The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 218 – Any More Bricks?

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Chapter 218 Any More Bricks?

Dong Sihai said, “If you can’t do it, you should stop judging.”

“Fine, stop yelling.” Qin Haodong stopped Hu Xiaoxian and said to Zhao Qiankun, “Now that you can’t break the formation, why don’t you just pause it and let us in first?”

“Pause it?” Zhao Qiankun looked at Qin Haodong as if he was looking at a fool. He said, “Keep your mouth shut if you don’t know it. Do you know what this is? You think you can pause it or play it like a remote control?”

“The most powerful formations keep running by absorbing the Qi of Heaven and Earth. Once they are activated, the power will be overwhelming. They can never be stopped unless the formation is destroyed.”

Qin Haodong said, “Are you saying you can’t even pause it?”

Zhao Yukun said angrily, “What do you mean by I can’t? Even the creator of the formation wouldn’t be able to do it. Unless you’re a supreme power of formations, and are so familiar with them that you can find its weak point easily, or you wouldn’t be able to pause it, either.”

“If the formation could be paused by anyone, then what is it for?”

Even Hu Xiaoxian felt embarra.s.sed for him. The man was such a talent in medical skills, and he was usually smart. She had no idea why he would ask the dumb question.

She might not know well about formations, but as a member of the Xuan Department of Xuanyuan Pavilion, she surely had heard of it. The Zhao family was known for its expertise in formation, but even their family master would fail to stop the formation.

To stop the formation, one had to be proficient in it, which was 10 times more difficult.

Now that everyone was looking at him with a weird look, Qin Haodong gave the little fellow to Hu Xiaoxian and said, “Hang on.”

“Hang on? For what?”

Everyone looked at Qin Haodong with confusion, and wondered what he was going to do.

Qin Haodong looked around and saw a square brick. It must’ve been left here by someone.

He grabbed the brick and walked toward the foot of the mountain.

“What is he doing? Who is he throwing the brick on?”

“What’s happening? Did he lose his mind? It’s a Concealing Magic Field, not a Phantom Magic Field. He couldn’t have been fascinated.”

When everyone felt confused, Qin Haodong had already arrived at the foot of the hill. He raised the brick in his hand and smashed it in some direction.


After the loud boom sound, the entire mountain started shaking.

“What’s that? How is a brick so powerful? Did he just use a bomb?”

“Is this an earthquake?”

When everyone was shocked by the power of this brick, the view in front of them changed. A cobblestone path showed up ahead of them, reaching into the depths of the mountain.

“OK, the formation has been paused.”

Qin Haodong said as he patted the dust on his hands. He wasn’t going to move because he thought Zhao Qiankun could break the formation, and he wanted to keep a low profile; however, it turned out that it was always too difficult for powerful people to stay low.

All the people went silent; everyone stopped talking.

Hu Xiaoxian couldn’t believe what she saw. She rubbed her eyes to make sure that the changes in the view were true. It turned out that the formation had been destroyed for real.

She looked at Qin Haodong with her face full of admirations. She knew the guy was an extraordinary man, but she had never expected so much of him. Now she looked at him as if he had been coming from heaven above.

The formation which had no way in for Zhao Qiankun had been stopped by a brick? That was so unbelievable!

Lei Tianrui looked stunned because he thought Qin Haodong knew nothing about formations. Then how could he solve it with a piece of brick?

The most shocked one was Zhao Qiankun. He had no idea why the formation, which had haunted him for a whole afternoon, had been broken by a brick.

If he told a formation expert about this, he would be laughed at and treated as nuts. But the fact was, it had just happened, in front of him.

He wondered how Qin Haodong did it. The brick made him doubt his own life. He asked himself if it was because the guy was too powerful, or it was because he was too weak. Who was the genius of formation after all?

“Was Qin Haodong just being lucky? Did he find the formation eye by coincidence? How lucky was that!”

“Don’t just stay there. Let’s go!” Qin Haodong greeted others, and then he walked to the cobblestone road with the little fellow in his arms.

Other people followed him. Zhao Qiankun was checking around to make sure if the formation did have stopped so that it wouldn’t hurt him.

He wondered how Qin Haodong could break the formation with a brick. Even Zhao Qiankun’s grandpa wouldn’t be able to do that. Qin Haodong was just being so lucky.

In fact, he was wrong this time. Qin Haodong broke the formation with a brick and that was totally because he was powerful; it had nothing to do with his luck.

Every formation had its advantages and disadvantages, strong point and deadly weakness. For every formation, there would be an eye for it. No matter how powerful a formation was, it would be vulnerable as long as it was attacked on the formation eye.

All the formations had formation eyes, but the locations varied from one another. Some of them were set in the formation, some were set aside. The eye of the Concealing Magic Field just now lied beside the formation. Qin Haodong had found it easily.

He stopped the formation with a brick, which might look simple; however, it was a shot of endless wisdom and strength. He had the purest Green Wood Genuine Qi, and he had borrowed the Qi of the plants around. That was how he damaged the formation eye and paused the formation.

It would’ve taken others’ lots of effort just to even find out the formation eye.

