The Divine Physician's Overbearing Wife Chapter 1316

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Chapter 1316: White Lotus Qin Fei’er III

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Nalan Yan resisted the urge and stood in her place, no longer making any move.

 Feng Ruqing stopped in her tracks as her indifferent gaze fell on Qin Fei’er. She stared at her for a moment before she returned to her senses. “Oh… You are Qin Fei’er who spied on my state preceptor… And ended up taking drugs that caused your face to age? You look like… You are older than my mother. I couldn’t recognize you for a moment.”

 Qin Fei’er’s face changed drastically. She clenched her fists tightly, and even her breathing grew a little heavier.

 Zong Fu was startled. His face darkened as he looked at Qin Fei’er.

 ‘Besides Nan Xian… She has also bothered another man?

 ‘I don’t understand why Yi’er is so in love with her…’

 However, Zong Fu did not say these words out loud. He just looked at Feng Ruqing coldly.

 “And the man you are talking about…” Feng Ruqing smiled. “I did fall in love with my state preceptor and abandoned that man, so what? My state preceptor is so handsome, gentle, and strong. There is no chance for you to s.n.a.t.c.h my state preceptor. You are so ugly, and my state preceptor once said that seeing you will affect his mood and appet.i.te.”

 Feng Tianyu was a bit depressed as the words ‘my state preceptor’ kept coming out from Feng Ruqing. He always felt that the cabbage that his family had worked so hard and grew well was humped by a pig named Nan Xian.

 “You shut up!” Zong Yi shouted angrily, “As a woman from a n.o.ble family, don’t you feel ashamed to talk like that? I see that you’ve even forgotten the reservedness that a woman should have.”

 “Well, Qin Fei’er is quite reserved. She has always wanted to sleep with my state preceptor, and the state preceptor is obviously disgusted with her. But, she deadpanned and kept bothering him.”


 Gu Yiyi was the first to laugh. Her eyes were curved into crescent moons as she laughed out loud. “Xiao Qing is right. Qin Fei’er is really the kind of woman who will take advantage of anyone who has a strong background. She did it to Luo Li, and also Xiao Qing’s man.”

 Qin Fei’er’s face grew paler and paler. Her body trembled as she stood alone in the middle of the crowd.

 Gu Yiyi did not restrain herself and continued her sarcasm, “Do you still remember how you treated Luo Li back then? She was clearly the one who was bullied, and you were always pretending to be a good person, urging her to be patient and give up everything.

 “Mu Huan liked a relic that was left by Luo Li’s mother, but you have forced Luo Li to give it to Mu Huan.

 “You always make yours the winning side. Everyone likes you. You make them think that you have a pure heart and that Luo Li is petty, but the truth? Just because the person you like has fallen in love with Xiao Qing, you go around slandering her. What about all the things you once said to Luo Li? Put it on you, and it becomes someone else’s fault?

 “Qin Fei’er, you’re so shameless! Now you want to put all the blame on Xiao Qing. Xiao Qing approached the wrong person back then. The man she married was a sc.u.mbag who treated her with the utmost humiliation and left her alone in an empty room. Why should she spend her life with that sc.u.m?”

 Feng Ruqing was silent.

 ‘Please don’t mention about being alone in an empty room again.

 ‘Do you think I don’t care about my pride when I’m in the Divine Herbs Sect?’

 Gu Yiyi raised her head proudly. “You have always thought that the b.a.s.t.a.r.d is following her because he is attracted to Xiao Qing’s beauty. Let me tell you, although I hate that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, but… He’s not sc.u.m! When he and Xiao Qing fell in love, Xiao Qing was a 250-pound fat woman!”


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