condo for now. I will ask your butler to bring some of your important things and a few pieces from the wardrobe to my condo. I think it would be best to stay there for now while renovations are ongoing there.”

Dion secretly kept on looking at his wrist watch during the meeting. Rizie said she would go home first and cooked dinner so they could just have a simple celebration. His mind was a bit too busy in thinking about what to bring to Rizie later.

He even asked for Shan’s opinion after the meeting for the gift and the latter plainly answered him with, “Bringing yourself alone to her would be enough for Rizie, sir. I mean Rizie seems to be not a materialistic type of woman. But if you don’t want to come home empty handed, maybe a love letter will do due to time constraint…”

Yes, he had limited time and buying any gift for Rizie would take time because he wanted to give her something really good and unique. In the end, Dion stopped over at a flower shop and brought Rizie a good arrangement of colorful variants of flowers with his simple note in the card.

Dion arrived at Rizie’s condo unit. He directly went inside and grinned seeing the darkness with just a gla.s.s candle serving as his pathway. 

The whole environment was very sensuous. There was an envelope on the floor right near his feet which he saw the moment he entered inside. He placed the bouquet of flowers at the side and picked it up and read it and he couldn’t help but to chuckle.

[Remove your shoes and socks. Be careful not to drop them on the candles or we’ll both get burned literally before flaming on the bed instead.] 

Dion was grinning hard while he followed Rizie’s instruction. In the kitchen, he saw another note.

[I can’t wait to be next to you so remove your s.h.i.+rt so I can feel and touch those fluffy abs… Yum…]

“Geez… Is she stirring me up or bullying me?” Dion complained with a grin as he removed his upper clothes.

He could feel his blood was already boiling in antic.i.p.ation. Following the pathway of candles, he walked towards the living room and picked another note kept there.

[Remove your pants also now, but leave your brief on because I want to remove it on my own with my teeth, mouth and a bit of hands perhaps… Harrr!!!]

Dion bit his lower lip and unconsciously growled at the thought of Rizie removing his underwear…

He cursed as he immediately removed his pants. He was already bulging just with Rizie’s teasing. He wanted to run inside Rizie’s room so he walked faster but paused when he noticed another note before Rizi’s door.

He immediately picked it up and read.

[What are you waiting for. Knock knock and go directly inside to claim your wife who loves you so much and wants you to take her so badly… I can’t wait to make love to you all night long…]

Dion gulped while his thirst for his wife worsened… He immediately opened the door ready to attack her at that very moment.

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