The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife Chapter 1722

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Chapter 1722: Escaping V

Ah Hua roared and rushed toward the Nan family’s skilled masters.

The other spirit beasts were not as strong as these people, but they stood bravely, with eyes filled with rage.

The blood had stained the ground red, so vividly apparent…

In Nan City.

A dragon whistle came out from Nan Manor, echoing through the night sky for a long time.

The black dragon desperately hit the cage with its huge body, its breath became more terrifying, and its bloodthirsty eyes carried a cruel light.

It remembered…

Back then, it did not see Little Nine in its dream.

It chose to seal itself and go to her side no matter what.

It was in another world…

Initially, it was unable to appear before her, and it could only look at Little Nine silently.


Its Little Nine was so weak… So weak that everyone could bully her.

However, how could it bear to let her be bullied all the time?

It drained the last shred of its strength again and chose to turn into a gray dog and grow up with her.

It could protect her and not let anyone bully her.

However, it still could not keep her safe. She still died…

It wanted to find her again as soon as possible, so it stopped eating and stayed at her grave until its last breath…

Good people want to take it, but they did not know that Little Nine was its life. Without her… It was like losing all its breath…

It forgot about that life, which it had really experienced, and thought it was a dream. It thought it was because it missed Little Nine so much that it met her in the dream…

It had accompanied Little Nine for three lifetimes, one more than that wild man, but Little Nine’s heart had never been with it.

However, that was fine…

For it, the greatest happiness was to be able to accompany her…

So, it would not allow anyone to hurt her again!


A dragon’s roar shook the heavens and the earth, and infinite power emanated from its huge body with a terrifying aura.

Suddenly, the iron bars of the huge cage broke. Powerful energy spread out instantly, shattering the huge cage behind it.

Such a loud sound naturally disturbed the people outside the door.

Two guards quickly pushed open the prison door and walked in. They were greeted by a burst of dragon’s breath, which in a moment, had turned them into ashes.

The black dragon rushed out of prison and flew into the sky, heading out of Nan City.

‘Little Nine… Wait for me…

‘This time, I won’t put you in any danger, and I don’t want to wait for you to come back again, just like I did a thousand years ago…

‘A thousand years of lonely waiting… I can no longer endure.’


In the Nan family’s main courtyard, Nan Fang was lying on the bed with his wife, but before he had time to do anything, a panicked voice came from outside the door.

The man ran in without even knocking on the door.

Nan Fang’s face turned cold. He shouted angrily, “Take him out and behead him!”

The guard panicked and knelt on the ground. “Master, something bad has happened. The black dragon… The black dragon has escaped…”


Nan Fang’s face was cold and sullen as he got up and put on his coat. “That cage is made of diamond and is specially designed to trap such spirit beasts. How did it manage to escape?”


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