The team walked along the cobblestone path for miles. Mists rose around them so suddenly that all their eyes had been clouded. The scenery around blurred and later turned all white. They could barely see the companions nearby.

“What happened? Why the sudden mist?”

They did have run into mists on their way here, but it had never been so thick. They couldn’t see the scenery around or the path under their feet. How could they walk forward?

Lei Tianrui was annoyed and said, “When would the thick mists go away?”

Zhao Qiankun took out a compa.s.s out of his clothes. He checked it and said. “This is not a mist. It’s a kind of formation.”

“Formation? What formation?”

Lei Tianrui was shocked. It had never occurred to him that he had walked into a formation.

Zhao Qiankun said, “If I’m guessing right. The formation is called Trap of Clouds and Mists. People get seduced in without knowing it. The mists will then block all their sensations, preventing them from telling the right direction. They’ll be trapped in till they die.”

“What should we do? Can you break it?”

Lei Tianrui had realized that Zhao Qiankun was not almighty after what had happened just now. He thought Zhao Qiankun’s talent in formations must’ve been exaggerated.

“Maybe.” The formation here was extremely cleverly arranged. Formations of the same level here were more powerful than those outside. Zhao Qiankun wasn’t so sure if he could make it.

He added, “To break the Trap of Clouds and Mists, you should observe the direction of the air low, then locate it with the help of the formation board. It may take a while. You need to have some patience.”

“How long will it take? Two days or three? Are we going to starve here?”

Qin Haodong reminded everybody. They came in so excitedly that none of them brought any food. They might actually starve here if staying too long.

“Then what can I do? This is the Trap of Clouds and Mists, one of the top formations in the Human Scale.” Zhao Qian was p.i.s.sed off by Qin Haodong’s suspicion. He yelled, “You were just being lucky. Don’t get We’ll see if you can break the formation.”

“Cut the c.r.a.p if you can’t do it.” Qin Haodong looked at Zhao Qiankun disdainfully. He reached out his hand. n.o.body knew when he had grabbed a brick in his hand.

He took two steps forward, raising the brick and throwing it hard towards some direction.

Zhao Qiankun yelled, “You’re kidding me? You can’t always be so lucky. If you can break the formation again, I’ll…”

Suddenly he stopped like he had been choked on his throat, and could never continue talking because the mists around started going away. The scene in front of them became clear again.

Everyone was dumbfounded. They wondered if it was really that easy to break the formation, and if they could pick up a brick and have a try. Should they have known this earlier, they would just carry a load of bricks here.

“My little man, that was impressive.”

Hu Xiaoxian said as she held Qin Haodong and kissed him on the cheek. The little fellow followed and kissed on his other cheek.

Qin Haodong looked at Zhao Qiankun and joked at him, “I’ve already broken the formation, what will you do?”

“No… nothing!” Zhao Qiankun was so embarra.s.sed but he also felt lucky because what he was trying to say was “if you can break the formation, I’ll kneel down and call you daddy.” He was so lucky not to have finished the sentence, or he would be so ashamed.

At the same time, he was still wondering how Qin Haodong did this. He might have been lucky the first time he had stopped the formation with a brick, but what about this time?

It was really scary if Qin Haodong could find the formation eye so easily. He had to report it to his family.

However, other people didn’t have as many thoughts as he did. After they broke the Trap of Clouds and Mists and moved forward, the land before them grew expansive. Ten minutes later, they arrived in a beautiful peach forest.

Hu Xiaoxian looked at the peach blossoms around. She sighed and said, “They’re so beautiful. I feel like being in the wonderland.”

However, Qin Haodong was not as relaxed as she was. He looked serious and said, “Watch out. It’s dangerous here.”

Dong Sihai said, “Are you kidding? I didn’t even see a mosquito here, let alone those d.a.m.n ants. How is this dangerous?”

Before he finished, a breeze came and blew off the blossoms. n.o.body noticed the sharpness hidden in those floating flower petals. They were falling down 100 times faster than normal, and headed directly to his throat.

Dong Sihai was a swift warrior, and at that point he twisted his neck, the petal narrowly missed his shoulder. That was quite a dangerous move. He had protected himself from being attacked on the fatal point, but the petal slashed his outfit, cutting out a wound which might be four centimeters long.

“Ah…” Dong Sihai screamed and covered his shoulder. He yelled, “What’s that?”

Zhao Qiankun’s face changed and screamed out, “Leaves and petals hurt. This is the Killing Formation of Petals and Leaves.”

No wonder he panicked out. Killing formations were much more dangerous than other kinds of formations. The Concealing Magic Field mostly kept people from finding what they wanted, but the killing formation actually killed.

It was out of everyone’s expectation that a petal could cut like a knife and kill. The team gathered and checked around warily. They were so afraid that any more petals would float down again.

Hu Xiaoxian stood in front of Qin Haodong and the little fellow, with Purple Flash Sword in her hand. She yelled to Zhao Qiankun, “What should we do now? Any idea how to break the formation?”

“Forget it, it’s no use asking you!” Before Zhao Qiankun could answer, Hu Xiaoxian looked at Qin Haodong and asked, “Haodong, any more bricks?”

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